Dear reader!

Welcome to my new web log.

As the name already suggests, this is a web log about traditional astrology.

From time to time I will publish some of my musings, thoughts and insights here. Not that I think I have much to say about astrology that has not been said somewhere else before. But never the less sometimes  I tend to come across bits and pieces which may be of interest to others. As a native German speaker who is interested in the history of astrology I come across a lot of German source material that does not seem to be well known amongst British astrologers. Some of the information I gather may be not enough to justify the writing of a whole article, but may still be worth publishing  in a forum of this kind. 

It is my opinion, that traditional astrology is one of the Magical Arts and has to be integrated and seen in a wider, magical, context. The study of historical sources may suggest that my point of view is correct. Expect therefore, dear reader, to find some of these topics related to astrology discussed on these pages as well.


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