If Bewitched?

A while ago a report about bewitchment caught my attention, but I lost track of it.  A recent posting by Sue Ward on her web log with a related theme ( http://sue-ward.blogspot.com/2009/03/better-late-than-never.html ) reminded me to revisit this report  and have a closer look.

In South Africa a man claimed to be bewitched. Apparently his sister was the the person who cast a spell on him. On March 9th, at 7:00 AM, he shot her in front of her children. The story can be found at: http://news.iafrica.com/sa/1328984.htm

South Africa has a high rate of incidents connected with witchcraft, casting of spells and ritual murders. On the basis of this offense I wanted to investigate if there was any indication of  witchcraft to be found. Thankfully William Lilly provides us with guidelines concerning bewitchment in his Christian Astrology.


 First of we notice that the attack happened on a Moon day, in a Moon hour, which seems to be appropriate. If we give the 1st house to the bewitched man, we can immediately draw on Lilly who states: […] that if one Planet be Lord of the ascendant and the twelfth house, that then the Sickness is more than natural […] (CA, p455). We can see that Jupiter rules the ascendant and the 12th house. William Lilly states further: […] if the Lord of the sixth in the twelfth , or the eigth in the ascendant […] in a Question where suspicion of Witchcraft is, it is probable. (CA, ibid). If we apply the 5 degree rule, we can see that Mercury, Ruler of the 6th is in the 12th house. A closer look at Mercury will show that he is essentially debilitated as well (detriment and fall). Furthermore Venus, Lady of the 8th house is in the first house, although not close to the ascendant. Venus is ruler of the 3rd house and in detriment, which adds to the whole picture. I leave it to my readers to study the chart and to find out more about this fascinating case. I will only add that I believe that William Lilly himself must have had a deep insight into the occult practices of his time. He truly was a master of many arts.


8 comments on “If Bewitched?

  1. gjiada says:

    oopss….it seems we had all the same inspiration 🙂

  2. Elsa says:

    Hi there, I featured you on the Astro Dispatch here:


    I hope you get some hits. 🙂

    Elsa P

  3. Hi, Peter – would you turn the chart in this case, since you are asking about a stranger’s alleged bewitchment, and not your own?

    • Hi Christine,

      No I would not turn the chart in this case. If I cast a horary chart, which I would have done for the date when I showed interest, and the location I was in at this moment in time, it would have made sense. Instead I drew up an event chart using the time and place of the event. This takes the personal involvement out and does therefore not require turning of charts, etc.

      Hope this explains it.

      Best wishes,

  4. gjiada says:

    Just to say i moved to another address and your last comment was lost, no wicked intention from my side, you are always welcomed in my blog 🙂


  5. As our world changes, so does its influences. There was a time when we would have not heard of such things coming out of South Africa. Your article is timely and a must read for astrologers who cater to old world and third world clients.

    Thanks for the insight.

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