Helicopter crash

On April 1st 2009 at 13:57 PM a helicopter crashed in the North Sea, 14 miles from Peterhead. All 16 people on board were killed. The story can be found here: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/scotland/article6020787.ece.


The event chart very clearly shows a picture of this tragedy. The 9th house, representing the helicopter,  is ruled by Jupiter, which seems appropriate. If we turn the chart and look at the turned 6th house, representing the physical state of the helicopter, we find Saturn retrograde, in opposition to Mars in the 12th house. The ruler of the turned 6th house is Mercury, who is in the 9th house, being peregrine and combust. Saturn is conjunct the fixed star Mizar. If badly afflicted it can be connected with calamities. Martial in nature it can bestow violence and aggression. Looking at the turned 4th house, the end of matters, we find the Dragon’s Tail in it. It is conjunct Asellus Borealis, the Northern Ass.  A fearless nature is indicated, with a tendency to take risks or perform dangerous stunts. If we move on and look at the Moon, we find her in the turned 3rd house. She is in an applying square to Venus and conjunct the fixed star Polaris. This can show an instinctual sense of direction in life, however it has a reputation for loss and trouble or sickness. It is held to have the nature of Saturn and Venus. We have already observed the state of Saturn. Venus, in the 9th house is in mutual reception with Jupiter by term. Venus is in a terrible state, being combust, peregrine and in her detriment. Letting these facts speak for themselves, nothing more needs to be said about this terrible tragedy.

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5 comments on “Helicopter crash

  1. Thomas says:

    Hello Peter,

    The antiscion of Mercury, L3 and L6 is also conjunct Saturn. The moving parts of the maschine met some sort of obstruction? Has there been an account of what caused the tragedy?

    best regards,

    • Peter says:

      Hello Thomas,
      thank you for the input. Unfortunately it is not known what caused the accident. If there should be some news regarding the cause of the crash I will keep you informed.

      best wishes,

  2. Thanks for sharing Peter, I enjoyed reading your article,
    I would just like to add something to the chart – a missing piece! The Centre of the Galaxy is at present at 27° tropical Sagittarius, right opposite the position of the Moon.
    This is no individual case but by the Tsunam 26 December 2004 the Full Moon was at the end of Gemini oppositer the Galactic centre, this was also the case by the World Trade Centre 9/ 11 disaster and by the eruption of Krakatau 26 Aug. 1883.

    These are just a few cases oe could mention. In others the Moon or Sun is conjunct the Galactic Centre, as in Kashmir Earthquake 8 October 2005 (Moon c. GC) Bam; Iran Earthquake 26 December 2003 (Sun c. GC) and Haiti Earthquake January 12 2010 (Moon c. GC).

    I have written a book on the Galactic Centre in the astrological chart as a major cause of disaster (next worst is S.Node exalted in the east trad. at exactly the position of the Galactic Centre 3° Constellation Sag.)GC is the reason for Mayan Prophecy 2012

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