NEW – The Mansions of the Moon

A new page has been added to my web log. It may be accessed via the link in the title bar, or through the following link:

The Mansions of the Moon

This page provides the reader with detailed information about the following:

  • Name of the 28 Mansions of the Moon in Arabic, as to be found in Picatrix*, and in English
  • Location and extension of the Tropical Lunar Mansions throughout the zodiac, as described in Picatrix and used by Agrippa von Nettesheim in his Three Books on Occult Philosophy
  • Favourable significations
  • Unfavourable significations

Readers who follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook will be updated on the Moon’s ingress into the 28 Mansions.

*Edition used: “Picatrix”, Das Ziel der Weisen von Pseudo-Magriti, Translated into German from the Arabic by Hellmut Ritter and Martin Plessner, London, The Warburg Institute, University of London, 1962

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