The Astrologer, his Enemy, his Friend & the Autobiography

Amongst practitioners of astrology William Lilly is well known for his Christian Astrology, which is still one of the best astrological textbooks available. A thorough study of this work may inform the reader about astrology, but does not reveal much about the author himself. To rectify this, one has to search for other publications available. One of those is Lilly’s autobiography which he wrote at the age of 66, mainly to satisfy his great friend, Elias Ashmole.

A facsimile or transcript of the original manuscript has never been published up to this date. Now, thanks to the painstaking work of Sue Ward, the transcript of the autograph, containing the margin- and footnotes, written by Lilly, Ashmole and an unknown proof-reader, is available for the first time. With additional annotations, commentaries and biographical notes, including Elias Ashmole’s addenda and nativities of some notable persons appended, this work clearly supersedes all previously printed, incomplete and mutilated versions in existence.

Readers wanting to delve deeper into the relationship between Lilly and Ashmole may want to download Sue’s study Beyond the Great Fire.

William Lilly did not only have great friends, he had enemies, too. After an initial discussion about the reason for the well known enmity between Lilly and Gadbury, Sue Ward and I decided to fully investigate this matter. The answer to this question, which may astound some readers, is to be found in our paper Monster of Ingratitude.

Both Sue and I hope that astrologers will benefit from the publication of these papers but we hope that readers, downloading these files, will also make use of the ‘Donation’ facility. All your donations will help save animals lives, so please think of it as:


All the works mentioned may be downloaded from Sue Ward’s website:

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