Of Eclipses and Earthquakes

Recently I wrote a web log entry, dealing with a traditional astrologer’s point of view concerning  eclipses, quoting from William Lilly’s Annus Tenebrosus. This created quite some interest, so much so that I decided to write a follow-up posting particularly concerned with one reader’s view.

Murray Beauchamp from Melbourne commented on my original posting and highlighted the importance of the Saros cycle in connection with solar and lunar eclipses. He has studied these cycles for many years and comes to the conclusion that this eclipse could trigger an earthquake. I asked him, if he would be willing to explain his reasoning

In a private email he wrote:

In reply to your query as to why I think there could be an earthquake (or other natural catastrophe) my educated guess suggests the moon will be the trigger (passing over one of at least three sensitive points in the next month).  The solar eclipse ruler Saturn is coming up to a station on the same degree as the Saturn from saros 151, in other words the Saturn return I mentioned is active for the whole month, the moon passing over this point I consider one trigger. I am also taking into consideration the lunar eclipse from Dec 21 in late Gemini, this eclipse belongs to lunar saros 125 which has a birth (first umbral eclipse) on Jan 17 1470 (OS). Lunar saros 125 has Saturn partile square the eclipse, and the Dec 21 eclipse makes a midpoint to the eclipse. Saturn/ Mars. So my second possible trigger is the moon passing over the Saturn of lunar saros 125 (6 Taurus). Finally the late Gemini position of the Dec 21 lunar eclipse is another hot spot. Late Gemini is often involved in worldly events.

He was as well kind enough to send me two pdf files, showing the relationship between Saros cycles and particular eclipses

Murray has published a book, The Cryptic Cycle – Astrology and the Lunar Saros, and may be reached via: Murray Beauchamp [murrayb@three.com.au]


2 thoughts on “Of Eclipses and Earthquakes

  1. Peter,

    That is a remarkably prescient post on earthquakes, given the Sendai earthquake of 3/11. I will be sure to contact Murray to learn more – it would be interesting to know what his take on this is.


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