Flooding in Queensland and Saros Cycles

Toowoomba, a country town about 130km from Brisbane, was crippled by a tsunami like flood on January, 10th 2011. Rainfall of up to 150mm over a concentrated area sent an eight metre torrent crashing through Toowoomba and other towns in the Lockyer valley. The death toll is rising and it is feared that up to 30 people will have lost their lives.

This recent flooding, which has been described as the “worst natural disaster in the state’s history” can be tied to the solar and lunar eclipses, which have recently occurred.

Murray Beauchamp, who has studied Saros cycles for many years, has kindly provided me with charts for the birth of Lunar Saros 125 and Solar Saros 151, highlighting the situation, which I will reproduce here.

The start to the Toowoomba event and the ongoing destruction through the Lockyer valley was, as described by an eye witness – ‘”around 1pm there was a great clap of thunder that shook everything, there was a torrent gushing down East Creek , it was moving so fast”.

Leaving any detailed interpretation up to the reader, I only want to point out that it can be clearly seen in the chart above that the Ascendant of the event chart is applying to a conjunction with Saturn of the Lunar Saros 125.

Here the placement of Mars in the event chart and the birth chart of Solar Saros 151 in relation to the Ascendant is of relevance. Note as well that Saturn is conjunct Saturn on the MC.

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7 thoughts on “Flooding in Queensland and Saros Cycles

    • Dear Suanne,

      nice to meet you and thank you for your comment.

      I am not entirely sure if I understand your question about eclipses and horary astrology. Perhaps you could explain it a little bit more.


  1. My apologies Peter. I should have expanded further. I was fascinated and saddened by the astrological results and how they pointed to the disastrous flooding. I was wondering, (but hit send before I was finished) about horary astrology for both a place and individuals in a given area prone to natural disasters and pockets of illness and what kind of impact the Saros cycles might have in predicting the outcomes. Could preventative measures be put in place…or is horary astrology so immediate (because of the birth of the question) that forward thinking/planning would have to come about through hindsight? (I hope this makes sense..I might have confused my question even further…)

    • Dear Susanne,

      In horary astrology the chart is always cast for the time and place where and when the practitioner understands the question. You will understand that this is not very practical to find out about major catastrophies. That’s the reason why mundane astrology is used to look at cycles, trying to predict events over a longer period of time.
      I hope this answers your question.

  2. It does, Peter. Thank you very much for your patience. I’m still a novice, but very interested in learning. I appreciate the time you’ve taken both to create your blog, and field questions from visitors.

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