Lunar Eclipse 10th December 2011

On December 10th 2011 there will be a total lunar eclipse. The Moon will be in 18*10’ Gemini, opposing the Sun in 18*10’ Sagittarius. The eclipsed Moon and the Sun will be forming a square aspect to Mars in Virgo. The chart below, cast for Istanbul, shows the event.

At this location, and along the line of angularity, the eclipsed Moon is conjunct the Ascendant, indicating that the events corresponding to this eclipse will occur soon after 10th December.

William Lilly reminds us in his pamphlet on the judgment of the effects of solar and lunar eclipses:

“For when the place Eclipsed, or Eclipse itself, shall be in the Ascendant, the effects shall then begin in the 1, 2, 3, and 4. moneth next after the appearance of the Eclips, …”

The map below shows the eclipse’s line of angularity:

(Click on image to enlarge)

What is immediately noticeable is the fact that the angularity covers the EU member countries Slovakia and Hungary who joined the EU in 2004 and Romania and Bulgaria, who joined as late as 2007. Iceland and Turkey, also affected by the eclipse, are recent EU Candidate Members.

Looking at the possible effects of this total lunar eclipse, let us have a look at what William Lilly has to say in his Annus Tenebrosus, or The Dark Year:

“… the sudden motions of Armies and declares mens solicitations and cares, both of private and publike affairs; and that Judges will be carefull over executing Justice.”

The eclipsed Moon will be in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, and to be precise, Luna will be in the 2nd decanate of Gemini, ruled by Mars. Therefore it is of interest to investigate the conditions of Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and of Mars.

I have already pointed out in my article about the November 2011 solar eclipse that Mercury is in a very debilitated state and I think that this lunar eclipse is another indicator of the deepening of this European crisis, symbolised by Mercury and his weak condition. This has already been announced by the solar eclipse in November but it seems that more details are emerging via this lunar eclipse. It looks as if the countries having joined the European Union more recently, or even being only EU Candidate Members at the moment, will be deeply involved in the events taking place in the months after December 2011. It is noticeable that the eclipse chart Mercury is still retrograde, in detriment and under the sun’s beams, as it was at the time of the solar eclipse in November. Peregrine eclipse chart Mars, squaring Moon and Sun, is  located in Virgo, possibly indicating the dissatisfaction and popular discontent to come. It has to be noted that the eclipse Mars is located in the second house of the EU Single European Act chart, pointing out the connection between this discontent and monetary matters.

The dual wheel chart above shows that eclipse chart Mercury and Ascendant are conjunct the lunar nodal axis of the EU Single European Act chart, indicating that some action, concerning the monetary union will most certainly take place.

What is of further interest is the fact that the path of angularity with the Sun on the Ascendant and the Moon on the Descendant is running across the centre of the USA. This might indicate that the repercussions of of this European crisis will be felt in America about six to nine months after the initial eclipse date.

(click onto picture to enlarge)

For readers, interested in the personal implications of this eclipse, it might be of interest what William Lilly has to say:

“… Eclipse is more dangerous or pernitious which shall be in the Horoscope or Ascendant of the birth; or which shall be in the degree Ascending in an Annuall Revolution: it portends unto the Native some ominous and mischievous action as unto his body and also in his vital substance.”

And further on:

“… who had in the Radix of his Nativity either the Sun or the Moon in that degree, or in the degree opposite … or in the like degrees … which signs are in Quadrate aspects to the former, or if the degree Culminating in any man’s Nativity was either [the degree of the eclipse or its opposite or square] or within one degree therof, the native did suffer more or less by the influence of this Eclips; according to the signification of the House of Heaven, wherein the Sun or the Moon was in at the Birth, and was either well fortified or aspected of the benevolent Planets, or ill aspected, or afflicted of the Malevolents.”

For this particular Solar eclipse that means that people with Gemini rising, either in their birth chart or in their Solar return chart for 2011, will feel the influence stronger than others. Furthermore it should be noted if Sun or Moon are conjunct the eclipse point. If it should be the case that one or even more of these factors apply, an in -depth reading of the native’s charts may be necessary to find out which particular areas of life are likely to be affected the most .


10 comments on “Lunar Eclipse 10th December 2011

  1. Susana D says:

    In the past couple of years I have been infatuated with astrology, I was born May 14 1951 in Callao, Peru and the December 10th lunar eclipse will fall right on the cusp of my ASC gemini, furthermore It will be opposing my descendant (my husband is sagittarius) and square Uranus,Mid heaven, and the north node I am very fearful of something going wrong because I have a Rx Mars in the 12th house. I have been posponing surgery because of Mercury retrograde and these eclipses that afect me head on. Would you please give me some advise about the this?

  2. Gigi says:

    I wonder if the June lunar eclipse (at 24* Gemini/Sagittarius) was the first chapter of this particular story. (Even though different countries were affected by it.)
    The Sun of the December eclipse falls right on my Mars/Moon/Venus conjunction, so I’m not looking forward to this. 🙂

  3. Milica says:

    It is not that just that the Eclipse will be hard to deal with. It is as well indicative that the degree of the Eclipse is going to be 18, This is the one of the hardest degrees to deal with. This is the degree indicating involvement of a lot of negativity, oppression, simply the world will experience even more instability, darkness and insecurity will be very visible around the world ( Sag.) – Young generations and young people will be very oppressive and unhappy, more destructive they will strongly push for changes even more.Since the Mars will be squared and on the 13 degree, we will see more, and more police forces on the streets, more aggression, more fight around the world, the Sun conjunct to the North Node at 14 degree is talking about huge financial debt that has been multiplied in the past, the South Node conjunction the Moon, people, Masses around the globe will have to face huge financial crises and debt, Venus on the 17 degree in the sign of Capricorn large square Saturn on 26th degree, again, financial problems that will affect female population more and the suffering will be long lasting.. I do not like to sound negative and pessimistic, but there is a lot of indications that this Eclipse will be quite significant and with the prolonged effect around the globe.

  4. Ram says:


    My wife is due for delivery in December this month. What are the effects of having the baby born before or after the eclipse? Also how much time before or after eclipse is considered for influence on the baby? Thanks for your time to reply this. I am very nervous and keeping my fingers crossed. The baby will be born in India.


  5. Apollo says:

    I am a triple gemini (sun, asc, and moon). Just how negatively will this eclipse impact me. Please email me and let me know.

  6. Apollo says:

    This eclipse affects my Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Chiron, and Lilith all within an orb of 5 degrees. Just how negative will this be???

  7. Darrell says:

    And so naturally, as I tend to so often do, I ask *the Sabian Oracle, what the meaning of this Gemini Total Lunar Eclipse is really all about for all of us.. I got *6degGem..

    WORKMEN DRILLING FOR OIL.. There’s a feeling of wanting to reach into or understand the depths of an issue. This entails a certain amount of risk & may require the cooperation of others who have skills in such a search. As the rewards are often difficult to find & sometimes unsuccessful, it is perseverance that will bring success. You may have to get used to operating in the dark.

    Pursuit of material or spiritual wealth. Ambition & the drive to plumb the depths. Psychoanalysis & psychotherapy. Dream analysis. Past life explorations.

    The Caution: Putting a great deal of effort into risky activities for uncertain returns. Unceasing work hoping to “strike it rich”. Neglecting friends & loved ones whilst focusing on a goal.

    While here is Dane Rudhyar’s take on the same symbol.. WORKMEN DRILLING FOR OIL.. The avidity for that knowledge which ensures wealth & power.. the attempt to penetrate to the deep layers of the Collective Unconscious & to reawaken the powers of the archaic psyche which once flourished.. It deals with the emotional &, at the present day level of evolution, Socially prized reaction of most human beings to the attainment of new forms of knowledge.. AMBITION…

    NB: Sabian Oracle at Notes of Gemini 6 symbol from Dane Rudyar’s ‘An Astrological Mandala’…

  8. Giselle says:

    Hello all,
    An excellent new book on eclipses-‘The Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths’ by Bill Meridian will explain all.Note to Ram, those born near an eclipse will find success where the shadow of the birth eclipse falls throughout his/her lifetime.Do get the book,so much information and examples.I was up for 3 days reading and rereading!

  9. MerleneShedlock says:

    Thanks for that. Eclipse is at 3:38am in New Zealand.

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