Winter Solstice Wishes

“In the firmament the sun is the visible representative of the divine fire and of love. Its corresponding part in the human body is the heart, which emits its vital rays in a circle from the centre, and thus animates each individual limb.” (Robert Fludd, Philosophical Key, ca. 1619)

With the Winter Solstice upon us, I want to take the opportunity and  wish all readers of my web log and my friends & followers on Twitter/FB a peaceful Solstice time and a happy and  prosperous 2012.


14 comments on “Winter Solstice Wishes

  1. Thank you Peter – many blessing for the solstice to you too and thank you for your illuminating posts throughout 2011. Looking forward to more next year…

    • It’s a pleasure, Mike!
      There will be more about next year’s solar and lunar eclipses and other mundane astrological events. Time permitting, I will continue with my transcription of importnat but hard to find texts and there will be my usual updates of the Traditional Aspectarian.
      Once again, all the best to you, Vanessa and, of course, Mabon. Happy Solstice!

  2. Sigistardust says:

    Hello Peter, Mike Willimas has said it all, I also feel the same.!!!!

    after the solstice our daylight increases byt 5 Min, per day again, how nice .
    the best to you and
    Frohes Weihnachtsfest

  3. Lafayette says:

    My pleasure M. Stockinger, however as You know, to us on the southern hemisphere of the little globe, Summer Solstice its going to be. As said to have happenned in ancient Greece and Egypt, gregorian years to us in the south always begin in the maximum heat of Summer. Anyway, as in general no adaptations whatsoever are ever made to this peculiar situation of the few people who live on this ‘southern side’ in astrological and astronomical matters, I assume
    with much pleasure, that all analysis made by traditional astro/astronomy are of course also valid to us. And that wishing You a Happy and Prosperous New Gregorian Year of 2012 has nothing to do with the above said. Happy New Year !
    (I must also wait for the Tibetan New Moon Water Dragon Year of 2139, on the 21rst of feb 2012) ! (also in twitter as @fogodoeon).

  4. stardreamer says:

    Solstice blessing to you, as well. May your holidays be days filled with light.

  5. Dear Robin,
    thank you for your good wishes! Much love and light to you and yours (including your wonderful dog, of course) on this Solstice and for the year to come.

  6. Naomi Banham says:

    Dear Pieter – thank you for your interesting blog and Facebook musings – always of interest, especially the Mansions of the Moon!.
    Love to you and Anna at Solstice and may the coming calendar year hold all that you hope and wish for it!
    Love and blessings

  7. Juju says:

    Thanks Peter,
    Best Solstice wishes to you too. It has been a real pleasure getting to know you this year and I look forward to a continuing friendship in 2012. You are an amazing astrologer, a terrific source of interesting historical fact and an all round good egg!
    Julie xX

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