2012 – A Preview

This is a general overview of what the astrology of 2012 will have to offer. Some of the events mentioned below may affect us globally or nationwide, whilest others may affect only the individual. As always, the personal or mundane radix should be consulted to achieve an accurate judgment of the level of influence.

For more information, you may watch this space for in-depth articles to be published during the year to come, or follow my daily updates on twitter. For personal requests, please see my list of Astrological Services or contact me via the Contact Page.

Retrograde Motion

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will be retrograde at times during 2012.

Mercury Rx

will delight us, as usual, with interrupted communication, malfunction or complete failure of computers and other electronic devices and general uncertainty and confusion concerning any contracts, legal documents or agreements.

Mercury will be retrograde

  • 12 March until 4 April
  • 15 July until 8 August
  • 6 November until 26 November

Venus Rx

in Gemini will remind us of personal characteristics, which have been dormant in us for the last eight years and are in need of revision.

Venus will be retrograde

  • 15 May until 27 June

Mars Rx

in Virgo will highlight problems concerning the repression or lack of energy. Much of the available potential will be directed towards the fulfilment of intellectual tasks.

Mars will be retrograde

  • 24 January until 14 April

Jupiter Rx

in Gemini will remind us of his prudent side; with Jupiter’s help we are able to fulfil our potential but in his Rx phase, he demands that we obey the rules, follow our moral guidelines and show kindness and compassion.

Jupiter will be retrograde

  • 4 October until 30 January 2013

Saturn Rx

in Libra may be a challenging time for the accomplishment in all areas of creative development. Many barriers will have to be overcome and progress will be slow.

Saturn will be retrograde

  • 7 February until 25 June

Out of Bounds

When Planets exceed the 23°27′ area of the Sun’s max declination, north or south, they are called “Out of Bounds.”

During these times, the OOB Planets will be out of the Sun’s control; therefore a heightened activity of all themes corresponding with the appropriate Planets can be expected.

Mercury will be OOB

  • 7 January until 21 January
  • 30 May until 19 June
  • 31 October until 6 November
  • 26 December until 14 January 2013

Venus will be OOB

  • 2 April until 4 June

Mars will be OOB

  • 26 October until 10 December

Sign Ingress

Jupiter will move into Gemini on 11 June, delivering a boost to all intellectual endeavours, like writing, publishing, etc.

Saturn will move into Scorpio on 5 October, leaving his exalted placement in Libra.

Noteworthy Aspects

Mars will be perfecting an opposition to Jupiter Rx on 28 October. With Jupiter in his detriment in Gemini, some protest against rules and regulations, rebellions against superiors and other demonstrations can be expected.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Solar Eclipses

  • annular solar eclipse on 20 May in 00*20’ Gemini

The eclipse pointwill be conjunct the fixed star Alcyone (Pleiades). According to Ptolemy, key words are ambition, turbulence, optimism and peace. Tthis eclipse may turn out to be of importance for the US.

  • total solar eclipse on 13 November in 21*56’ Scorpio

with Luna at perigee, shortly followed by the lunar eclipse in 6*46′ Gemini. Cauda Draconis conjoins Algol Beta Persei- the Medusa’s Head (i.e. heads will roll…).This eclipse may turn out to be of importance for the US, South America and Australia.

Lunar Eclipses

  • partial lunar eclipse on 4 June, Moon in 14*13’ Sagittarius, Sun in 14*13’ Gemini

Tthis eclipse may turn out to be of importance for Europe, the US and South America.

  • appulse lunar eclipse on 28 November, Moon in 06*46’ Gemini, Sun in 06*46’ Sagittarius

This eclipse may turn out to be of importance for Europe and the US

Ingress Charts

Aries ingress chart, cast for London, representing the United Kingdom. With a fixed sign rising, the chart applies to the whole year.

Aries ingress chart, cast for Washington, representing the USA:

The ASC is in a mutable sign and therefore this chart is only valid for 6 months. After this period, the Libra ingress chart has to be taken into consideration:

UPDATE: For a lenghty discussion of the ingress charts above, see my blog post:

2012 Solar Ingress for UK, EU and USA

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