Horary Astrology: The Case Of Molly, The Missing Pug

On the 7th of January, at about 18:00, a tweet from my friend and astrological colleague Jessica Adams was appearing in my twitter timeline. The tweet read as follows:

“Any brilliant horary astrologers out there? A pug has gone missing in London. Please cast a chart and report back …”

I immediately cast a horary chart, reproduced below:

From the chart we can see that the querents are represented by the Sun and the Moon, the missing pug is Saturn, Lord of the 6th House of small animals. As it is a Saturn day and a Moon hour, the chart seems to be radical and fit to be judged.

From the description given, Saturn seems to be quite apt for the little dog.

The Moon, representing the emotional aspect of the owners, is located in the 11th House, the House of friendship, but also the House of hopes and wishes, together with Cauda Draconis, indicating that all is not well. The Sun, Lord of the Ascendent and representative of the querent, is in the 6th House, the place of small animals. Good news here is, that the Part of Fortune is conjunct the Sun, a positive sign.

The little dog, represented by Saturn, is in the 4th House, showing that he is not too far away from home. Best of all is the fact that Moon is in an applying trine to Saturn. This suggests, that dog and owners will be reunited in a very short time.

I duly reported my findings back on twitter with the following message:

“pug should be reunited with owner in about a day ….”

And so it happened! After a successful twitter campaign, the pug was reunited with his owners the next day.

For more information, read:


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2 comments on “Horary Astrology: The Case Of Molly, The Missing Pug

  1. Kalliope says:

    Thanks for the real life horary example! I’m in the process of learning it myself, and it’s very helpful and exciting to see it in action.


  2. Sky says:

    Love this kind of story! Great website you have here!

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