Libra Ingress 2012, Obama & the US Presidential Elections

Since the publication of my web log entry about the 2012 solar ingress,( Solar Ingress 2012 for UK, EU & USA ) I have been repeatedly asked about the 2012 presidential elections in the USA. As it seems to be of great interest to the readers of my web log if President Obama may be re-elected, here are a few thoughts. The reader has to keep in mind though, that my musings are based on traditional sources alone.

The presidential elections will take place on 6th November 2012. From the viewpoint of traditional astrology this means that we have to consult the Libra ingress chart, cast for Washington DC to get a picture of the general situation in the USA at the time in question.

2012 Libra Ingress Chart

The Lord of the Revolution in the Libra ingress chart, representing the common people, is Mars. To find the significator of the current ruler, President Barack Obama, we need to establish which Planet the “significator of the king” would be. According to Bonatti, the king, or president as we would now have it, in this ingress chart is signified by Mars.

This fact that both, president and citizens, are signified by Mars already indicates that the fate of the common people and the fate of the president are closely interconnected. Further evidence is provided by the fact that Mars is located in the first house, indicating that the democratic process of the election will manifest the will of the common people, regarding their choice of leader.

Looking at the condition of the President Obama, we find that Mars is in Scorpio, essentially dignified by Rulership and Triplicity, swift, direct and free of sunbeams. This tells us that the president should be in a strong position without any noticeable weakness. Mars being occidental in the chart is the only one minor debilitation, pointing out that there may still be some trouble ahead.

Following this lead, we may determine more about this potential weakness by looking at what Bonatti calls the “substance of the king”. For this, we have to look at the 2nd house of resources and its ruler, Jupiter.

Jupiter is located in the 8th house, dealing with resources, taxes and money owed. We are not surprised to see Jupiter in his detriment as this seems to be a fair description of some of the problems the president may have to deal with during election time.

Traditional astrology also gives judgment about the king’s journey or pilgrimage; I would propose this to be synonymous with the modern process of presidential re-election. The first and most important point is to find out if the significator of the king is not located in the 6th house of infirmity, or the 8th house of death. If it would be so, we could judge with great certainty that President Barack Obama would not be re-elected. As this is not the case, we have to find out next who the Lord/Lady of the 9th house (journeys) is and where he/she is located. Lady of the house of pilgrimage is the Moon and she is located in the second house, in Sagittarius. The Moon is representing the population per se and with her being located in the 2nd house, we may deduct that a large part of the king’s quest will be dealing with problems concerning everybody’s money. Bonatti says:

“If indeed the Lord of the ninth were in the second … it signifies that his journey is because of a quest, namely to acquire money” (BA, p867*)

For further judgment of the condition of the king, Bonatti also advises us to take a look at the eclipses occurring during the time the ingress chart is valid. The solar eclipse, occurring on 13 November is in Scorpio, ruled by Mars.

Total Solar Eclipse, 13 November 2012

Here we can see that the eclipse point is in Scorpio, ruled by Mars. About this, Bonatti tells us:

“… the condition of the king will be more strongly burdened if his significator were the Lord of the sign in which the eclipse is going to come.” (BA, p860)

Looking at Barack Obama’s nativity and the eclipse chart, cast for Washington, the following picture emerges:

Bi-wheel nativity Barack Obama (inner wheel) and 13 November 2012 solar eclipse (inner wheel)

What springs to mind here is the fact that the lunar nodal axis of the eclipse chart and the eclipse point are conjunct the 4th/10th house axis of the nativity. This axis is squared by the lunar nodal axis of the eclipse chart (1st/7th house). This is an indicator of the importance of the eclipse for President Obama. Furthermore the eclipse point is located in Obama’s 9th house – the house of pilgrimage, as described before, highlighting the agenda once again.

Weighing all these factors up, we can see that here is a man, fighting the fight of his life. Although there are many obstacles in his way which will need to be overcome, there seems nothing to suggest that he may not be successful in his quest for re-election.

*All quotes from: Book of Astronomy by Guido Bonatti, translation from the 1491 and 1550 Latin translations by Dr. Ben Dykes; Cazimi Press, Minnesota 2007.

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20 thoughts on “Libra Ingress 2012, Obama & the US Presidential Elections

  1. The only thing we have to have in mind is Obama’s natal Mars on the 22nd plus on the day of the election this degree is again going to be active very much. War, destruction and death are all represented by the 22nd degree and it indicates that the establishment from the financial field would be very happy to start this disaster and will do anything to make sure that the trouble is ahead after the election. Since the transiting Jupiter is in the President’s 4th house retrograde on the day of the election, I agree with you that the decision will be in the hands of the middle class and young people, and he will be re-elected. The natal Moon on the 3rd degree in the 4th house is as well supporting that. The president is very intellectual, well spoken (3rd degree), the best communicator, and no one is better then him when it comes to the verbal debate. He will be the best in the election as well (debate).

    The Moon of the Election is on the 2nd degree in his natal sixth field which means, he will do anything to make sure the population is employed and secure with the money earned. People will expect from him – employment, money and the job security… the reach people will be back to the same pattern, blame, mischiefing and lies. Why, the ruler of his seventh house is transiting his native 9th and will be on the 13th degree, wow, the 13th degree is war again. The war abroad, the land of Scorpio, is Arabia, all Middle East. This is supported by the Saturn transiting the 9th field as well and is in the application to the Moon (The horoscope of the election ) one degree is difference. Is this president is the one who will take us to the war, disaster, and huge problem – change with the money( transiting Uranus in the Obama natal second field on the 5th degree, the whole world will fill the impact). The election chart Mars is in the second house opposing the Jupiter on the 14th degree in the 8th… This is indicating the killing and the war for the other people money and possession and this will start by reach, big fat bankars and so… I pray God I am wrong, but the events in the future are not at all rosy. I do like very much president Obama and respect him as well, still somehow I fill very, very sorry for the guy in the next term. And one more thing is that Neptune energy on the 0 degree in his first house of the natal chart. The degree is the 0 at the time of the election. This is the indication of hidden enemies around him, very strong and powerfull, it is a deceiving energy, a wail will be quite thick and the President better watch out because his life can be very much in danger. Hi better make sure to check his food, drink and even cigarettes he smokes…

    I hope the positive energies are going to win, and this President will be somehow protected and well as well as the US and all other nations around the world. Let us pray for peace, love and prosperity around the Globe, the prayer can help a lot. Best regards, Milica

    • Obamas’s Moon isn’t in the 3rd, but the 4th degree of Gemini. Why should the 3rd degree signify that someone is well – spoken, intellectual,”the best communicator”?
      Moreover, why is the 22nd degree connected to war, destruction and death – even if Obama’s Mars is definitely NOT located in this degree, but in the 23rd? The same question goes for the 13th degree, of course. And for the 5th as being able to shake the world…

  2. Hello Peter, this is a nice chart re the election of the Pres of the US, Barrack Obama, I do hope he will be reelected , because he is the perfect Pres for the US and the rest of the world,
    especially since the Israelies are so concernd re their issues, forgetting the rest of the world, which certainly dont want any more wars. and Mr Obama told them to do some more negociating.
    the prev. Pres would habve gone ahead and spark a new War. ( a nuclear one of top of it).Israel also being the only Nation which Do have a nuclear power in the Midle East!!!
    Mr Obama does have a difficulte task ahaed of him, taking over so many problems accumulated 16 years of being in Office .
    I printed info and will check up ever so often.
    Peter I am on my way to Zanzibar for a few weeks (2) getting some sunshine
    actually its our Hang out”
    Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with us .

  3. I don’t see how in the world obama will be re elected when his 4th house will have experienced 4 eclipses before the election, and Venus eclipses the Sun on June 6 in his 4th, also. We the people are going to push him out of office. Pluto square Uranus late in June will be the end of the road for most politicians who attempted to overthrow my nation. Maybe everyone should be reading about Venus eclipse the Sun. All leadership around the world will be replaced with those who have allegiance and loyalty to their nations, cultures and people . Obama has Neptune square Mercury in his chart. His truth isn’t exactly the truth.

    Toughen up, people,,,,life is not a bowl of cherries!

    • hoping you are right about this. Ron Paul has a very good chart for election day ironically enough and his supporters are in at the counting of ballots. I hate these wars and the Libyan one had me weeping in UK as I followed it assiduously not neglecting the most painful videos and questions and often unable to sleep seeing the massacre of Libyans whilst terrorists were put into power.

    • Diane – agreed. Obama is not a savior & I hope we vote him out of office. Whatever issues he “inherited”, he’s made “progressively” worse. Pun intended. I’m a psychic.

  4. I no longer use Obamas chart. We have no idea where he was born and when. His birth certificate is computer generated fake.

  5. Obama has an interesting natal aspect with his North Node conjunct the Royal star Regulus conjunct Uranus. This shows he will fall from a quick rise to the top. However, that aspect will sit there until a transit puts it in motion. Nov. 6th, election day, that aspect is set in motion when the transit node at 26 Scorpio squares his natal node. Mercury becomes retrograde election day and that could present a Bush/Gore scenario. Obama could appear to be winning until Mercury retrogrades right around the time the polls close. And with Mercury ruling the ascendant of Obama’s 2012 solar return, that puts him at a distinct disadvantage. His progressed ascendant also squares natal Saturn with progressed Mars squaring natal Saturn also. He is restricted, unable to do what he wants, his hands are tied.

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  8. Congratulations Peter. Sometimes getting it wrong can turn out to be the best lesson learned. I have noticed that there is no mention of the Mercury retrograde. I had been on a quest to find a US chart since this fall and posed this request at Lots of great contributions from great astrologers, but no conclusion. Instead, you introduced the nations’ ingress chart for the year. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Maria.
      There are a few astrologers out there who used traditional and traditional mundane astrological methods in their quest to eastablish who would be the next president. Not all of them were successful.
      It seems that my approach was valid, but, in my opinion, it is too early to categorically state that this is a method that will work every time. More work needs to be done to find out about the reliability of the Aries/Libra ingress in connection with predictions, like presidential elections, etc. Still, the result is encouraging and I will continue to make predictions, using these techniques.

  9. I find this very interesting. I also find it interesting, no one that I know of has explored this but, Obama has yet to go through his mid-life crisis. I thought he’d win reelection on because he reflects that the country is also going to go through it’s “mid-life crisis”. So it is with keen interest that I read “This fact that both, president and citizens, are signified by Mars already indicates that the fate of the common people and the fate of the president are closely interconnected” Could you say more on this idea??? If you think it merits interest of course

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