Sun conjunct Saturn in Scorpio

On 25 October 2012, the Sun will perfect a conjunction with Saturn in Scorpio. This is a rare event that will only be repeated on 6 November 2013 and 18 November 2014. Thereafter, Saturn will move on into Sagittarius and it will take him until November 2041 to return to Scorpio again.

Generally speaking, Scorpio is a cold, watery, nocturnal, feminine fixed sign and is ruled by Mars, called the Lesser Malefic. Key words for Scorpio are: sex and sensuality, death and rebirth, forbidden secrets and hidden matters. People with Scorpio rising or the Sun in Scorpio are often thought to be generally wary, calculating and intensely secretive.

If we have a general look at Saturn, who is also called the Greater Malefic, we find him to be a cold, dry diurnal planet. He mainly represents sobriety, setbacks and restrictions, and when in Scorpio, he specifically indicates the possible appearance of serious problems, as well as an increase in phases of melancholy. During Saturn in Scorpio, many people are drawn towards an exploration of the paranormal or the occult sciences.

With the Sun in Scorpio, we are exposed to similar themes, like an increase in melancholy but may also experience spells of fanaticism, jealousy, a heightened level of determination, and become intensely passionate. We also may be more secretive, manipulative, cunning or obsessive.

When the Sun is conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, many of these themes may become an issue and particularly so for people who have Sun or Saturn natally placed in Scorpio, have Scorpio rising or many even have a Sun – Saturn conjunction in Scorpio in their birth chart.

In sum total, the conjunction between the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio seems to test how we experience identity as individuals. An increased amount of negative or complicated outside influences are seemingly trying to affect how we respond to other people and the world in general. As a response, many of us will become more sober, withdrawn, jealous, more obsessive and so forth.

Between 16 October and 4 November Saturn is very close to the Sun; traditional astrologers say that during this time Saturn is combust. (The actual definition is that a Planet is said to be combust when it is between 17.5 minutes and 8.5 degrees of the Sun.) During this time we all will be exposed to the influences of this conjunction and, as the ancient masters told us, the closeness of the Sun will increase the detrimental effect of Saturn.

But there is a short period of time when Saturn will be very close to the Sun. Traditional astrologers say that Saturn will be in the heart of the Sun, often also called cazimi. (Any Planet within 17.5 minutes of the Sun’s position is said to be cazimi). On the contrary to being combust, this is very beneficial.

  • Saturn will be cazimi on 25 October, between 00:46UT and 16:18UT.

During this period of time, the Sun will enhance Saturn’s beneficial side. Everybody who is going through an identity crisis or suffers from a lack of self-esteem, caused by the problematic configuration of the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio, will greatly benefit from this short spell of cazimi Saturn. Meditating on these Saturnine themes and allowing ourselves to develop a strong identity, combined with bold decision making in the categories of the Scorpionic themes, like sex and realtionship or death and rebirth will make it possible to embrace the lessons Saturn in Scorpio has in store for us.

I would be delighted if you, gentle reader, would share your experiences of the Sun – Saturn conjunction in Scorpio in form of a comment.


46 thoughts on “Sun conjunct Saturn in Scorpio

  1. The sign of Scorpio is all around me. My son has a Scorpio moon. Both of my brothers are Scorpio Sun. The sun conjunct Saturn in Scorpio ….. feels heavy. Like a suspicious parent.

    • Sandi, if it is all getting on top of you, as I suggested in my posting, just use the energy on the day Saturn is cazimi to free yourself from repression, allow yourself to let your personality shine and enjoy breaking any outmoded taboos.

  2. i’m a 6th house Scorpio with Gemini moon and Ascendant. Setbacks is an understatement! i’ve been having dream premonitions and everything…unfortunately i didn’t realize where they were pointing until the last 24 hours. i have done well in learning the lessons of Saturn at other points in my life, i think the old taskmaster felt the need to give me a swift kick this time. what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and all that jazz.

    • Hexe,
      you have said something that is very important to observe. Saturn is not intrinsically bad or evil, he is just a stern taskmaster, providing us with lessons we have to learn to make progress in our lives. If we work with him and integrate his teachings, we can make our lives better and more fulfilled. If we struggle and fight against him, it will get worse, every time another Saturn transit, return, etc, occurs until we have understood the teaching and responded accordingly.

  3. i have scorpio in my first house with neptune conjoined the asc.
    this aspect doesnt really touch my chart ,its there but its not active.
    i will however take advantage of this aspect and make a simple syrup
    a simple syrup, that when its made on certain time of aspects it reflects the
    energy from above. i see that sun conjunct saturn is trine
    moon conjunct neptune. seems like a good syrup to help me discipline myself with my emotions and imaginations. scorpio trine pisces is always a good psychic mix.
    just wondering what flavor should i use? (im doing mine day before everybody else’s- im not waiting for cazimi )

  4. I have Scorpio in Jupiter in my 10th House, and I’ve actually found this whole period quite productive since Saturn left Libra (I’m Sun in Cancer, Moon in Libra and Ascendant in Capricorn with 4 other signs in Libra in my natal chart – the last 3 years have been rather tough) and I’ve found the shift of Saturn has brought clarity and a renewed sense of purpose. I notice that others around me are experiencing this heavy, sombre mood and are actually quite low though.

    • Jules,
      with Saturn being Lord of the Geniture, you have a completely different starting point than many others. It would be of interest to know in which celestial and mundane house your native Saturn is located. If you read this back, you might give us a clue 🙂

      • Hi Peter – I am still very new to Astrology so please bear with my ignorance, but my natal chart shows that Saturn is in Libra in the 10th House.

      • Jules,
        if you have Saturn as your LoG and he is located in H10 in Libra, it does not come as a surprise to me that you are experiencing a renewed sense of purpose. With this placement you are probably very committed and responsible but I also think that you like to keep your guard up most of the time. I presume that you like your job and that work is on a high level of importance in your life.

      • Thank you Peter! The last 3 years have brought about a transformation in my career path, and I have finally found the path of my true purpose in this life and have begun walking along it. It would seem that Saturn in Libra has been the catalyst for this, and for which I am grateful! My job is as a wellness coach, which is hugely important to me – both for the people that I work with and the feeling I get from the work that I do.

  5. Scorpio Rising, Cancer Sun, Sag Moon. I’ve been having an identity crisis as well as trouble in finding a career. Until today, I’ve never been more confident and secure in perusing this specific career path that used to intimidate me. Am I being overconfident? Should I follow my sudden impulse to pursue the desire or should I wait for a more realistic time?

  6. I have a Scorpio sun and Saturn in Scorpio. My boyfriend is a Capricorn who Has Saturn in Scorpio as well……lots of interesting things occurring in both of our lives…even strange shared psychic moments.

  7. ok so far, although I would not have thought that there was any correspondence to Saturn Sun cazimi in Scorpio, but perhaps its venture of transit in my 5th house, seems fairly strong.. and so far there feels to be a clarity of vision, an interesting clarity in the dream state that was last night.. extremely clear, substantial, solid metaphor.. The theme was water.. walking under water.. as if it were air.. and even observing things from the depths.. while also being able to clearly be able to breathe..

    The water was clear, walking in it was not like getting wet not being stressed out by it, but actually feeling the transition between the air to the water, and yet once in the water, not feeling as though I was wet or cold, nor stress to breathe.. and walking under the deep water was actually quite nice.. effortless..and walking into a building underwater, with an airlock was the transition evident, but even still not problematic.

    In another segment of this dream I saw a video feed between two men, (two actors notably who played James Bond) trapped under water, they both had to help each other, but it was very difficult and they were drowning.. and it was rather scary because I didn’t know where they were, and couldn’t help them but was trying to cheer them on to help each other.. the two actors Sean Connery and Roger Moore… both not older than their “prime”.. under water, one stuck on a drain, the other in a cage like structure, but eventually some how they helped each other to get free but I didn’t see if they got up out of the water.. but it was a strange thing to watch in a hidden fortress under water in a dream!

    There were also the ideas of land and water being one in the same, a walk to a shop above the in Denmark for some reason.. and just the idea of immigration, and me having been in some kind of job where I played some part for a ritual where a priest of some exclusive sect had to be “married”.. and I was chosen to represent this marriage partner although not a part of the religion or belief. Strange thing was the ritual required us to lay in a bed fully dressed not touching.. and nothing sexual, but it was ritual and “important” and quite rigid.. very very Saturnian… I would say. It was some kind of ethereal commitment to all of the female element, and I was just playing the part of that..

    And seeing myself on a televised news program as a younger person doing this ritual sort of realizing that this was my “glorious past” in some way.. that I was a symbol of something and did a very good job to play that part although upon seeing myself in that time frame..I felt both pride but distance from any idea of a religion.. and even felt a little weird that maybe someone would think me being associated with any certain religion.. although I personally did not know what that was..and wondered if it was something Mennonite or something Zoroastrian. In the dream I did not know.

    But it was a seriously loaded dream, and I look forward to the rest of the day to see what else is lurking via the Scorpio/Sun-Saturn cazimi today.

    I know dreams like to tell stories about things in a different way but its difficult to pattern anything that even remotely looks like any of these, but I’m certain that something must be there, to create such a substantial story line.

    This aspect only creates WIDE Trine to natal Mars in my chart, sextile to natal Jupiter almost exact, as well as trine/sextile to natal MC/IC respectively.

    • Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I hope you will return and let us know what else happened on this special day. Maybe things to come will help to clarify your dream a little bit more.
      Looking forward to hearing from you again…

      • I don’t think I had much insight to what the dream meant during the rest of that day.. but I have to say, I was very dutiful and thinking about how to structure my working scheduled, since I have been having many projects overwhelming me and yet.. too much of the normal every day stuff popping up.

        Another thing was I saw a tv commercial with an underwater car, from the Bond film type of thing, so this was the only clue I got, and since I do not watch much tv, and it was the first time in a week since I watched it, it could not have been seen last week to influence me, but many writers have been talking about the Bond films.. so I couldn’t escape that. But them drowning? Creepy.. and me breathing water or getting over it and walking around in the depths like it was nothing, another story. I wonder if its trying to tell me metaphorically that I’m at home where everyone else is struggling?

        Still a fairly interesting day. Cold too:) Thanks.


  8. im very surprised that you have not tried to make a talisman or a astrological potion peter- my potions are very simple -just sugar and water /some sought of flavoring -and thats it. i do use food coloring but thats just me. i had made a chiron conjunct neptune . i remembered it was “mountain mint”flavor -oh man ….i made it -forgot about it – after 1 month has passed i used it- i dreamed of the universe and the universe was a “being” and he/it smiled down on me as i seen shooting stars and planets wrapped around its body. i felt great the next day. unfortunately i havent had a dream like that again -but the potion is was very healing for me. for some reason if the aspect is applying its different to when its not -could it be a psychosomatic manifestation? could it just be astrology? who knows ?who cares if it works!? i always use the main houses that are active UNLESS the planet and aspect is very strong. 1st house is great for working on the body-as above so below -just look for a very strong aspect that you feel might help you and your needs. oh and dot forget to talk to the potion while your stirring it- thats like programming it .you really must try it – if you want to know more cast a chart in advance-see where the aspects hit your natal how long its applying and make something.

  9. Just a few words to share my experience of the Sun-Saturn conjunction in Scorpio: Cazimi, On Oct, 29th 2012 @ 9:00 am PST I took a stand and made a bold decision to quit an oppressive job. I have Scorpio on the cusp of my 2nd house so now I’ll sure apply the lessons of discipline Saturn to my finances (lol). I have such a feeling of relief in my life now, it’s like I’ve empowered myself. Thank you so much for this understanding astrological article. Sometimes we don’t understand why we’re pushed to certain degrees in our lives but then when we research it out through Astrology a huge flashing light of understand hit’s us. Again, thanks

  10. Thank you for this article as I’ve been looking for a clear explanation of this recent transit. For the past couple of weeks I’ve heard a lot of “are you okay?” from people around me even though I’m trying my best to cover up the heaviness I’ve been feeling (I thought at first it was just the blues over turning 40 last week). But I see now it seems Saturn is bringing me down. My Sun is in Scorpio, my Ascendant is in Scorpio, Cancer Moon, my Mercury is in Scorpio and my Lilith is in Scorpio. *sigh When will there be some relief from this fog? lol I have been resentful of anything that takes me away from the peace and solitude of my home lately and am almost obsessed with “figuring things out” with my life. I’ve begun to question who I am and where I am and what I do and what’s it all for. By nature, I am contemplative, but it certainly seems to have reached a new level. It all seems to make a bit of sense now. Thanks for that. 🙂

  11. I was born February 28th, 1954 at 10:09am in Houston, Texas. My Sun and Saturn are exactly trine at degrees, Sun in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio. When Saturn returns to it’s natal position at the end of December and exactly trines my natal sun, what can I expect? My rising sign is Taurus, moon is in Capricorn at 10 degrees.

  12. Got offered a severance package from an employer where the working relationship had become so restrictive it was affecting my personality. The severance package was offered during the period of cazimi by my Virgo boss with Virgo moon. I currently have Sun conjunct Saturn. The package was decent enough to afford me to pay off debt and accept a lesser paying job but with a commission structure that could potentially have me earning the same through hard work…but without so much debt….thank you God for for his hand in this good fortune.

  13. I have Sun and Pluto ( cazimi) 29 Libra and saturn 6 scorpio ( 4th house) opposite moon. Needless to say….I have felt saturn in my life recently. My home, personal and family life feels like a profound climax in hiatus right now and its ready to blow the roof right off…Not all good in a material level, not all bad in the metaphysical realm… I thank god for my pluto in times like this.

  14. I have Sun in Capricorn so Saturn naturally expresses itself at its best in all areas of my life all the time. I have my rising sign is Scorpio, and now that the Saturn is moving into scorpio I’m feeling quite anxious about it. What areas of my life will be effected now?

  15. More precisely Sun in Capricorn (house 2). Mars in Scorpio (house 12), Pluto in Scorpio (house 12), and Ascendant in Scorpio (house 1).

  16. Hi..I found this article very interesting and I have sun in scorpio. My birthdate : 31st Oct 1982, time 9:31AM ( INDIAN standard time ) , place : Calcutta India.
    Am I really aversely affected by this transit ? I have lot of questions and decisions to make and feel overwhelming at times. I wonder if it is because of the Saturn-Sun Conjunct.

  17. I have this natally, 5 degrees with the sun applying, in the 3rd house. Plutos there too. Saturn exactly squares 12th and 6th houses – it is hell on earth.

  18. My experience of this transit has been more like very long passage that started years ago. Saturn has been crushing my chart for the past 3-4 years now. It all started when it conjuncted my natal pluto/n.node the immediately crossed over my asc, then went over my venus and now the final hit will come when it crosses over my sun/uranus on my very birthday this year. (Nov 6, 1977 5am, if you are interested in my chart). When saturn went over my venus, my marriage ended, almost to the day. I will admit, I am sort of terrified about what this last pass will bring me. Since Saturn passed over my Venus, I have moved across country and started my own business, while just finalizing my divorce just last week. I have been having anxiety attacks since march and they seem to be getting worse. I can’t remember the last time I got a good nights sleep. Sensing that the worst is yet to come has me so on edge because I already feel like my head has been in a vice for the couple years and I honestly cannot imagine how I will handle it. My business is going fairly well (which I am very grateful for) but almost all of my personal relationships have been put through the ringer. Friendships have been tested and some have been forever lost or changed. I have a deep sense of loneliness, which may very well stem form being in a new city, but it seems that any connection I try to make just vanishes into thin air, be it platonic or romantic. It is starting to feel like I have been sentenced to solitary confinement and I’ve decided to stop fighting it and just drop off the radar until after my birthday. I have 3 months to go. I’m holding onto the hope that after the storm passes I can begin to pick up the pieces of my life. So basically I am getting through this transit in one way. Praying.

  19. Now we are coming upon the next Sun conjunct Saturn November 6th, 2013 and I am facing the peak of my second Saturn Return on Oct 25th 2013.I feel as if my insides are being turned out, and it is exquisite. Old patterns are dissolving as I meditate. New structures, more solid and visible than ever , seem ever so practical – at last. (They seemed so oppressive before) I am blessed and grateful.

  20. thanks for this info. i found it relevant and timely. i wouldn’t have found it this evening if i hadn’t been having a particularly frustrating day and a sort of deep week. i am in my first saturn return (10 degrees scorpio- affected 3 times directly cuz of that retrograde which finally just went direct), my rising is in scorpio, so saturn is transiting my 1st house, conjunct my natal mars (11 degrees scorpio-probably explains my extra tinge of impatience, sensitivity, and argumentativeness today especially with the lunar eclipse and full moon in aries last night- my moon is in aries). and my pluto is in 29 degrees libra, conjunct my scorpio ascendant, so not sure how that plays in exactly to the above mentioned scorpionic transits and influences. but basically, lots of scorpio first house things going on and definitely experiencing lots of transits around my role in the world, my identity and career, stepping into a new phase of my own power around it, self-sufficiency, etc. including with my family, perhaps accentuated because i’m a cancer sun, and in fact my cancer sun is in my scoprionic 8th house (last degree of it tho), along with my natal mercury, north node, and chiron. so loooots of scoprionic influences in my life and chart. the mars energy maybe brings in a bit of tension or something, i dont know… but i have felt the resistance and this sense of not being understood or accepted, and the need to get over it and step upto myself anyways. this is timely information. for me, the saturn return in scorpio has also had a solid theme around recognizing and working through fears of many different kinds. wisdom towards successful completion of transits are always helpful. thanks for sharing your insights.

  21. I have Sun at 22 of Scorpio, my rising at 17 scorpio with my Mars conjunct that rising. Fatigue, fatigue, fatigue. I did get a little bit of respite when Saturn left the direct conjuction with Mars/Ascendant. Last week, as it began to approach natal Sun I got a very important award from my work. Now this week, it’s more fatigue. I feel drained and I’m not even working hard at all.

  22. Well, of the personal planets, I have Sun and Mars in Scorpio and also Scorpio Rising. As of right now, Saturn is hovering directly over my Natal Sun and in Opposition to my Natal Moon in Taurus (lucky me). I am sleeping poorly, extremely tired and even getting dizzy. Interestingly, I did get an important award from my work about 2 weeks ago. Other than that, one of the prevailing themes seems to be to cut out people from my life. I mean, I have a habit of chasing after people or keeping people in my life that I am not really that keen on and/or they are not really keen on me. I feel like I need to act on that without taking it too far. After all, there are various degrees of friendship and I don’t need to cut out people who are not completely idea. I do need to get real about people on whom I am wasting time. We’ll see. In any case, as might be expected, this is VERY UNPLEASANT transit so far, both psychologically and physically. Just trying to hang in there.

  23. Well, I myself have Sun conjunct Saturn in Scorpio IN the 8th house. And, well, let me tell you, it isn’t easy, but you transform beyond your wildest dreams from the so called “setbacks”. They can be your biggest blessings or your most painful curses; it’s up to you what you make of them.

  24. Hardest two years of this Scorpio’s life (Saturn, combined with two yrs of Scorpio-Taurus [my husband] eclipses!). Looking forward to Saturn leaving end of year. I AM a different person and have grown tremendously. Grateful and of more service. ❤

  25. The paragraph in this post that starts with “In sum total” was a succinct summary of the last couple years of life experiences as they pertain to the Scorpio key words/themes. Hoping and praying for a beneficial reprieve on 11/18/14, even if it is just for the day. Good, positive energy would be so welcome.

    I have Sun at 23 Scorpio, asc at 7 Sag, Saturn at 29 Leo, Venus at 6 Scorpio, and Uranus at 12 Scorpio. Have had several surprises that were tough to deal with relating to relationships in the last few years, which fall under those key words and themes. And another related surprise/disappointment on my birthday two days ago.

    Guessing this “tough love” energy will stick around until after Saturn passes 7 Sag. Sigh…

    At some point it would be reasonable to think that hindsight will allow me look objectively and see what lessons the universe wants me to learn, but right now this has just been a brutal, heart-wrenching struggle of a transit.

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