Solar Eclipse 10 May 2013

On 10 May 2013 there will be an annular solar eclipse. The Sun and the Moon will be in 19° 31’ Taurus. Astronomical information about this eclipse can be found here:*

10 May Solar Eclipse

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The astrological chart below, cast for New Delhi, shows the event.

10 May 2013 Solar Eclipse New Delhi

In his Annus Tenebrosus, or the Dark Year, the famous 17th century astrologer William Lilly presents a method of eclipse delineation, including an interpretation of the effects of solar and lunar eclipses, occurring in each decanate of the Zodiac. As this solar eclipse takes place in the second decanate of Taurus, Lilly’s aphorism is as follows:

“it shows innumerable difficulties and many discommodities to Travellers, and to such as bear children many abortions …”

The  Lady of the eclipse is Venus and the ruler of the second decanate of Taurus is the Moon. Venus is peregrine and under the sunbeams, indicating that she is not in particularly great shape at the moment. Nevertheless, Lilly describes Venus being the ruler of an eclipse to be

“the fore-runner of a quiet peacable time upon earth”

I would propose that the general theme of this solar eclipse is the renewed effort of women to make their voices heard, highlighting their struggle towards equality and independence.

Venus is conjunct the fixed star Alcyone, the brightest star of the Pleiades. Since time immemorial the Pleiades have been associated with occurrences or agendas which make people weep. Often a great struggle is connected with the conjunction of a planet to the Pleiades, and according to Diana Rosenberg’s Secrets of the Ancient Skies:

“there are usually many journeys, and there may be exile, banishment, alienation, evacuation or imprisonment … [but] Eridanus, the Great River, washes away the tears of the past, clearing the way for a bright new future.” (p 214f)

Having a closer look at the Moon, who, according to Lilly, signifies “all common people” but “especially all manner of women”, we notice that she is essentially dignified by exaltation, triplicity and face. Due to the nature of a solar eclipse, the Moon is cazimi (precisely conjunct the Sun, which is highly beneficial) and also eclipses the Sun. This can be interpreted as a highly symbolic gesture, indicating a push towards positive change to unfold.

If we have a look at the eclipse’s path of angularity, we can see the following:

10 May 2013 Solar Eclipse map 1

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We can see from the map, that the line of angularity runs through Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. In all of these countries, women experience problems regarding freedom of speech, restriction of education, matters of equality, and so forth. It seems though that the upcoming solar eclipse could indicate a change for the better. As an example of  the possible events that may be occurring, this article and video clip about Afghans marching for women’s rights on Valentine’s day 2013, may suffice:

One Billion Rising


As for the USA, the map of angularity clearly shows that the line of conjunction between the eclipse point and the Descendant runs through parts of the United States. This suggests that the agenda of women’s rights in general and questions about  the relations between the USA and countries with issues concerning the discrimination of women will become of importance by the end of 2013.

10 May 2013 Solar Eclipse map 2

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For readers, interested in the personal implications of this eclipse, it might be of interest what William Lilly has to say:

“… Eclipse is more dangerous or pernitious which shall be in the Horoscope or Ascendant of the birth; or which shall be in the degree Ascending in an Annuall Revolution: it portends unto the Native some ominous and mischievous action as unto his body and also in his vital substance.”

And further on:

“… who had in the Radix of his Nativity either the Sun or the Moon in that degree, or in the degree opposite … or in the like degrees … which signs are in Quadrate aspects to the former, or if the degree Culminating in any man’s Nativity was either [the degree of the eclipse or its opposite or square] or within one degree thereof, the native did suffer more or less by the influence of this Eclips; according to the signification of the House of Heaven, wherein the Sun or the Moon was in at the Birth, and was either well fortified or aspected of the benevolent Planets, or ill aspected, or afflicted of the Malevolents.”

For this particular Solar eclipse that means that people with Taurus or Scorpio rising, either in their birth chart or in their solar return chart for 2012/13, will feel the influence stronger than others. Furthermore it should be noted if Sun or Moon are closely conjunct the Ascendant, Descendant or Midheaven. Should it be the case that one or even more of these factors apply, an in-depth reading of the native’s charts may be necessary to find out which particular areas of life are likely to be affected the most.



54 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse 10 May 2013

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    • Yes, as stated in my post, India WILL BE affected by the eclipse. Looking at the map of angularity, you can see that the eclipse will be on the Ascendant in places like Jodhpur or Bangalore.

  2. My Birthday is on May 10th. My sun is 20 degrees Taurus and my moon is 0 degrees Scorpio. My Venus is also conjunct my Sun at 26 degrees. I have a feeling this is going to be a significant year for me. Any comments on what I can expect from this eclipse?

  3. I appreciate the quote re: Pleiades and have put that book on the ‘to look into further’ list. I have Venus on the critical degree conjunct Pleiades and didn’t feel there could be a conclusion of sorts or a process really. Definitely a theme of water, travels, and am hoping for exile actually. Venus things cause obsession (not outer so much as inner – 12th house) and feels floaty-loss of boundary. Especially with t-Nep squaring it. I see now this eclipse will coincide with my Venus return.
    hmm. Maybe need to moderate or modify those typical Venus tangents.

  4. Thank you for this information. I have Taurus ascending at 21 degrees.. any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

    • Dear Juan

      I think it to be likely that this eclipse will affect you more than most other people. Any effects should be noticeable immediately after the occurrence of the eclipse. You may want to share your experiences in another comment, later on.

    • Not quite sure what you mean by “I have Taurus in 9th at 19 degrees” but I can see that the eclipsed Sun is conjunct your MC, also squaring ASC and Part of Fortune. I would say that in about 4 months you will feel the impact of the eclipse. I would not be surprised if you will encounter difficulties regarding your work and your fortunes would change to the worse.

  5. Hello there,
    I found your article through a google search; I’m trying to find out information. This solar eclipse falls on the exact degree of my Ascendant at 19 degrees Taurus. Maybe I will die haha. I expect something big to happen.

    • Hi Sarah

      thanks for your interest. One thing is certain and that is that you will die, although I don’t think it is likely to happen during this eclipse. This solar eclipse is empowering women and it may well be that you will benefit from it. I cannot say more without having a look at your nativity. Perhaps you would like to return after the eclipse and tell us about your experiences.

      All the best

  6. Thank you for your very informative article. We, in Pakistan, are having general elections on May, 11. Some local Astrologers are predicting a doomsday election scenario due to this Sun eclipse. Can I know your take on this please? Thanks again.

  7. In continuation of the above mail, just to add that the Astrologers perceive that the sun eclipse will affect 10th house of Pakistan.

    • Thank you for your interest! I have had a look at the charts but in my view the eclipse is in the 8th house of the foundation chart. We can see that the eclipsed Sun is sextile the Moon and conjunct the NNode in the foundation chart. This indicates, in my view that the will of the common people (represented by the Moon) will be observed. The conjunction to the NNode indicates the election itself. Only obstacle seems to be the opposition to Jupiter in Scorpio, which could indicate that some people will feel that the outcome may be unjust. Hope this helps.

  8. Hi Peter,

    First of all, thanks for sharing all the brilliant information on your page. On my birthday a few days ago, 3rd May, me and my entire family fell sick with gastritis due to the contaminated birthday cake! I thought I was gonna die for sure.. Thank god we are ok now, but with the upcoming eclipse I feel sort of anxious and would love to know your take on any upcoming implications just for info.. I’m a Taurus with Capricorn ascendant and live in U.A.E at the moment.

    Many thanks for your insights and sorry if the questions are a bit too many.. 🙂

    • Dear Kaajal
      thank your for your comments. I am sorry to hear your bad news. To be able to have a look at the effect of the eclipse, I would need your date, time and place of birth.

      • Dear Peter,
        Please can I kindly request you to keep my date, time and place of birth known only to you and not make it public please.. [data withheld]
        Many thanks,

      • Dear Peter, I too would like to know how this eclipse is effecting me, But I don’t want to have Mt personal birth info published on this site. Today is my birthday, and I realize that after the last eclipse in Oct/November, things did not go so well for my business. I also had a new relationship derailed. Please let me know where I should email you my information. Thanks, Elyse

  9. Hello Peter,

    I was born 15th May 1984, Hungary, Miskolc, 11:30 AM.
    Can I expect good things what do you think? The lunar eclipse was a turning point..I have put all of my energy into sg. and I hope the solution is coming…


      • Huma, the Moon is exactly conjunct the Sun at 00:28UT. Time difference for Pakistan is 5 hours 30 minutes – you can work it out yourself now 🙂 This eclipse will not be visible at your location.

      • 1 more question can u tell me solar eclipse impact on my life
        9.05.1985 birth time 5:30 am

      • Huma, I have looked at your chart and yes, the eclipse seems to have more of an effect on you than most other people. I do not think that it will affect your child though. It would only have an effect if you would have given birth during the eclipse. I think this eclipse will empower you personally, just as I stated in my article. It’s all about Venus and your Ascendant is ruled by Venus. Your natal Venus is located in the 12th house and she is is in detriment, just as your Moon is. This eclipse is trining your natal Moon and opposing your Saturn in the 7th house. As I said, you might find this to be an opportunity to free yourself, remind yourself of the feminine powers latently inherent in you and claim your rights.

  10. Hi Peter,
    I have below details, Can you suggest the impact of this eclipse on me :
    Date: May 20, 1984, at 01:52 PM
    Place: Udaipur (Rajasthan), India

    Latitude: 24°35 North
    Longitude: 73°41 East
    Time Difference: 5E30
    Universal Time: 08:22 AM
    Equation of Time (EOT): -3mn42s

    Sun in: 29°30′ Taurus
    Moon in: 2°49′ Aquarius
    AS in: 18°31′ Virgo
    MC in: 18°23′ Gemini

  11. My Birth date is 27 August 1967 time is 00.05, This eclipse falls in my moon sign & also falls in birth nakshatra & charana as per vedic astrology & it worries me , your opinion please

  12. Hi Peter, My date of birth is 27 june 1957, born in Dhaka. Don’t know my time of birth. I live in Karachi. How will this eclipse affect me and also I was reading through all the posts and you were spot on on the aftermath of the elections in Pakistan. People’s mandate is being taken seriously. And YES, Imran Khan’s Political party(the star cricketer turned politician from Pakistan) has emerged as a major force, not the winner though, older parties are trying to outvote him in the Parliament. Day before polling day, he fell from the podium and broke a few bones and is laid in bed. People out on streets. Violence erupting. Are we going to see peace in Pakistan some time soon? Astrologers here are predicting either June 26th onwards or August this year when things will change drastically for the better in this region. What do you say?



  13. Hi Peter, This refers to my earlier mail dated 8 May regarding 10 May eclipse and its impact on Pakistan, especially on elections on May 11. I found your observations quite correct. It was a large turnout. One party got almost decisive majority though some observers expected hung parliament and doomsday scenario. Women actively participated in elections. Protests erupted in many parts over alleged rigging but subsided after a while. New Prime Minister has been sworn in. Let us see how things move from now on. But question about peace in Pakistan as asked by Rukhsana above is of course important especially in view of neighbouring Afghanistan. I wish if you could spare some time to comment on the astrological chart of Pakistan in general and the resulting possibilities in near future.


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