Cancer Ingress 2013 for the UK & Europe

With a moveable sign rising in the 2013 Aries ingress charts for the United Kingdom and Europe, it was obvious that the charts would be valid for three months only. In other words, from the 21st of June, the Cancer-, Libra- and respectively the Capricorn ingress charts will have to be taken into account for further judgment.

On 21 June 2013, at 05:04UT, the Sun will be in 00*00 Cancer; the chart below, cast for London, shows the event:

Cancer Ingress 2013 London

We can see at a glance that the Ascendant ruler Moon, who was Lady of the Revolution for the first three months of 2013, is in her fall in Scorpio. This immediately rules her out as the new Lady of the Revolution for the time between 21 June and 22 September. Jupiter, Lord of the 10th house is in his detriment and combust, which rules him out as well.

Looking at the planet exalted in Pisces, the sign on the 10th house cusp, we see that it is Venus, essentially and accidentally dignified.  Therefore I propose that Venus will be the Lady of the Revolution, valid until the Libra ingress on 22 September 2013.

Venus is in tight conjunction with Mercury and bot planets are located in the first house. Bonatti tells us about this:

“Indeed if Venus were in the Ascendant … it signifies joy and gladness, and dancing, and the breaking up of battles, and especially the young women and men employing venereal practices …” (BA. P857*)

He continues:

“If Venus, in a revolution, were in the first, … then it signifies that men … will delight in edibles and drinking bouts, and they will be eager for living in a beautiful way …” (BA. p962)

Bonatti also describes Venus in Cancer, writing:

“And if Venus were in Cancer in a revolution of the year, … it signifies … peace between men in the western parts; and alleviation from things rendered and from tributes, more so than usual; and there will be a diminution of fevers and other illnesses, and heat will be diminished; and there will be rains …” (BA. P966)

Looking at our chart, we see that the Dragon’s Head is located in Scorpio. About this, Bonatti tells us:

“And if the Head were in Scorpio, Abu Ma’shar said it signifies good and joy in middle-class men, and evil and sorrow in great men; and it signifies wars and battles and wounds; a multiplication of fornication with deception.” (BA. P981).

It seems that most of the interpretation for this ingress is rather positive and the placement of the Dragon’s Head in the 5th house adds to the general theme.

“If it were in the fifth, it signifies the fortune of children and from children, and their increase in good and joy, and freedom from contrary and displeasing things.“ (BA. P987)

Looking at fixed stars, we find that Achernar is on the MC. Ebertin writes in Die Bedeutung der Fixsterne:

“Well-placed, it promises happiness and success by giving good morals, faithful adherence to one’s religious beliefs or philosophical inclinations.” (BF. p63)

*All Bonatti quotes from: Guido Bonatti’s Book of Astronomy (BA), translation B Dykes, Cazimi Press, 2007

2 thoughts on “Cancer Ingress 2013 for the UK & Europe

  1. I like this! “it signifies good and joy in middle-class men, and evil and sorrow in great men” perhaps we can get the highest paid to stop avoiding taxes. I wonder if the Mercury Venus also means we shall all be talking about money? (Nothing new there, of course) I note you say cooler and wetter – that is likely with Neptune so strong this summer.

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