Henry Coley on Horary Questions

The following is an excerpt from Henry Coley’s Merlinus Anglicus Junior, or, Starry Messenger, an almanac for the year 1696.

Concerning the Business of Horary Questions, let this be observed

Cornelius Agrippa truly tells us that the Ground and Foundation of all Astrological Questions, depends upon the Mind, being elevated into the excess of any Desire, taking of itself an Hour and Opportunity most convenient and efficacious, on which the Figure of Heaven being made, the Astrologer may then Judge from it, by an apt Genius, and thereby plainly discover the thing which the Querent has an impulse upon his Mind and Spirits to know. And then is the Question purely Radical, when the Querent comes with a real intent to be satisfied in his, or her Horary Doubts. Now the principal motives that induces the Querent to ask Questions, are, first, the motion of the Soul, when any Person is excited really of his own Intention to Propose a Question. The Second is the motion of the Superior Bodies, when any one asketh, what they do imprint onto him in the thing Quesited, and what may be the Event thereof. The Third is the motion of the Free-will, which may be an Act of the Querent himself; for the Motion or Influence of the Planets are not sufficient unless our Free-will incite us to Propose the Question. To help the Memory take these plain Verses:

The Astrological Signification of the Twelve Coelestial Houses.

The First House signifies our Life and Health;

The Second, shews our Money, Substance, Wealth.

The Third, our Kindred, Neighbours, Journey, and

The Fourth, our Fathers, Persons, Houses, Land.

The Fifth, our Off-spring, Pleasures and our Joys;

The Sixth, our Servants, and what Life destroys.

The Seventh, Publick Enemies, a Wife;

The Eights, her portion, and the end of Life.

The Ninths, our Wisdom, Piety, and Crown;

The Tenth, out Trade, our Honour and Renown.

The Eleventh, Friends, and what our Hopes impose;

The Twelfth, our Cattle, Prisoners, and Foe.


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