Lunar Eclipse 18 October 2013

On 18 October 2013 at 23:37UT, there will be a penumbral lunar eclipse. This eclipse is the 52th of Saros series number 117, which is composed of 72 eclipses. The duration of this lunar eclipse will be 3 hours, 59 minutes and 6 seconds.

The eclipse will be visible from the Americas, Europe, Africa, and most of Asia, whereby only the beginning will be visible in East Asia.


(click on image to enlarge)

The chart below, cast for the location of Washington, shows the event:

Lunar Eclipse 18 October Washington

In all lunar eclipses, we have to take into consideration two sensitive points, namely the placement of the Moon and that of the Sun, which are opposing each other. In this case the eclipsed Moon is located in Aries, and a look at the table of Essential Dignities and Debilities shows us that she is peregrine (that is, not essentially dignified).

The Sun is in the sign of Libra, wherein he is essentially debilitated by fall, and he is also peregrine. This basic information already provides us with important insights into the nature of the upcoming eclipse. We are able to predict that the energy of the eclipse will most likely be rather negative or challenging.

William Lilly tells us in his pamphlet on the judgment of the effects of solar and lunar eclipses:

“For when the place Eclipsed, or Eclipse itself, shall be in the Ascendant, the effects shall then begin in the 1, 2, 3, and 4. moneth next after the appearance of the Eclips, …”

 To find out more about the possible general effects of this eclipse, we can turn to William Lilly again. He writes in his Annus Tenebrosus, or The Dark Year, about a lunar eclipse with the Moon in the third decanate of Aries:

“… it imports many abortive births, many discommodities and dangers unto that Sex, viz. women; as also the death of many great Ladyes according to the Climate wherein the Eclips falls.”

 We know that the planet ruling the third decanate of Aries is Venus, which underlines the importance of this eclipse for women (Venus is the natural significator of women). Venus is located in Sagittarius and is essentially dignified by term. Looking at the placement of the Sun, we realise that he is in Libra, ruled by Venus, which adds to the developing theme. We also know that Mars has rulership over Aries and therefore he is dispositor of the eclipsed Moon. Venus and Mars are not in conjunction to any malefic fixed stars, which indicates that the negative effects of the eclipse may perhaps not be as bad as first expected.

Lunar Eclipse 18 October 2013 angularity Washington

The next step is to determine where the effects of the eclipse will be felt strongly and immediately. The general rule here is that the smaller the distance between the Sun or Moon and any of the angles, the stronger the effects of the eclipse will be. Furthermore, we can say that there is a correlation between the Ascendant, Medium Coeli or Descendant, and the time of the onset of the eclipse’s effect. If the eclipsed Moon is near the Ascendant, the effects will become noticeable after one, two, three or four months. If the eclipse is near the Medium Coeli, we will notice the effects after five, six, seven or eight months. Should the eclipse be near the Descendant, we can expect effects to occur after nine, then eleven or even twelve months. Thus, being interested in the strong and immediate effects of the eclipse, we want to find out where in the world the Moon will be close to the Ascendant during the eclipse. Looking at the world map, we see that the line of angularity for this particular lunar eclipse runs through Canada and the United States of America. Taking Washington to be representative of the USA, we can see that Luna is close but not conjunct the Ascendant and we can therefore conclude that the diminished effects will begin to take place about one month after the day of the eclipse.

We also notice that during the eclipse the Moon will be conjunct the MC in the United Kingdom and Europe. This is clearly visible in the world map, depicted above. The astrological chart below, cast for London, shows this, too:

Lunar Eclipse 18 October 2013 London

We can conclude from this that there will be a stronger effect in Europe and the UK, setting in about four months after the eclipse date.

We are also interested in the duration of the eclipse, and we find it to be three hours and 59 minutes. Lilly claims that the key to establishing the duration of a lunar eclipse’s effect is “one month for every hour”. Therefore we can conclude that this eclipse will affect us for just under four months.

To give a summary of what we have established, we can conclude that the upcoming lunar eclipse will mainly affect women in a rather negative way, and, should it come to the worst, we may even expect the death of a prominent woman. Eclipse rulers Mars and Venus are not in conjunction with any of the malefic fixed stars, and are not highly debilitated which may diminish the severity of the predicted outcome. In the United States of America, relatively weak effects should be felt about one month after the eclipse. In Europe it may take five months before any effects might unfold, but they could be more severe than the ones felt in the USA. In both cases the duration of the eclipse’s effect could be up to four months.


For readers, interested in the personal implications of this eclipse, it might be of interest what William Lilly has to say about this:

“… Eclipse is more dangerous or pernitious which shall be in the Horoscope or Ascendant of the birth; or which shall be in the degree Ascending in an Annuall Revolution: it portends unto the Native some ominous and mischievous action as unto his body and also in his vital substance.”

And further on:

“… who had in the Radix of his Nativity either the Sun or the Moon in that degree, or in the degree opposite … or in the like degrees … which signs are in Quadrate aspects to the former, or if the degree Culminating in any man’s Nativity was either [the degree of the eclipse or its opposite or square] or within one degree therof, the native did suffer more or less by the influence of this Eclips; according to the signification of the House of Heaven, wherein the Sun or the Moon was in at the Birth, and was either well fortified or aspected of the benevolent Planets, or ill aspected, or afflicted of the Malevolents.”

For this particular lunar eclipse that means that people with Aries or Libra rising, either in their birth chart or in their Solar Return chart for 2013, will feel the influence stronger than others. Furthermore it should be noted if natal Sun or Moon are conjunct the eclipse point and it should be investigated if Venus or Mars are particularly afflicted or located in houses six, eight, or twelve, as this might be of significance, too. If it should be the case that one or even more of these factors apply, an in-depth reading of the native’s charts may be necessary to find out which particular areas of life are likely to be affected the most.


131 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse 18 October 2013

  1. I have saturn in aries 24 55 in my natal. I am capricorn rising and virgo sun. Will there be bad effect by this lunar elipse? Please help me.

    • Your natal Saturn, who is very likely the LOG, is quite close to the eclipse Moon. To be able to tell you how much you could be affected, I would need your time of birth, place of birth and date of birth, to erect a proper nativity.

  2. Hi Peter,
    I am ARIES Sun sign and Virgo Moon sign and Acsendant is Taurus. Please tell me how this will affect my career, as I have some unwated problems with a handful of colleagues whom I have helped out.

  3. I’m a Sag Sun, Aqua Moon, Virgo Asc [(Nov 28, 1965 – 11:45pm) (no Libra/Aries in my natal just Libra Asc in prog chart)] — my long distance (I just moved away on Sept 19 Pisces full Moon) bf is a Gem Sun, Cancer Moon, Aqua Asc [(May 29, 2013 – unknown birthtime) (he’s got Pluto in Libra 8th House & both Ceres & Vesta in Aries)] — I moved away temp to take care of some family issues. I’m 10yrs his senior, divorced and have a nineteen yr old which doesn’t sit well with his widowed mother & nine sisters & most recently, it seems, our entire closed Babylonian community from Iraq to the U.S…yes, I have an army full of animated dinosaur age dramatic women against me :/. The other issue is his 7yr looooong fiance living accross the seas (all i know is she’s an Aries Sun), & I won’t elaborate on that other than – I trusted Mr. Maximus Optimus (my bf-Jupiter just exited his 1st H). Our $$ & creative projects are all still intertwined. Its amazing how much loss I’ve endured since the Sag/Gem eclipses since 2009 my entire world has turned upside down: I know some of it is for good as I’m not held hostage to material/moral exp anymore…but the only thing that holds me hostage now and I wish, wish, wish to be free, free, free is my…ugh…love for him. Please, help – is this eclipse the final blow, more ridicule, gain, dodging bullets or ???

    • Dear Shamiram, I don’t think that this eclipse will have much of an effect on you. Eclipse Moon is in your 9th house, which due to being a succedent house, tells us that any effect will be weak and will only set in about 8 months after the actual eclipse date. Although the eclipse Moon is square your natal Venus (same old problems with your love) Luna is also sextile Jupiter, which puts things into perspective.

  4. I’m a woman in a long distance intense complicated karmic relationship. My Moon (conjunct Partner’s Sun) is 26 degrees 49 min. Aries in 7th house, ruling 10th .Partner’s North Node in 11th at Aries 25 d 40 m.(Uranus conjuncts his Merc, Venus, Mars next year). Is the fat lady singing? Thanks.

  5. Hello,

    So I had veeeery difficult summer. I was told the Saturn will destroy me and so far it did. I am trying to cope now. If there are chances please let me know how will this effect me. (11.21.84. 12:40 pm). I am focusing on getting better now and I wont take much if this summer wave continuous… Thanks in any case

  6. This eclipse is conjunct my natal Saturn at 25 degrees in my 5th house Aries. I have natal aspects Saturn trine Sun 9th & Saturn square my Cancer Moon in the 8th. Saturn rules my 2nd house. Also, Saturn is ruler of my progressed chart.

    Is this eclipse affects my romantic relationship? Thanks…

  7. This feels significant. Moon (Sag, conj. Mars, Neptune) is my ruler, I am Pisces, Cancer Rising. The eclipse will be directly on my Venus at 25 degrees. My Venus is conjunct Saturn in the 10th (equal). What is your take on the effect on me? I am looking for new foundation. Vielen Dank.

  8. Hi. My natal ascendant and my mars are Aries 24º, natal moon is Capricorn 29º and my sun is capricorn 18º… two conjunctions, two squares + a semi sextile to my Jupiter. What can I expect? And, ever since my sun will be conjunct my descendant can you extende me some advice? I got caught up in a sort of power struggle with a long distance love interest, it has been over a month since we don’t talk, and I don’t feel like giving up, but it seems like he is givin it up. So if you have any insights for me on this… Thanks.

  9. hi peter my birthday is on 18 oct ( 1959 born ) and i am indian . in my natal chart moon is in aries ( 11th house ) . This lunar eclips 2013 will how with me .

  10. Hello Peter i am very curious about how this eclipse will effect me. The moon is conjunct my natal mars – jupiter conjunction in the 8th house, they are opposite uranus. I’ve learned hard lessons about this opposition when saturn was in libra, my behaviour was mirrored through the responses of the person i was together with. We have ended our relationship now after almost 7 years of souldeep attachment. I am ready for a new chapter, somebody (a man) wants to build a business together with but i am holding back for several reasons.

  11. Hi. This lunar eclipse will be close to my natal sun at 22º Aries in the 2nd house. What do you think it means for me? The following solar eclipse will be conjunct my saturn, taking place during my saturn return. (9th house). Thanks

  12. Thanks for the clear article. Much to ponder about.
    What to expect with Aries rising at 28 dgre? Closets planet being Jupiter in Scorp 0,54 at DC (ruling 8 and 9H)
    Beginning the Nodal return as well.
    Seems significant, with loss? I know some Libra Sun or ASC but in 1st decanate.
    Born late Jan 1958 and in northern Europe with the LE Mars line.
    Any clues for this? Or is it just “outsch!”?

  13. Hi Peter, I’m Capricorn born on January 5, 1959 at 11:58am in Cincinnati, OH I’m in a relationship with an Aquarius man born January 28, 1958 in Savannah Georgia. I dont know what time he was born. It seems this relationship is fate. We have a very strong bond and seem so spiritualy connected, tho we are very different. How do you see this lunar eclipse effecting this relationship and other areas of my life.

    • The Sun/Moon axis is in the 7th/5th house, which could indicate that your relationship may be influenced by this eclipse. Sun and Moon are quite far from the angles though and the Moon is below the horizon. Eclipse Sun and Moon are square Venus, which could also point towards your relationship, but Sun and Moon are also in beneficial aspects to the Part of Fortune. All of this suggests to me that you don’t need to worry much about any negative effects this eclipse could have on you.

  14. My DOB is 27 August 1967, Time- 00.05, Place – Chikodi, Karnataka, India. As per vedic astrology this eclipse falls within 3 degrees of my natal moon in arise. How it will affect me ?

  15. What about the influences in the economy and the finance sector? Especially with the undergoing crisis in the Eurozone and the possibilities that may occur because of the current dispute in the US over budget issues. Will these things and this lunar eclipse have anything to do with the next coming solar eclipse of November?

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  17. My birthday is on the 18th of OCT. what am I going expect, after all the things I’ve been bombarded with obstacles for almost 6 yrs… hmm can this lunar eclipse change that?

  18. Hi Peter, I am a female Cancer (29 deg/10th house) born 7/22/86 with Libra Rising (21 deg) and Moon in Aquarius (16 deg/11th house) in MD,USA. How will this affect me? It seems something will happen to me physically?

  19. Hey Peter,
    I was born May 23, 1990 at 12:35 in toronto canada. I feel like something big is coming at this eclipse. I was wondering if u could shed some light… It would be much appreciated 🙂

    • Daniela, I don’t think that you need to be too worried about the impact this eclipse will have on you. It is true that the eclipsed Moon is conjunct Venus and squares your Saturn, but the eclipse point is in a cadent house and will only become active in about half a year. I would think that the worst you are likely to experience is an argument with your partner or something similar. Nothing to be worried about too much.

      • Hey Peter,
        Thank u so much for clearing that up for me ! Super insightful( and im sry about the typo I was born at 1:35) could it also be an indication of pregnancy ?

      • Daniela, to find out if you are/will be pregnant, you should rather use a Horary Reading, or investigate the Solar Return, Lunar Return charts and transits for the time in question.

  20. Hi Peter,
    All very interesting – in short, my birthday on 17th (tomorrow) born around 10.35pm I’m told..? in UK, Bristol. Feel like I’m going through a life shift and transformation after probably 3 decades of relatively bad luck/difficult times!!! I’ll be 45! so am getting a past life clearing too… wondered how this eclipse and general climate will assist this development time…? Many thanks, Sara

    • Sara, the eclipsed Moon is conjunct your Saturn, who is Lord of the 7th house. I suppose that this eclipse may help you to view your approach towards others and also to reflect how other people are influencing you. I think though, that it will rather be a gentle raising of awareness, rather than a big blow. It may be useful to have a look at your solar revolution for 2013/14 to gain more insight into the upcoming events.

  21. My natal sun is located in 8th house and is Aries 25 degrees 32 minutes. The lunar eclipse of October 18 is Aries 25 degrees 45 minutes. I’m curious about ‘investigating’ Venus and Mars. Do you mean in the natal chart or current transit?

  22. HI Peter ,I was born on May 23, 1990 in Toronto , Canada at 1:35pm. I have a feeling something bigs coming up and I was hoping u could shed some light on the situation. Ive been looking for work for the last 6 months and im hoping this is my big break ! A person can only remain optimistic for so long lol

    • Daniela, you wrote above that you were born at 12:35 and now you give 01:35 as your TOB – I answered your question according to the data you provided.
      Looking at your nativity again, using 13:35, the eclipsed Moon moves into the cadent 8th house. Taking this as the proper TOB, I would say that you will probably not have much luck finding work. The eclipsed Moon is conjunct Venus, who is ruler of the 10th house of occupation and also square Saturn. I am afraid to say that your big break is unlikely to coma any time soon.

  23. Born on 5th oct,1980, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Please let me know in simple english about the effect of lunar eclipse on my life over next four months. Im lost confused and struggling in many areas in my life. I was getting positive but reading this website…im a worried and scared. Thanks in advance.

  24. Hello Peter,

    Thanks for this great detailed article. My DOB: 25th July, 1984 (Bhopal, M.P, India) at 8:30 AM and my husband’s DOB: 5th October, 1980 (Hyderabad, A.P, India) at 11:20 AM, have been going through some marital issues for past six months. It all started with March 23rd monster moon. Things have clamed down a lot since August. Sept was a nice month and we both are connecting again. There is however, one of his female coworker who I do not like at all. I trust him a lot and he is extremely truthful and honest, but sometimes I wonder how much he loves me. What do you see on charts for us? How will this eclipse affect us? Please and thanks in advance Peter. You are very kind.

    • Looking at your husband’s chart, I can see that the eclipse will have no effect on him. As for you, Mars and Venus are close to the angles and the eclipse Moon is in the 8th house. I would say that this indicates that things are not likely to get better, although I wouldn’t say that this is only due to the pending lunar eclipse. Fire is the strongest element in both of your charts, so I am quite certain that your relationship will continue on the same level as it is now.

      • Thanks Peter for your relpy.

        When you say that the “relationship will continue on the same level as it is now”, does it mean that hard times are pretty much over? We both saw some rough patch 6 months ago. But since August, September, things are looking up and we both are connecting again and are there for each other. We do have love but sometimes we just do not understand each other. I hope the same level that you are talking about is the level we are at now because things are much better compared to how they were three months ago. Thanks for your reply in advance Peter.

  25. Hi Peter, My DOB is Jul 05, 1973 in Amravati, Maharastra, India at 1.20 AM. Please help me to know any impact whether positive or negative. Currently I’m going through tough phase of my career. Thanks …

    • It is likely that you will feel a stronger effect than most people. I would think though that this eclipse will have a positive effect on you. Eclipse Moon is sextile Saturn, ruler of your career. Also Mars is in the 5th house of joy & pleasure – fingers crossed it will be a good one for you!

      • Thanks Lot Peter…a small request…
        Is there any possibility of Job change in near future, As I am currently under 2 Yrs contract of less package and not willing to continue.. However boss is very happy with my work

      • There is nothing in the eclipse chart that indicates anything like it. I would say though that the eclipse chart isn’t enough to be sure. If you are really concerned, it would be wise to look at profections, solar revolution, primary directions and transits to be sure what is likely to happen.

  26. My natal sun is 24 Aries (7th house and conjunct my chiron 1 and 3 degree Taurus) and opposite my ascendant and true node at 22 and 24 Libra. This all natally is in a fixed cross w Saturn in 10th at 10 Leo. Any interpretation on how this will be manifesting will be much appreciated. Is there an upside to this energy? I just started a new job and ended a 6 year relationship a few months ago.

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  28. Hello peter tell me please what can i expеt of this lunar eclipse .
    Birth date 15.04.1981 time 19:00 country Armenia city Gyumri (Leninakan)

  29. Hello! My DOB is 4/14/69, 10:18pm, Culver City, CA. I just noticed today’s eclipse is exact on my natal Aries Sun at 25*; which conj natal Saturn/Mercury all cusping 5th house. It’s been 7 yrs since my last serious relationship. Will this eclipse affect my love life in a positive way?

  30. Hello there
    Can you please tell me what the effects of this eclipse will have on me. My Dob is 21/01/1972 at 21.38 pm in Cleethorpes, UK.
    Many thanks

  31. I have my sun in libra and my rising sign is Aries eek, am worried after reading the above please advise! 25/09/71 7pm BST billinge uk thanks !

  32. My venus is at 22 degrees Capricorn in the 6th and my MC is 18 aries and my north node 29 cancer in the 12th . . . what do you think thanks!

  33. Hello Peter,
    my birth date is 19 Nov 1973, Mowad, Nagpur , Maharastra, India, at Morning 5.30 Am, Does this eclips has any effect on me.

  34. Hello Peter! My nat Saturn is at 20:58 Aries in house 2 (technically house 3 which begins at 23 Aries, square my Ascendant at 22:50 Capricorn, trine my Jupiter (27 Leo) in house 7, sextile my Mercury at 23:15 Gemini.. Saturn is also the ruler of my house 12 which is empty. I am planning to go to the US in December for some medical treatment (physical therapy of the abdomen). I was born on 21st May 1968, in Belgrade, Serbia at 22:50h. Thanx a lot!

    • You might be slightly affected in about 10 months’ time. Natal Sun and Venus will be affected by the eclipsed Moon. Expect a bit of self-doubt, which may be triggered by loss of friends or even betrayal. Somebody you thought to be your friend may turn out to be the opposite.

  35. Hi Peter,
    DOB 03-31-57, 12.49 pm Balto. Md. Multiple planets in Aries and current transit pluto
    square sun. Lots of loss and chaos last few years. Do I need to worry about negative
    effects from eclipse?

  36. Hi Peter. Very interesting article. I’ve been a student of astrology for many years but often come and go from the practice. My interest reignited a bit as a personal crisis emerged in the few days after the lunar eclipse on October 18th. My boyfriend of three years suddenly ended our relationship (with no warning) just three days later and I checked his chart to see the eclipse fell almost exactly on his natal Mars at 25 Aries in the third house. It also squares his natal Sun, sextile his natal Moon and trine the natal Ascendant and Venus.

    For me, the eclipse had little effect in my own chart.

    I realize that the effects of the eclipse caused some feelings of unhappiness to boil up and explode, even if they were not consciously felt before. However, what is your thought on the permanence of such events? Can eclipses shed greater light on what is needed in a relationship instead of just ending them without warning? Especially in what I’ve experienced to be a very strong, committed relationship. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    His birth time: 10 January 1989, Bergen Norway at 8:10AM.

    Thank you. Looking forward to your insights.

    • Liz, I had a quick look at your ex-boyfriend’s chart, compared to the eclipse chart. I cannot see that this eclipse had anything to do with it. The eclipsed Moon is below the horizon and in a cadent house. Also eclipsed Moon is sextile natal Moon and trine natal Venus, so no problems there either. I can see though that the upcoming solar eclipse will possibly affect him. There the eclipse point is close to the 10th house cusp and eclipse Venus is conjunct natal Venus. It may only affect him in about half a year’s time, but something will certainly hit him then.

  37. Peter, you are very helpful. Thank You so much for what you do! I had a quick question for you- a follow up from my discussion with you earlier.

    Peter, like you said, there will be ups and downs in our relationship (which are common in all marriages, I believe). But we will stay married and live a happy life with each other right?

    Also Peter, on a whole different not, When will Uranus’ maleffects of being in opposite sign of Libra (Aries), causing turbulence and break ups last for Libra? Susan Miller from Astrologyzone says that Librans born in Sept are almost done. What about Librans born on October the 5th?

    When do you think my husband will be back to being his amazing loving self which he was. Once again: his DOB: 5 October, 1980, Hyderabad, AP, India at 11:20 AM. and my coordinates: July 25, 1984, 8:30 AM, Bhopal, MP, India.

    I REALLY look forward to your reply. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  38. Hi Peter, Interested on your thoughts regarding my transit chart with regards to the upcomeing solar eclipse of 3 Nov 2013? My DOB is 22 Feb 1962 9:02AM Seymour IN USA. With particular attention to the eclipse on my natal Part of Fortune also conjunct natal Neptune. Quite an event there in my 7th House of Relationships. Also Uranus conjunct my ASC, squaring Pluto in my 10th House. As you can imagine I have alot going on here!! Some insight and direction toward the next trend would really be appreciated. Thanks so much for your time. P.S. Currently risiding Clearwater, Florida USA

    • I think you have pretty much worked it out for yourself, Nancy. The eclipse point is quite bait away from the angle and the effect will only set in during October 2014. I think it will only mildly affect you, though. I am mainly looking at the square to Mars, who is ASC ruler and in the 6th house, with Leo on the cusp. Looks as if health may become an issue for you next year.

  39. I was born on 18th December 1966, in Bournemouth, Dorset. England. Could you kindly tell me what effect this eclipse on 18th October 2013 would have had on me, particularly in a long term love relationship, as my partner has suddenly become very distant. Thanking you in anticipation of your response

  40. Hi Peter,

    How will April 2014 eclipse affect me (DOB: 25th July, 1984, Bhopal, India) and my husband (DOB: 5 October 1980, Hyderabad, India?) Please let me know. Really appreciate what you do! Thanks so much.

  41. My boyfriend broke up with me during the Lunar eclipse and this has left me complete my heartbroken and really messy emotionally. My details : DOB 30.03.1972. Born in Kangar, Malaysia. TOB is 8.40 am.

    • Rene, I am sorry to hear but not surprised. The eclipse chart Moon is close to your Ascendant and Cauda Draconis is closely conjunct your ASC, too. With the eclipse lunar nodal axis square the natal lunar axis, we can safely prognosticate that there will be emotional upheaval, relationship problems and also disruption of one’s home life.

  42. Dear Peter, I am amazed that you have taken the time to reply to everyone here. My daughter’s DOB is 3rd Nov 1989. Nothing sems to be going right for her. How would this eclipse effect her?

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