US – lead Airstrikes Against Syria?

Solar ingress 2013 Syria

According to the rules of traditional astrology, judging the 2013 Aries ingress chart for Syria we find that the Sun is Lord of the Year and also significator of the king. The ingress chart has Leo, a fixed sign, on the Ascendant. Therefore the chart will be valid for the whole of the solar year.

We also note that the Sun is in a square aspect to the Moon in the 12th house, which is aptly signifying the common people. We can furthermore deduct that the square aspect adequately represents the state of affairs, i.e. the civil war currently taking place in Syria. To find out about the possibility of Syria getting dragged into a war against a foreign enemy, we have to investigate further. Traditionally, Mars is the natural significator of war in a Revolution. Bonatti tells us about the likelihood of war breaking out that, if Mars were to be cadent:

“it does not signify it.” (BA p896).

Bonatti also suggests that the planet Mars is separating from by aspect would be the instigator of the war. We know that Mars can only separate from either Jupiter or Saturn, reason being that these are the only two planets who are moving slower than Mars. Investigating this possibility in our ingress chart, we find that Mars is neither separating from an aspect to Jupiter nor to Saturn. This can be interpreted as another indicator against the possibility of a full blown war, waged against a foreign force, breaking out.

But let’s now have a look at the other half of this equation, the Aries ingress chart of the United States of America.

Aries ingress 2013 Washington

We wrote about this ingress chart earlier in the year, noting that the chart would only be valid until the Libra ingress, on 22 September 2013. We basically came to the conclusion that the Lady of the Revolution was the Moon, in the 4th house, indicating that the main themes for the first half of the year would be internal domestic issues, people’s resources, and so forth.

Libra ingress 2013 Washington

Looking at the Libra ingress chart, the picture changes. Here we find Aquarius on the Ascendant and the sign ruler Saturn, the Greater Malefic, conjunct the Moon’s North Node. Mars, natural significator of war is aptly located in the 7th house, which, according to traditional astrologers, like Lilly or Partridge, has also to be taken into consideration. Thinking of Bonatti’s rule again, we can now say that Mars is located in an angle, which signifies war. Mars is separating from a square to Saturn, and here we find in Bonatti:

“And if Saturn were to rule the … quarter, there will be war by seduction and cleverness, and through knowledge and skills” (BA 897).

And later on:

“And if he [Mars] were separated from Saturn (since Saturn in such a case signifies kings), it seems that the king [i.e. head of state] is the one who has incited the war, or it will be due to the advice of old and ignoble men.” (BA 894).

Adding to this is the fact that the Moon, signifying the common people, is opposed to Saturn, squaring Mars and conjunct the Moon’s South Node. This clearly shows that a large part of the population is not in agreement with the plans of the government or the head of state.

All in all it seems that there is a likelihood of one or perhaps more single sided strikes against Syria, which will probably take place after 22 of September, when the Sun will have moved into Libra.

The chart below shows  the monthly profections of Mars and the Sun for September 2013 in the ingress chart for Syria. It clearly shows that both profected planets will be activated by Saturn in the revolution chart, which doesn’t bode well.

Aries Ingress 2013 Syria monthly profection

The yellow segment shows the path of the Sun and the red segment the path of Mars throughout the monthly profection in question. The inner ring shows the planets of the ingress chart. *


*For a discussion of the profection method used here, see:

All quotes from: Book of Astronomy by Guido Bonatti, translation from the 1491 and 1550 Latin translations by Dr. Ben Dykes; Cazimi Press, Minnesota 2007.

11 thoughts on “US – lead Airstrikes Against Syria?

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  2. Thank you for a clear, non-biased delineation. I was afraid that I was back in Europe before the beginning of the 2nd World War. So many astrologers jumped on the bandwagon to predict the winner of the Presidential election. It’s good to see an objective delineation on a subject not too popular in the west. Thanks for holding up the mirror. It is quite clear.

  3. Detailed, thoughtful and interesting Peter, though at the moment it looks like the strike potential has had the steam taken out of it. I’ll be interested to see if the current WMD initiative fails and strikes come back onto the table.

  4. Thanks Peter
    that was a really interesting article. I have recently begun to make more use of profections and have just finished reading the Gansten book on them. My only question is about the monthly profections for the Aries ingress. You said the last chart showed them for September, doesn’t the Sun-Mars profection reach Scorpio on Oct 20th?; which means they will profect over the Saturn in late October and then the Sun reaches Sagittarius on Nov. 20th.
    thanks again.

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