2013 Capricorn Ingress

Capricorn Ingress 2013 Europe

With Cancer, a moveable sign, on the Ascendant of the 2013 Aries ingress chart for Europe, it was obvious that the ingress chart would only be valid until the Sun was going to move into 00 degrees Cancer.  Thereafter the Cancer-, Libra- and Capricorn  ingress charts would have to be taken into consideration. On 21 December 2013, at 17:11 UT the Sun is in 00 degrees Capricorn, as the chart above shows, and from this moment the Capricorn ingress chart will be valid until the next Aries ingress on 21 March 2014.

Following the rules of traditional mundane astrology, we can establish that Saturn will be the Lord of the Revolution*. Bonatti explains in his Book of Astrology:

“Wherefore if all of the significators failed to be the Lord of the Revolution, the one of them who is more authoritative by the multitude of strengths will take charge as the Lord of the Year, at least until the Lord of the Ascendant or of the 10th goes direct … “ (BA p822)

Jupiter is Lord of the 10th house and also conjunct the Ascendant, which would make him a prime candidate to be Lord of the Revolution. The only prohibiting factor is his retrogradation. Saturn is the planet with the most essential and accidental dignity and has therefore to be Lord of the Revolution.

Bonatti also notes that Saturn in Scorpio in northern latitude signifies:

“… a multitude of rains, and an overflowing of waters, rivers, and their corruption.” (BA p935)

As well, if Saturn were oriental:

“… a multitude of wars between the wealthy and their magnates.” (BA p935)

We also note that the Dragon’s Head is still placed in Scorpio, and:

“Abu Ma’shar said that it signifies … evil and sorrow in great men; and it signifies wars and battles and wounds …” (BA p981f)

The Aries ingress chart’s Lady of the Revolution was the Moon, representing the common people and we can see in the chart above that the Moon is in a square aspect to Saturn, which does not bode well at all. Also noteworthy is the fact that in the above chart Mars is located in Libra, where he is essentially debilitated by detriment. In mundane astrology Mars usually signifies industrial disputes, strikes, conflicts and opposing forces. Mercury, natural significator of  business, finances and intellectual matters, located in the 6th house of illness, is also strongly debilitated by detriment and combustion.

Jupiter will turn direct, ending Saturn’s reign on 16 March 2014, just five days before the 2014 Aries ingress. Up until then we will have to stay under the rule of Saturn in his role of Lord of the Revolution. For a preliminary look at the 2014 Aries ingress, see my web log entry: 2014 – An Astrological Preview.


The Aries ingress chart for Washington and therefore representative for the United States of America, had a mutable sign rising, Therefore this chart was valid for six months until the Libra ingress. For this reason the Capricorn ingress chart will not have to be taken into account.

All quotes from: Guido Bonatti’s Book of Astronomy (BA), translation B Dykes, Cazimi Press, 2007

*Footnote, answering the repeatedly asked question why a planet is called the Lord/Lady of the Revolution.

The concept behind the judgment of ingress charts is as follows. Astrologically speaking, each new year begins at the moment the Sun passes 00 degrees Aries.  An astrological chart cast for this moment is called the Aries ingress chart, or the chart of the Solar Revolution. Depending on the zodiac sign on the Ascendant of this chart (also called rising sign), it is possible that the Aries ingress chart is valid for three, four, or twelve months. If the Aries ingress chart is valid for the next twelve month, the astrologer can follow certain rules and establish which planet will be what is called Lord or Lady of the Year. If the Aries ingress chart shows that it will be necessary to cast another ingress chart after three or six months, the individual rulers of the ingress charts, established by the astrologer, are called Lord or Lady of the Revolution (meaning the Revolution of the World Year). The nature of this planet, its position, strength, aspects, and so forth have to be judged to predict the mundane situation during the period in question of each individual country.