NEW Publication: A German Stargazer’s Book of Astrology

A German Stargazer’s Book of Astrology is the first English translation of Astronomia Teutsch Astronomei, published in 1545 in Frankfurt am Main. The original work was one of the earliest astrological textbooks in the vernacular, predating William Lilly’s famous English primer Christian Astrology by over a century. With this translation, I offer the English reader an exciting insight into the working methods of a 16th century astrologer living on the cusp of the Late Medieval and Early Modern periods. The book contains a detailed introduction by the translator, providing valuable background information and historical context, and is comprehensively annotated throughout.

Stargazer Frontcover

The book is divided into six parts:

  • Signs and Images
  • Planets
  • Mundane Astrology
  • Weather
  • Perpetual Calendar
  • Astronomy

Clicking on the thumbnails below will provide a detailed view of the book’s contents list:

Stargazer Contents 1Stargazer Contents 2

Stargazer Contents 3






A German Stargazer’s Book of Astrology is available via Amazon, or may be ordered directly from Mandrake of Oxford. To visit their website, click the thumbnail below:

Stargazer Frontcover

There is also a dedicated Facebook page, which can be viewed and “liked”, following this link:

A German Stargazer’s Book of Astrology – Facebook Page

Readers who “like” this page will be notified of any new links to reviews, sample chapters, and more.


21 thoughts on “NEW Publication: A German Stargazer’s Book of Astrology

      • I will. Even if I cannot read it now (because I am writing a similar book on a 13th century Islamic astrologer), I am sure it will be a very good reference book. I also shared it in my school’s facebook page. Ilhan Astrology Institıte.

      • Thank you very much! In my introduction, I give a detailed overview, listing many Arab astrologers, who are quoted throughout the translation. It is very interesting to see the transmission of knowledge, which is one of the main reasons why I translated the book.

  1. Great to see this in print Peter. Congratulations! Its lovely to have another European renaissance astrological text like this available in English. However, surely you meant the publication of this work predates Lilly’s Christian Astrology by almost a century not a decade as stated above?

  2. I would be happy to put a link up on Skyscript to publicise this news more widely. However, as this is the fruit of your hard labour perhaps its more appropriate for you to do this yourself?

    • Thank you for your kind comment and I hope you will find the book of use. It is true that it is a historical source, providing one more accessible piece in the history of traditional Arab astrology’s transmission to Europe.

  3. this is great Peter, getting the old text back is so important, thanks for doing it and plan to get it soon.

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