2014 Cancer Ingress of the Sun for the United States, Russia & Ukraine

On 21 June 2014, the Sun will enter the sign of Cancer. As stated in my earlier web log entry about this year’s Aries ingress (to be read HERE), the  ingress charts for the United States of America, Russia, and the Ukraine will have to be updated at the time the Sun enters Cancer, Libra and Sagittarius.


Beginning with the USA, we may remember that Jupiter was Lord of the Revolution during the Sun’s travel through Aries, Taurus and Gemini. The Sun’s ingress into Cancer is shown in the chart below:

Cancer Ingress 2014 Washington

The chart shows that Jupiter is still Lord of the Revolution for the next three months. William Ramesey writes in his Astrologia Restaurata*** about Jupiter:

 “…if he is strong and well placed or accidentally aspected by any of the other fortunate planets, he shall denote good to all such things as are thereby signified; as the … fishes and such things as appertain to water, if in watery signs, e.g. as navigators and such as have their living out of the sea; they shall make good voyages and that safely and with security.” (Ramesey AR, p234)

We also find in the Stargazer**:

“If Jupiter is Lord of the Year, the weather will be good and it will be a fertile time and intestinal diseases will be seen amongst people, and there will be sancitiy amongst people, and priests and clergy are offered discipline and honour. Heathens and Jews will be opressed and despised and Christians supported. And all nobility will be elevated and honoured. (Stargazer, p121)

Ramesey agrees, writing:

“When Jupiter is in Cancer, and Lord of the Year, the people and nobles shall be in a most prosperous and good condition; shall live credibly in honour and esteem, the air shall be pleasant and healthy, the earth fruitful, and the fruit wholesome and good. There shall be no danger by sea, but men shall make prosperous and successful voyages; rain shall fall reasonably and moderately, the winds also shall be temperate and calm, if other testimonies also agree therewith. (Ramesey, AR p254)

The Moon is not particularly strong and applying to a square to Jupiter in the first house, who is Lord of the cadent 6th house. On a more positive note, she is separating from her opposition to Mars. All of this may be a sign that the imminent danger of a conflict with Russia concerning the Ukraine crisis is over, but we still have to read with Bonatti, who states that it also:

“… signifies impediment and detriment and evil which will come to the inhabitants of that region, and [the people] who are signified by that sign.” (Bonatti, BA, p851)

We know that in mundane charts the Moon signifies the common people. Therefore we can predict that there will be a distinctive split, namely in that the few wealthy and priviledged people will get wealthier and the many poor people will get poorer. It may be of interest to also look at the opposite end of the spectrum, once again quoting Bonatti:

” … it signifies the sublimities and exaltations of kings [read president], and glory and honour and its seeking. … and he will be worried about the increase of his kingdom … it even signifies the good condition of the wealthy and magnates and nobles …” (Bonatti BA, p957)


Next, we take a look at the Cancer ingress chart for Russia, which is depicted below:

Cancer Ingress 2014 Moscov

Looking at the current situation in Russia, it will not come as a surprise that Mars, tightly conjunct the Ascendant, is the Lord of the Revolution until the Sun’s entry into Libra. We predicted in the article about the Aries ingress that the danger of a conflict in the Ukraine would last until Mars would be moving direct again. In the meantime Mars has changed its direction, which seems to coincide with the increase of negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. Nevertheless, Mars, who has now become Lord of the Revolution for Russia, is peregrine, which may indicate Putin’s increasing isolation from Europe, and is also in detriment. On a more specific note, we can see that Mars is Lord of the 7th house, which holds the Moon and the Dragon’s Tail. One is reminded of the treatment of minorities and homosexual people in today’s Russia. The Stargazer has the following to say:

“If Mars is Lord of the year, … it will be war, stabbing, beating, murder, and the nobility will be honoured, and common people will be scorned.” (Stargazer, p121)

Also of interest is the fact that the Ascendant is conjunct fixed star Algorab in Corvus, associated with destructiveness, malevolence, fiendishness, repulsiveness and lying. It is of the nature of Mars and Saturn. Diana Rosenberg notes in her Secrets of the Ancient Skies, that

“the Crow’s dark wings leads some into philosophy and religion, others into aggression.” (Rosenberg, Secrets, p87)****


Looking now at the Cancer ingress chart for the Ukraine, we can see that it differs significantly from Russia’s:

Cancer Ingress 2014 Kiev

The Aries ingress showed that the Lord of the Revolution was Jupiter for the USA, Russia and the Ukraine. As the Sun has moved on, this is not the case any more for The USA and Russia, as discussed above. It seems, though, that for the next three months Jupiter will still be Lord of the Revolution for the Ukraine. In the Stargazer, we find the following:

“If Jupiter is elevated above Saturn, it indicates sadness, pains and weeps; if Jupiter is elevated above the Dragon’s Tail, it indicates the destruction of several buildings” (Stargazer, p123)

The Dragon’s Head is still in Libra, and we can only repeat our quote from Bonatti:

“… it signifies that kings and the wealthy and the nobles or magnates will make use of their own men upon rustics, contrary to justice, and especially against those whom they will rule; and they will strive to extort from them what they ought not to; and they will accuse them and say they have offended them concerning something which will not be their fault. … And they will afflict them with punishments so much, that for that reason they will come into poverty and need;and they will fool them.” (Bonatti, BA p981)

In this chart, the Ascendant is conjunct fixed star Vindemiatrix, the “grape gatherer”. Regarded by the ancients as unfortunate, this star is associated with deception and disgrace.



NB: A quick look at the Cancer Ingress chart for Syria shows that Mars is exactly conjunct the Ascendant, indicating that circumstances are unlikely to change at least during the next three months. (The Ascendant of the Aries ingress chart for Syria was in Libra, justifying to take the Cancer ingress chart into consideration).

Cancer Ingress 2014 Syria

(click chart to enlarge)


NOTE: Also see my discussion of the 2014 Cancer ingress chart for Iraq, HERE

*Bonatti, Guido: Book of Astronomy (BA), translation B Dykes, Cazimi Press, 2007

** Anon: A German Stargazer’s Book of Astrology, translation P Stockinger, Mandrake of Oxford, 2014

*** Ramesey, William: Astrologia Restaurata: London 1653

**** Rosenberg, Diana: Secrets of the Ancient Skies, Ancient Sky Press, NY 2012


5 thoughts on “2014 Cancer Ingress of the Sun for the United States, Russia & Ukraine

  1. Hi Peter…. I would only make this comment about your choice of LOY…. Bonnati also says this concerning the LOY… and its something very important and originates in fact from Masha’allah whom he is quoting extensively in this tractus:

    “And however much I were to name places and houses for you, from which may be known the Lord of the Year or Revolution, I want you to know that they are not of equal strength. For the Ascendant and the 10th exceed the other houses in strength; the 7th is below the 10th, the 4th is below the 7th, the11th is below the 4th, the 9th is below the 11th, the 5th below the 9th, the 3rd below the 5th. Whence according to the house from which the Lord of the Year was taken, according to that [house] will be the stronger or weaker significations in that year, or semester, or quarter, in the regions over which the revolution was.”

    This is just a few paragraphs before your quote about the Sun 🙂

    notice there is no mention of the 2nd, 6th, 8th and 12th houses. That is because these places are in aversion to the Ascendant which is the house of the country if you will. If the LOY were found in aversion it could not be the LOY unless it gave its light to another which did “see” the ascendant.

    I have a hard time using the Sun when it is in the 12th and in aversion to the Ascendant and not even included in Bonatti’s places “from which may be known the Lord of the Year or Revolution.”

    Best regards,
    Steven Birchfield

  2. Sorry…. just realised the Sun was of course in 0 Cancer…. however it is so far removed from the ascendant I would none the less consider it a 12th house planet. I would on second thought have considered it if it had been only 3 degrees removed instead of 13. In my humble opinion, Jupiter has to be the LOY in this quarter as well as it is in its exaltation and in the strongest of houses… Just don’t see it as the Sun my friend 🙂

    best regards

    • Thank you for your interesting and thought inspiring comments, Steven.

      I fully understand the point you make, but I think the problem here lies in the interpretation of the written word. (Ben Dykes notes a similar problem in fn18, where unclear writing causes uncertainty). If I read it correctly, you suggest that the ranking by strength, and subsequent omission of houses (namely H2, H6, H8, and H12) has to be applied globally.

      This is where my interpretation of Bonatti differs from yours. I read it in the way that, if methods one to ten (see p824f) are unsuccessful, we have to follow the method I quoted in my text. He doesn’t mention anywhere that further considerations or restrictions applied to earlier methods (like house placement, orb, etc) have to be applied to this one.

      I think that my argument for this approach is also strengthened by the fact that, “if all else fails …”, Bonatti continues and writes just thereafter, ” … the disposition or rulership of the year will revert to the Lord of the Ascendant, whatever his condition was and in whatever place he was” (p824). This suggests to me that we do not always have to omit H2, H6, H8 and H12).

  3. Hi again Peter…

    Totally agree with you that when all else fails the LOY will be the lord of the ascendant regardless of its house placement 🙂 In that case the year or quarter can be considered quite bad.

    However before we get to choosing the luminary of the time… we must have exhausted the choices of the Lord of the ascendant or the exalted lord of the ascendant…

    Bonatti again writes:

    “Therefore, what remains are the testimonies by which the significations are known in these places. They are four, of which the first is the Lord of the domicile, the second the Lord of the exaltation, the third is the luminary whose authority it is, the fourth is the planetary al-mubtazz in the place from which is taken the revolution by nature, and the place of the circle in the hour by which the year is revolved.”

    There is a rationale behind this prioritizing and that is that the LOY should have a strong testimony in the Ascendant which is the natural place of the country of the revolution.

    Rationally using Bonatti we would first look at the Moon (cancer’s ruler) and we should note it is in the 2nd strongest place in the chart; i,e, the 10th both by counting and division. But it is without any essential dignity in Aries.

    Next we would look at the exalted ruler, Jupiter, and we should note it is in the strongest of all the houses, the ascendant, and it is strong in its own exaltation. So I guess my question is why would I even look at the chart luminary when Bonatti’s priorities are fullfilled in the exalted ruler? You wouldn’t because the chart luminary was Bonatti’s 3rd choice AFTER the lord of the domicile and exalted ruler of the domicile 🙂

    I did note that the Moon committs her disposition to the Sun which is a case where the lord of the ascendant committs her testimony to another planet, and had the Sun been placed only 3 degrees from the ascendant degree then I would have agreed with you on the choice of the Sun. However the Sun is well removed from the ascending degree and by division falls quite cadent so my choice would definitely go to Jupiter.

    Just for what it’s worth :-))

    Best regards,

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