Scottish Independence Referendum: Will They Stay or Will They Go?

On Thursday 18 September, a referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country will take place. The cover from Punch 1974, shown below, summed the situation up beautifully:


As I am not entitled to vote, and therefore unable to state that I have a personal vested interest in the outcome, casting a horary chart would be a waste of time. For this reason, I have chosen to look at the situation from a mundane astrological point of view instead.

Below is the chart of The Act of Union from 1707, which I decided to use as the chart symbolising the moment England and Scotland were joined.

 Act of Union 1707

Wikipedia informs us: The Acts of Union were two Acts of Parliament: the Union with Scotland Act 1706 passed by the Parliament of England, and the Union with England Act passed in 1707 by the Parliament of Scotland. They put into effect the terms of the Treaty of Union that had been agreed on 22 July 1706, following negotiation between commissioners representing the parliaments of the two countries. The Acts joined the Kingdom of England and the Kingdom of Scotland (previously separate states with separate legislatures, but with the same monarch) into a single, united kingdom named “Great Britain”.

Next we want to have a look at the chart for the moment the polling stations will open on Thursday. I see this moment as being representative for the whole process of voting, and its outcome.

 Scottish Independence

If we create a bi-wheel, using both charts, we see the following picture emerging:

Bi Wheel Scotland Independence

Taking into consideration that the natural significator for England is Aries (see Lilly’s Christian Astrology, for example), we focus on Mars in the inner chart wheel. The natural significator for Scotland has long been established to be Cancer (also in Lilly, Christian Astrology). Ruling planet of Cancer is, of course, the Moon. She is also conveniently considered to be the mundane astrological significator of a country’s people. From the chart above, we can see that the Moon, in her own sign, Cancer, is tightly applying to a conjunction to Mars. She is also conjunct fixed star Castor, indicating that changing fortunes are possible.

Therefore, in short, judging from the above, it looks as if the majority of the people of Scotland wil decide to remain part of the UK, even if only by a small margin.


15 thoughts on “Scottish Independence Referendum: Will They Stay or Will They Go?

  1. Nice! Thanks for sticking your neck out and not waiting to post-dict the outcome. Interesting technique — and I am quite sure you’re right about the horary being an empty exercise unless someone who actually has a stake in the answer asks the question.

    I think it’s going the other way, personally 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment. What is important to me is that astrologers should try to predict, even if they are getting it wrong. Recently we got bored to death with hundreds of astrologer’s articles, pointing out that R. Williams had to die, written AFTER his death. This is pointless and counterproductive. The same goes for horaries without anything at stake for the querent. If I was Alex Salmond, I would ask a horary, but as I am not, other techniques will have to be applied.

      • To me the main indicator can be the Moon on the 19 degree in the 7th field, in this chart. The degree is the indication of trust in God, awareness of our own strength and the ability to spread our wings and still be wealthy and mighty. This Mars, representing England is on the 20th, scorpion degree which indicates a pressure, and is in the 7th field which could be a field of our marriage and the enemy as well. The main indicator however is to me Mercury on the 21st degree in this chart. This is the youth, young generations, educated people of Scotland, they like to try some sort of freedom and they will definitely vote for it. The last one is mighty Lord of Karma, Saturn of Scotland in the 9th field, close to this 21st degree, squared by Mars and Jupiter of England, well the battle of History (Saturn in Scorpio huh, quite strong and hard) will not be easy, so even if they do not vote today, they will do it sooner of later, and they will separate. Somehow I feel they will do it today…

  2. interesting, I just tweeted something similar. During the vote the Moon will be VOC- in Edinburgh, so maybe a re-count will take place.
    Now I read that the Queen has the power of Veto… is that so?? then nothing to worry… I also checked the Queen and Charles’s map- in my blog in August.
    Both are before major changes- but only as of October…

  3. I’ve been googling for info on an astrologer’s take on the vote and come up pretty empty.
    So congrats on tackling this. The chart of the opening of the polls is invaluable – thanks!
    I look at the chart of the commencement of the vote not as a horary chart, but as if it is the horoscope of a person – it’s the birth of the vote. Since the Moon’s last aspect is a sextile to Virgo Sun, I’m going out on a limb and say the results of the vote, which represents the efforts of the vote-yes people to attain independence, will be YES.

  4. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your analysis. I concur on a no vote being more likely. For many reasons different from you. I am not sure how valid an opening of poll chart is nowadays though since postal voting began two weeks ago in Scotland. Anyway, I wrote an article on this topic several months ago that appeared in the July issue of the UK Astrological Journal entitled: Scotland: Independence or Union? It not only looks at the referendum but shares some of my research into a Scottish national chart. Here it is:

    • Thank you, Mark. There is no doubt about that you have done a lot of work regarding the issue, not at least becuase this has been a matter close to your heart. For me it was more of an intellectual exercise to try and work with some traditional techniques. What was of importance to me in this work was, firstly, to move away from the misconception of asking horary questions without having any stake in the matter propounded. Secondly, I was interested to see how valid chorography still is in our day and age. It seems that the use of the signs traditionally appointed to represent a country, or more specifically, their ruling planets, does still yield positive results. Lastly, I was also wondering if the starting point of an activity can be used to symbolise the whole of the event, as used in astrological magic and in some elections. So far, so good, but much more work needs to be done to come to more far reaching conclusions.

  5. Congratulations to Peter on a correct call regarding the Scottish referendum, which did indeed lean to the ‘No’. I’ll mention Peter was also correct (so far) on a personal matter regarding an eclipse question last year.

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