Solar Eclipse 23 October 2014

On 23 October 2014, at 21:56UT, there will be a partial solar eclipse. The Sun and the Moon will be conjunct in 00*24′ Scorpio.

Although only a partial eclipse, this event is of importance, as it will be widely visible from Canada and the USA. The penumbral shadow will first be visible near the Kamchatka Peninsula in eastern Siberia. Later on, much of North America will be treated to a partial eclipse. The greatest visible eclipse occurs at 21:44UT in Canada, near the Prince of Wales Island, and a sunset eclipse will be visible from the eastern half of the USA and Canada (except for the far northeast).

This eclipse is part of Saros cycle 153, being the 9th eclipse of 70. The series began on 28 July 1870 with a string of 13 partial eclipses.

The map below shows visibility of the eclipse:

2014 October Solar Eclipse vis map

The astrological chart, cast for Manila, shows the event:

Solar Eclipse 23 Oct 2014 Manila

In his Annus Tenebrosus, or the Dark Year, the famous 17th century astrologer William Lilly presents a method of eclipse delineation, including an interpretation of the effects of solar and lunar eclipses, occurring in each decanate of the Zodiac. As this solar eclipse takes place in the first decanate of Scorpio, Lilly’s aphorism is as follows:

“… it moves and raises warlick tumults, murthers, dissentions, captivities, and cherishes underhand practices, or plots of Treason.”

If we have a look at the eclipse’s path of angularity, we can see the following:

2014 October Solar Eclipse ASC DC map

The map above shows that the solar eclipse will be of quite immediate importance for the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, and North Korea. Parts of China and Russia may also be affected. The eclipse point will be in the first decanate of Scorpio, suggesting Mars to be the eclipse ruler. Although usually seen as the Lesser Malefic, Mars is essentially dignified by Term rulership, which may lessen his negative impact to a degree. He is also conjunct fixed star Etanin. Lilly calls this “the cloudy star in the eye of the Dragon” and connects it with the danger of “wounds, contentions, or bruisings in the head. He also knows to beware of Guns, Pikes, slings, the kicks of Bulls or Horses, and the deceit of enemies”.

William Lilly also tells us about Mars being Lord of the Eclipse:

“… her generally is the cause of corruption in regard of his too much dryness, and this especially when he is in a fiery Sign. […] he stirs up Wars, Seditions, intestine risings, and tumults, imprisonment, banishment, besieging and taking towns and cities. […] men suddenly arraigned, condemned and beheaded”

In connection with illnesses, he writes to expect:

” … Tertian Fevers, acute diseases, corruption of blood, […] violent, untimely, and the sudden death of young men.”

With the recent flurry of beheadings in connection with the so called new Islamic Caliphate, this could indicate bad news indeed, as we have to take into consideration that this solar eclipse will not only have an immediate effect on the population of the places mentioned above, but could also affect the USA and Canada in a few months’ time.

What also needs to be looked at is the fact that Venus is conjunct the eclipse point. She is essentially debilitated by detriment, peregrine and combust. Being the natural significator of women, I think that we will have to extend Lilly’s prediction, in the way that women may be at a high risk, too.


For readers, interested in the personal implications of this eclipse, it might be of interest what William Lilly has to say:

“… Eclipse is more dangerous or pernitious which shall be in the Horoscope or Ascendant of the birth; or which shall be in the degree Ascending in an Annuall Revolution: it portends unto the Native some ominous and mischievous action as unto his body and also in his vital substance.”

And further on:

“… who had in the Radix of his Nativity either the Sun or the Moon in that degree, or in the degree opposite … or in the like degrees … which signs are in Quadrate aspects to the former, or if the degree Culminating in any man’s Nativity was either [the degree of the eclipse or its opposite or square] or within one degree thereof, the native did suffer more or less by the influence of this Eclips; according to the signification of the House of Heaven, wherein the Sun or the Moon was in at the Birth, and was either well fortified or aspected of the benevolent Planets, or ill aspected, or afflicted of the Malevolents.”

For this particular Solar eclipse that means that people with Scorpio rising or culminating, either in their birth chart or in their solar return chart for 2014/15, will feel the influence stronger than others. Furthermore it should be noted if Sun or Moon are closely conjunct the Ascendant or Midheaven. Should it be the case that one or even more of these factors apply, an in-depth reading of the native’s charts may be necessary to find out which particular areas of life are likely to be affected the most.

Update (27 September 2014):

Kim Jong-un ‘may be suffering with gout’ as state confirms North Korean leader is ill :

20 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse 23 October 2014

    • Well, Sally, on the mundane level, both will be of importance for different countries. On a personal level, the effects of a lunar eclipse are not as long lasting as the effects of a solar eclipse. And, of course, it all depends onif and how one’s natal chart or ingress chart(s) activate each single lunar or solar eclipse.

    • Thank you for your interest, Sue.
      I am afraid I do not entirely understand your question. If you wanted to know which location I chose for the Aries ingress chart of the USA, then yes, it was Washington.
      Ingress charts are always cast for the location of the country’s capital we investigate.
      If this doesn’t answer your question, please re-phrase or elaborate.

  1. Oho Peter, this doesn’t end right here… I was researching.. You know, I have to back check everyone, even Lilly… may He forgive me LOL… So Lilly, in his forecasts about eclipses mostly wrote about disasters. He wrote about the first decanate of Scorpio , as you said:” it moves and raises warlick tumults, murthers, dissentions, captivities, and cherishes underhand practices, or plots of Treasons”
    Now, I checked in Bernadette Brady’s book, “The Eagle and the lark” and found that the following years had this same eclipse: 1902,1910,1929,1948,1967,1975,1995,2014, 2022 etc…
    I can understand why it “works” in some years quoted above, but how about the others??

  2. What do you think it could happen if it’s conjunct a male’s natal Saturn, it could affect him terribly? like a terrible disease or just a big responsability?

    • Dear Patricia

      As I wrote above: “… Therefore we can conclude that this eclipse will initially affect people for just under one month. Having said that, this doesn’t give an insight into the possibility of long lasting consequences.”

      To find out if and how the eclipse will affect you, I would need to know your data to erect your natal chart.

  3. Hello, Peter!
    Do you ever factor in the part of fortune in a natal chart if it’s near the eclipse?
    My part of fortune is 1deg Scorpio. IC is 5 Scorpio.
    Birth August 10 1966 Los Angeles, CA. 5:52am (Just in case)

    • Thanks, Steve. It’s an interesting thought, but I haven’t come across many charts where this is relevant. I will run your chart to have a look when I have more time. If something noteworthy pops up, I will let you know.

      • Thank you, Peter. I thought it was curious that in my lunar return chart the pof is conjunct LR Moon and LR vertex.

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