Rensberger’s Planetary Aspects – Squares



 Saturn square Jupiter:

If there is a square aspect with Saturn above and to the right hand and Jupiter to the left hand, dangerous aspects of life will be signified. The amount of the paternal heritance will be diminished, all advice will be turned on its head, property will be lost, deeds will be reduced, and the senses will be dulled by vain perjuries of the mind. [They will also] plague their parents with all kinds of vileness.

But if Jupiter is above and to the right, and will aspect Saturn on the left, bad luck and the aforementioned misery and hardship will be diminished. And the parents will be elevated with the light of aristocracy, and the native will be receiving all kinds of basic necessities, according to his standing.

Saturn square Mars:

If Saturn is to the right of Mars, and Mars on the left of the square, the native’s plans will be prevented, and he will be unable to carry out duties. [There will be] all kinds of illnesses, and cold, and heat mixed into it, which will rattle the body, with shakes, that it will make one shudder. [He will] waste his paternal inheritance, and will cause the death of his brothers. But if Mars is on top, and will look at Saturn, who is to the left of the square, it indicates the sudden death of mother and father. But all deeds will be carried out with luck and [the native] will be hard working at all times. And once the problem of former nastiness has been overcome, he will not fail and be empty handed. He will not waste his paternal inheritance and not [sic] add to it through hard work. And his housemates will lie to him and shout.

Saturn square Sun:

If the Sun is to the left of Saturn, looked at with good rays, and Saturn will be highest, it will weaken the strength reported above. And it will bring loss of dignity, with cruel fall. It will cause the body to be misshapen, with constant spasms and hardening of the veins. And his parents will suffer from the same diseases and illnesses. And it means that the native’s father will die earlier than the mother, and that the native will be a burden to his parents. He will be hardened by harmful conversations and visitations, and nasty diseases with cold moisture, run together and congealed, will destroy all he did. Also the father’s inheritance.

But if the Sun is on top and will look at Saturn in the left square, it will bring strong hostility between the people in the house, and will make it impossible that the native’s intentions will come to a good end. And in early age, it will bring heavy damage, illness and weakness of the body, with many nasty diseases.

Saturn square Venus:

If Saturn is to the right of the square, and looking at Venus to the left, positioned with threatening and terrible rays, the paternal inheritance will be lost, and the heavy burden of poverty. And women or wives will suffer much sorrow and misery and they will not be graced with the pleasure of beauty. All the native’s hopes will be in vein.

But if Venus is on top, to the right of Saturn, wives will be honest and virtuous and will want to be lord and master in the husband’s house. They will always love their husband with honest disposition, but they will keep their love secret and concealed.

Saturn square Mercury:

If Saturn is on top, at the right hand of the square, it signifies a deadly affliction from the day of birth. [It] destroys the opinion of the wise councilors, and forces the native to subjugate to a foreign power or authority. He will suffer from the disadvantage of envy, and makes it difficult for some to speak, some will not be able to pronounce properly, some will have problems with their ears, making them hard of hearing or deaf. It may be that Mars will have an effect, diminished by the presence of benevolent planets.

But if Mercury is on top, and on the right side, and will look at Saturn, who is to the left, it will not show much good, but perhaps the nastiness of the square mentioned above will be diminished.

Saturn square Moon:

If Saturn is on top, to the right side of the square, and the Moon is below, to the left, it renders the native’s body [?lucklet?] with nasty moisture and breaks the movement of the mind with foul depression or frustration. And makes him unfit to do anything, and he will waste his maternal property or inheritance with quarrels in court against the mother.

But if the Moon is on top of the square, to the right, the mother will die a pitiful death and she will be haunted by danger and nasty diseases out of evil moistures, disruption of marriage, constant quarrel with the wife, and will take away the goodwill of friends and folk.


Jupiter square Mars:

If Jupiter is brighter than Mars, it shows that the native’s abilities will be acknowledged by the kings, [he will be] steadfast in his deeds and actions, and will make profit out of them. Nevertheless, it will be damaging for the sons and paternal inheritance.

But if Mars is to the right of the square and higher than Jupiter, it means that that the native will have a hard live full of work, the kings will not deal with him, and [there will be] much trouble at court.

Jupiter square Sun:

If the Sun is on top and to the right and will aspect Jupiter to the left of the square, it indicates the noble line of the father, but separation from the paternal inheritance. [He] will move away from his place of birth, the neighbours will hate him.

But if Jupiter is on top, and the Sun to the left side, [he], as well as his father, will be winners, and others will think he was miraculous.

Jupiter square Venus:

If Jupiter is on top and to the right of the square, and Venus will look at him from the left, indicates usefulness, or, concerning women, shows that he will be faithful, and pious, and honest, and righteous.

But if Jupiter is lower than Venus, and to the left hand of the square of Venus, so they say he will be a womanizer, who will be cheated on many times, because of the lure of women, he will look for and invent bodily pleasure. If he should start something, and things are about to change, or his circumstances chould change, he will always destroy the outcome.

Jupiter square Mercury:

If Mercury is to the right and higher than Jupiter, it shows the native’s wisdom, who will specialize in predictions, solving [of problems], and he will learn geometry, mathematics, and prediction of the heavens. [He] will be pious, and will undertake many things, will give to others, and [?milrigkeit?] of others.

But if Mercury should is higher, to the right of the square, he will have many labourers, he will be well off, and because of his good nature, he will receive some dignity.

Jupiter square Moon:

If Jupiter is to the right and on top in a nocturnal birth, the native will have a good name and reputation, and will be honest.

But if Mars is on top, it promises much luck, [makes one] commendable, and can make the native pleasant to dukes and kings. But this kind of luck will not last as there will be times of damage to the paternal heritage. Sometimes it can diminish the joy of dignity, attracts damage, and indicates that the native may be lazy.


Mars square Sun:

If the Sun is on top, it indicates much trouble, waste of property, bad luck and an evil face.

But if Mars is on top, it will be worse. But in a diurnal birth, they will be stronger, particularly if the aspect is in the Ascendant. If Mars is in the descendant, or in the 10th [house] receiving the light of the waxing Moon, he will be publicly judged or punished. Similar can be expected for nocturnal births.

Mars square Venus:

If Mars is in the 10th [house], it indicates hard work concerning women. If Mars is in a moveable sign, the native will be inconsistent in his business, [he] will marry a bad woman or a wench. In a female nativity, it shows that she will be a wench

But if Venus is in the 10th [house], she will be ashamed of her deeds, and will keep secret what she committed with bad consciousness, and will hide what she did in her unashamed desire.

Mars square Mercury:

If Mars is to the right and on top, such a configuration and placement of the planets will be cause of all evil and bad luck. It is detrimental to the native, and indicates nasty illnesses, puts him in the guardhouse or prison, makes him guilty of cruel allegations and accusations. All of this will be worth in a diurnal birth. In the nocturnal [birth] it will be diminished to some degree.

But if Mercury is higher, it indicates that it will make evil, nasty and cunning people, equipped with the most evil desire of the mind, dealer in and receiver of stolen goods. [It] sends the native to prison, and they are constantly on the outlook for a place and property where they can live their evil ways.

Mars square Moon:

If Mars is to the right and on top, it indicates that the mother will become a widow, or that she will die of weakness, because of blood flow. And it will indicate a beggar and an evil death. If Mars is in the limits of Saturn, and the Moon in the limits of Mercury, or Mars, as long as his soul will remain in his body, he will give power to the evil spirits to rule over it [i.e. the soul].

But if the Moon is on top, it indicates ignoble, hard working or laboring, subservient people, who are not good at anything. [It also] shows that the mother will be of a scorned house, and amidst all misery and squalor, it shows arrogant wives.


Sun square Moon:

If she is angular, and the Sun in any square, it denotes dignity and honour, and power of office. If beneficial planets are looking at them, it will be even better. But if malefic planets are looking at them, it means a dangerous life, and danger of bad luck. Still, if the Moon is full and applying to Jupiter, or Jupiter will receive the conjunction of the waxing Moon, it indicates great joy of nobility, with envy.

But if the Moon is separating from Jupiter, the nastiness of the malefic planets will increase.


Venus square Mercury:

Although it rarely happens, it creates an artist of subtle mastery, and a glorious human being, or a magister of some great discipline or teaching, but a loose woman, or because of women.

Venus square Moon:

If the Moon will be in top position, and Venus will be to her left, it indicates a great increase in money, but damage from women, or humiliation.

But if Venus is on top, she will make the native very happy, graces one’s life with happiness, and, by the deeds of one’s wife, creates invulnerable love. [It] makes good sons, full of happiness and lovely words, and affection. But the mother will be a cheat. The native will come across honest and happy wives.


Mercury square Moon:

If Mercury will be on top, it shows wisdom, graceful speech, but at times danger of riots.

If aspected by malefic planets, and the Moon will be opposite Mars, or in square [aspect], it indicates that he will be accused of false deals, and he will be caught, or detained, or slung in ordinary prison and kept imprisoned.

But if the Moon is on top, then the native will be unsteady, also, that they will oppose the advice of their own mind.

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