Rensberger’s Planetary Aspects – Trines



Saturn trine Jupiter:

If it is in a comfortable place at birth [in the chart, the native] will have with a lot of farmland, houses and churches. And if it [the trine aspect] is looking at the Moon, he will be praised and it means that he will be honoured by kings. And he will be lucky at war, particularly if one of them [Saturn or Jupiter] is in its own house and after birth, he will work in procurement and management, some will profit from inheritance, some will make much profit, which has come to them through other people’s effort and labour, and they will win. And all of this will be commanded with a strong belief.

But if they [Saturn and Jupiter] are standing this way [in a trine aspect] and are looking at Mercury, it shows that he [the native] will be in office and will be commanded by kings. But there will be great distress because of accidents of the sons.

But if they are looked at by Mars, what we said about luck will be diminished, and they will be hit by secret envy, or the good that has been decreed will be charged and cut down by Mars’ hostility.

Saturn trine Mars:

If it is in a comfortable place at birth [in the chart] and with a similar radiation of rays and in a place where one of them [Saturn or Mars] is exalted, or [is in its] boundaries [? Term rulership?] and if there is no lack of positive aspects to Jupiter and Mercury, there will be the greatest amount of profit which will increase greatly. They will also show the greatest warmth and dignity and will rule over others and will be mighty and manage departments in great places. They will witness constant change and see their brothers die.

Saturn trine Sun:

If it will be in a comfortable place at birth, as I have said, and in those [places] where they are dignified, it will give a superb life with constant dignity, and the greatest power of honour, and a good reputation. And he will be ennobled, particularly if they [Saturn and Sun] are in masculine signs and it is a day birth. But if the birth happens during the night, [he will] waste his paternal inheritance. But it s given that he will make it possible and win it back due to his own virtue.

Saturn trine Venus:

If it will be in one of their dignities, or move directly or retrograde in comfortable places at birth, it shows that the native will be mild, chaste, of good standing and reputation. They will be plagued with humiliation and envy by bad and lowly people. But they will make sure that they will take wives slowly.

Saturn trine Mercury:

If it is taking place in one of their dignities, and in comfortable places at birth, signifying a scholarly and wise [person] in what they do and don’t do, a pious man, educated, heeded, ingenious, meant to learn the liberal arts. He will be a common collector, or a fiscal authority, or a clerk, or adviser to a king, who will give great things to the native. All of this will be constant and everlasting if the star of Mercury is set at its best in the 12th house.

Saturn trine Moon:

If they are in comfortable places at birth, and in some dignity, and the Moon is fast or waxing, it happens that that the natives are beneficially looked at by the kings and mighty splendid lords at all times. They will receive kind deeds, crests and shields of the mightiest honour and power.

But if the Moon is waning, all these things will happen to a lesser degree. If the Moon is singularly in the 8th house in a nocturnal birth, luck will be increased. But in a diurnal birth, if Jupiter is in the 1st house, the same will occur.


 Jupiter trine Mars:

If they are in unrighteous places, and in places where they rejoice, they signify a bold [person], who will experience dangers, together with a patron who is clever and wise, keen to gain the honour and victory. He will be a fearless custodian of his lord and by doing so he will become rich and will receive the greatest honours. These royal honours will be offered and given to him often and in high number, and also power, license and freedom.

Jupiter trine Sun:

If they are in a trine, and are in positive places at birth, they indicate the greatest splendor of aristocracy, abundance of property, and [?] also grace and wealth of the earth. It graces [the native’s] life with high honours and gives the pleasure of sons and an increase in land.

Jupiter trine Venus:

If both of them are in good places, they indicate mellifluousness and beauty, good company and much love, and also hints at a faithful nature.

Jupiter trine Mercury:

When placed as described above, he indicates intelligent, heeded, understanding [people] who are glowing with the sharpest power of understanding. [They] will happily undertake business, positioned above the rest, [?billich?] of the highest dignities. And they will always be praised for what they have achieved, will please people, will be in common offices, or royal scribes. And they will rightly and cleverly understand the secrets of the heavenly stars.

Jupiter trine Moon:

If placed as we have said, they indicate great might and rulership. And if the Moon is waxing or full, it will make people cordial, graced by the knowledge of nobility, of good standing, with a good reputation, some of them will become leaders of soldiers, some [will rule] towns, some [will become] provincial governours. A few will become what will be decreed according to their standing at birth and a few of them who are genteel will be graced with laudable benevolence.


Mars trine Sun:

[If placed] in the way described, shows attributes of might and power. Particularly if it is a nocturnal birth and a trine to the right of the Sun, it promises the joy of praise and a high level of power. But if Jupiter is on the other side of the trine and with beneficial [?schliessung?] of the rays, if he is in the first angle and radix [Ascendant] of the birth[chart] and the Lunar ray will come to them from a beneficial place, it shows the mightiest responsibilities placed onto mighty warriors. [Also] a high number of dignities which will be greater if Mars, the Sun and Jupiter are in masculine signs.

Mars trine Venus:

[If] as I said, shows constant gain and heydays of a lucky marriage, and [signifies] those who are honest. But influenced by the spirit of pride, they will marry many times, which will be easily achieved. They will parade, bedecked with precious clothes and will possibly be openly dealing with prostitutes, or will be involved in illegal lechery.

Mars trine Mercury:

[If] as said before, describes humility and wisdom of the native. He may take on the office of rent collector, of collecting and computing and maintaining. [It] makes the very best advocates and handlers in court, who will be praised in these issues. It also indicates that they will find a lucky outcome in all dealings. [They will also] conduct their studying and writing in secrecy.

Mars trine Moon:

[If] as said before, [it] shows a clerk who will be wise in this regard. If it is a nocturnal birth, and the Moon is full, it doesn’t only indicate all joy and happiness, happy deeds with luck, but also what they desire, they will receive in an easy way. If Jupiter is aspecting them in a positive way, they will find achieve honours, riches and the honour of the world’s greatest dignity. But if the Moon is waxing, it will weaken the body with constant illness


Moon trine Sun:

If it will be in comfortable places, it indicates the joy of great luck. If the help of the rays of the other planets is present, the [native’s] life will be graced with glorious honour.

Moon trine Venus:

If he will be in a comfortable place, and in the parts of joy, and the malefics will not be hindering, and the Moon will be waxing, in a nocturnal birth, it shows the joy of highest might, the greatest deeds, a lucky marriage, and sons, adding brothers and sisters, who he will honestly love at all times. [It also] indicates a graceful body with beauty and charm.

Moon trine Mercury:

If he will be in a confortable place, [the native] recognizes all that is good, according to the nature of the signs. Many will be eloquent speakers, others great artists, some will make good musicians, some will paint and be artists, and some who will raise high the mastery of the liberal arts, will be praised by the public, which will bring them joy. Some will wear armour, others will be merchants. All of this is to be established according to the signs and planets.

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