US Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage Legal Nationwide

On Friday 26 June 2015, The U.S. Supreme Court declared marriage for same-sex couples legal nationwide. This means that from now on refusing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples violates the American Constitution. This landmark ruling will most certainly trigger significant changes to laws governing matrimony since the court ruled in favour of state bans on inter-racial marriage, almost 50 years ago. A look at the foundation chart and also the Sun’s ingress chart into Cancer, as well as the mundane chart for 26th June will show that the outcome was pre-determined. The following shows the foundation chart for the United States of America:

USA Sibly   This is the so called Sibley chart, which is not undisputed amongst astrologers. Nonetheless, the chart shows a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the 7th house, which seems apt. After inspection of the ingress- and current chart, we will understand the importance of this conjunction. The general interpretation of Venus conjunct Jupiter is one of love, romance and pleasure, including the suggestion of harmonious relationships. When this conjunction is released, very often luck, marriage and circumstances of  general recognition can be expected.

Next we have a look at the Sun’s ingress chart into Cancer:

US Cancer ingress new  This chart already announces changes to come via the tight connection between the ingress chart’s Sun-Mars conjunction and the Venus-Jupiter conjunction of the foundation chart.

The bi-wheel of the mundane chart for 26 June and the US foundation chart, below, shows the exact moment the US Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage to be legal nationwide. Again we see Sun and Mars activating the all important Venus-Jupiter conjunction. Also note that in the current chart Venus is applying to a conjunction to Jupiter in Leo (green circle). Venus and Jupiter are located in the 9th house, which signifies judges and judgment ingeneral.

US and current new

divider USA rainbow


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