Solar Eclipse and Paris Terror Attacks

With the shocking news of yesterday’s Paris terror attacks dominating the headlines, all our thoughts an prayers are with the victims and their relatives. Trying to understand the mundane astrological underpinning of this tragedy,  we should cast our eyes back to the recent solar eclipse.

In my blog post about the 13 September Solar Eclipse, posted on 20 August, I wrote that, according to astrologer William Lilly, this eclipse “produces murder and banishment”. I also predicted that one of the locations most likely to be affected could be “France, especially Paris”. Sadly, this turned out to be the case.

The graphic below shows a bi-wheel, comprising the chart of the solar eclipse and the chart cast for the moment the terror attacks began. Both charts are cast for the location of Paris:

Paris Attack

(Inner Wheel:Solar Eclipse/Outer Wheel: Terror Attack)

What immediately springs to mind is the fact that transiting Mars, planet of war, who is in his detriment in Libra, is on the Ascendant of the solar eclipse chart and also tightly conjunct the North Lunar Node, triggering the event.

Transiting MC is tightly conjunct the Lunar South Node of the solar eclipse chart. Furthermore, the nodal axes of both charts are conjunct. In his highly recommended book The Cryptic Cycle*, astrologer Murray Beauchamp writes about the significance of the nodes:

“By themselves, the Nodes of the Moon can indicate some powerful forces at work if found in close aspect between charts.”

Here, they are also activated by transiting Mars. MC and South Lunar Node are conjunct fixed star Scheat, another trigger for the events that were unfolding. Robson** wrote that fixed star Scheat causes “extreme misfortune and murder”.

*Beauchamp, Murray: The Cryptic Cycle – Astrology and the Lunar Saros, Madding Crowd Publishing, Melbourne, 2008

** Robson, Vivian: The Fixed Stars & Constellations in Astrology, Astrology Classics, 2005


10 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse and Paris Terror Attacks

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  4. In my awareness, simply to say: Mars was retrograde in libra, nearly 12 month ago, and this might bring the Mars power ran back during the period, therefore, it might emphasise the effect for abnomality and oppression in “relatively manipulative and initiative”issue from those period. Libra – Aries might indicate the negotiation between different democracy and ideology in faith and public system, alignces or rivals. So Mars ingress or direct in Mars might bring back those reflective period into a result, it might lead to break contract for the program, or break into violence through manipulation through improper cooperation.

  5. Thank you; stunning. May I ask what chart for France you reference as under a Virgo rulership? The chart for the 5th Republic has a Libra Sun, Cancer rising and Gemini Moon…

    • Victoria, it is notoriously difficult to find the ‘right’ chart for France. If you look it up in Nick Campion’s ‘Book of World Horoscopes’ you will find several options.
      For general predictions, I mainly use traditional chorography. These natural rulers have been known since at least Ptolemy. Others, like William Lilly, have added to it in their time.

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