An Additional Look at the Solar Eclipse 9 March 2016

In my blog post concerning the upcoming solar eclipse, I wrote that, according to William Lilly, we should expect a natural catastrophe and/or the death of a prominent man. Similar occurrences in history also seem to indicate the possibility of an assassination (see the article, here)

If we cast our minds back to the last solar eclipse that took place on 13 September 2015, we may also remember that it was followed by the shocking Paris terror attacks, on 13 November. In a blog post, published last August, I wrote about the solar eclipse, predicting the likelihood of murder to take place in Paris (see the original article, here). Sadly, this turned out to be true.

Paris Attack The bi-wheel above shows the solar eclipse chart (inner wheel) and the chart for the moment the attacks began. We can clearly see that Mars and the lunar nodes are activating the solar eclipse chart (see my original blog post, here).

If we now take a closer look at the chart of the upcoming solar eclipse, we can see that Mars will be in 01*03 Sagittarius. He will continue to move through Sagittarius, but will be stationary retrograde on 18 April. This means that he will return to 01* 03 Sagittarius, his original position during the solar eclipse, on 24 May 2016.

But the chart, cast for this moment, reveals that much more will be happening at the moment Mars will hit 01*03 Sagittarius again. At the same time, the lunar nodal axis will be conjunct Sun, Moon, and Jupiter, whereby the south lunar node will be conjunct the eclipse point and the north lunar node will be conjunct Jupiter, ruler of the solar eclipse. This is likely to trigger the effect of this eclipse.

SE detail

(Inner wheel:solar eclipse/outer wheel: chart for 24 May 2016)


17 comments on “An Additional Look at the Solar Eclipse 9 March 2016

  1. David Crook says:

    The May 21, 2016 Sagittarius Full Moon conjunct Mars, will be a doozy.


  2. Grandtrines says:

    Reblogged this on Grandtrines .

  3. Angelena Boden says:

    I have Mars at 1 degree sag conjunct Saturn in my natal. Should I be worried?

  4. Alina says:

    Thank you, Peter. I have natal Jupiter at 19 degrees in Pisces. How is the eclipse going to impact me? Could you please tell me if the natal pattern at 20 degrees(Moon – Chiron-Jupiter) will be triggered by the eclipse? I am looking for a job and I hope this eclipse will bring an employment offer.;mth=gw;ls=1;rs=1

    • Alina, I agree that you are likely to be affected by this eclipse. The eclipse point is close to the 10th house cusp, which could have to do with employment. Particularly poignant is that Jupiter, Lord of the 10th, is so close to the cusp. The only caveat I have is the sextile to Saturn, which could make the situation more difficult than you think.
      Hope this helps,

  5. Hi Peter
    would you consider looking at my chart? 2/19/52 chicago il. 8:35 am? in regards to the upcoming eclipse?
    thank you

  6. Leslie says:

    Hi Peter,

    I would appreciate any thoughts on my chart related to this eclipse. 3/7/57 NYC 12:17 AM
    Thank you! Leslie

  7. Sabrina says:

    Peter I just found your blog via Oxford astrologer. It is very interesting! How do you feel this eclipse connects with the one on 1997? That was quite a year for me.

    • Sabrina, the 1997 solar eclipse was also in the 19th degree of Pisces and is therefore quite similar in effect. The next one of this caliber will be in 2035. Glad you like my blog, btw 🙂

  8. Alice says:

    Dear Peter,
    Thank for your incredible work and all posts! I am so concerned about triggering eclipse effects on May 24. Terrorism and possible wars. It is almost my solar return ( born 26 may).
    And the solar eclipse in March was exactly on my mother’s Sun and on my partner’s IC opposing also his Mars and Mercury..omg.

    • You’re very welcome, Alice. I know it is a worrying time. Most people are not affected by the eclipses, as are most countries, etc., but if there is a close conjunction to ASC or MC, amongst other factors, results can be expected.

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