Solar Ingress and US Presidential Elections

In my recent blog post about the Aries Ingress of the Sun for 2016, I promised to post my predictions for the upcoming US Presidential Elections. To be able to successfully predict the next US President, I showed that, according to the rules of mundane astrology, it is necessary to cast the chart for the Sun’s ingress into Libra. Regular readers will remember the chart:

LIbra Ingress 2016

Mercury is the Lord of the Revolution, symbolising the common people, and, in our case, the people who will vote for their president on the day of the election. Using traditional rules, we can establish that the Sun will be significator of the king, which, nowadays, can be extended to symbolise the president. The Sun is in his fall in Libra, suggesting that the current president cannot stay in office for another term. There is also a square between Mars and Sun, which, according to astrologer William Ramesey, predicts ‘danger for the king’.*

Unlike at the last elections, we cannot simply try to establish if the current ‘king’ (a.k.a. president) will remain in office or if he will be defeated. Also there are no traditional rules which take the process of a democratic vote into account. Therefore I propose that we look at the Democrats as the ruling family, just as we looked at the Tudors or the Stuarts, who were ruling families over a long period of time. In this way we can establish if the ruling ‘family’ will continue to stay in power or if another ‘family’ or another ‘clan’ will come to power.

Traditional texts distinguish between private enemies and open enemies. Knowing that the ruling president has to step down, I would think that we can extend this to indicate that the private enemy is the successor inside the ‘family’, i.e. the candidate of the Democrats. The Republican candidate would then be the open enemy. If we apply the astrological rules again, we find that the significator of the Democrats (H. Clinton) is the Moon. The significator of the Republicans (Trump) is Saturn. Armed with this knowledge, let’s look at our Libra ingress chart again. The following is a simplified version:

US Elections Libra Ingress

In the chart, we can see the current president, signified by the Sun; Lord of the Revolution is Mercury. Hilary Clinton is signified by the Moon, and Donald Trump by Saturn. The two candidates’ planets are opposed and both of them are squaring the Sun. The essential dignities of Moon and Saturn are equal, as should be expected in a democratic voting process.

To find out which candidate will win the vote and become the future president, we have to look at the relationship between the voters (Mercury) and the candidates (Moon, Saturn). Here we find that Moon separates from a square to Mercury, which is a positive sign. Mercury also applies to a square to Saturn, which can be seen as an increase in problems. Saturn is also squaring the Lunar Nodes and that is not a sign of victory either.

Therefore, my prediction, based on the Sun’s Libra ingress, has to be that a candidate of the Democrats will win the race to the White House. Based on the fact that their significator is the Moon, I think that the next US President will be Hilary Clinton.

Ramesey, William: Astrology Restored, 1653, modernised edition by Kim Farnell, 2014, p333.


15 thoughts on “Solar Ingress and US Presidential Elections

  1. You’ve made an assumption about who the nominees will be. That weakens your prediction. While the Republican nominee seems pretty surefire, the democratic nominee remains to be seen.

      • I disagree…Bernie Sanders is very”moon-like”he is wanting to”nurture”the whole country. He wants everyone fed and happy..very moon-like qualities.Hillary Clinton is maniacal in her desire for the”throne”.she will do or say anything to get there..not very “moon-like”if you ask me. Therefore, I believe Bernie Sanders gets the presidency.

  2. Not second-guessing your excellent astrology, but it means Sanders defeats Trump.

    Might want to look for significators of extreme weirdness, too, because I smell some coming 🙂

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  4. So, just in discussion of this with some locals here in Raleigh who attended the Trump election rally in Fayetteville, NC last week, where some kid got punched in the face by a 78 yr old redneck, we went over a few of the details of Trump’s Natal Chart as pertains to crowd violence and violence in general. Disclaimer: Fayetteville is essentially synonymous with FORT BRAGG. It surrounds Fort Bragg and a lot of the population of Fort Bragg lives in Fayetteville (called “Fayettenam”, locally. This is a very poor country area, very class segregated). So: I pointed out that Trump has both Jupiter and Neptune in Libra (2nd house). To me this signifies HUGE political allies that have profound influence, probably guiding his (political) career. He’s got both Pluto and Mars in the 12th House of Leo (!!!) and Mars is close enough to the Ascendant to be considered “on the asc” within 10 degrees. Personally, my feeling is that simply having Mars on the Asc in Leo would be enough to explain violence at the Trump Rally’s–lol But when you throw in that its in the 12th H, and shares Leo with Pluto: this gets SERIOUS. In terms of violence: I think that Trump fundamentally believes he is on the moral highground and that he represents “Justice” (as per Libra). He also feels he has the right to use violence to enforce his rightful position. However, he is not persecuting anybody per se: these violent outbursts are “par for the course”, to coin a phrase. In terms of having Saturn “represent” him, as his significator, I don’t know. That’s tenuous. And in his own chart, Saturn is not super important. Its in a cluster of planets: venus, mercury, Saturn, in the 11th house in Cancer. Its not really all that well placed in terms of “Saturnian” oppression, although maybe his friends / family feel that he can be a bit overbearing or a control freak occasionally. The placement of Saturn appears to blunt the force of this malefic. My general intuition is that the Ingress in Aries is going to tangle with Trump’s Mars in Leo. The forces of AIR in Gemini (his sun sign) and Libra (Jupiter/ Neptune) are going to catch on fire and start a maelstrom. He probably will emerge as victor, and this was my conclusion in the discussion with my friend who went to the Fayettenam Trump Rally: however, beware. This guy could get the USA into a big war. He feels he is “Justified” and he is not afraid to enforce his laws.

  5. From a Hellenistic point of view, it appears to support a win for Hillary also. (Today is 6/25/16 – so it’s apparent that Hillary and Trump will be the candidates, unless Trump is ‘overthrown’ at the RNC convention). At any rate Saturn (Trump) is also afflicted by being in the same sign/house as Mars, which is the malefic out of sect. Mercury (the electorate) is in a dominating square to Saturn (Trump) and the Moon (Hillary) is in a dominating square to Mercury (the electorate). She wins. It’s also apparent that from some of the above comments that astrologers must be scrupulously careful about not letting their personal biases come into play when reading a chart, and we’ve all been guilty of that. But for all of the Hillary haters, you can take some solace in knowing that the astrologers (that I trust) who have looked ahead to 2020 see the republicans getting the White House back at that time, so she only gets one term.

  6. This is so wrong. First of all, Jupiter rules over the Republicans, and Saturn rules over the Democrats (see The Rulership Book by Rex E. Bills). Also note that the Part of Fortune in the Libra Ingress chart is at 29 Cancer. Donald Trump’s progressed midheaven is at 29 CANCER! The part of fortune bang-on conjuncts his career house (house of government). On top of this, Trump’s progressed Part of Fortune is at 17 Virgo. This semisextiles the ingress Midheaven and CONJUNCTS the ingress North Node. He WILL become President. I highly suggest you change your prediction and credit me (GianPaolo DiCocco) with the new insight. Thank you!

    • I highly suggest that your prediction is wrong and based more on wishful thinking than sound astrology. Progressed semisexiles of Fortuna to the ingress MC – talk about grasping at straws! The best and most accurate and reliable astrologers I know ALL said Hillary will win, which will be proven on the night of November 8th, but you republicans can take some solace in knowing that she will get only 1 term. I hope your party can find someone who’s marginally SANE before 2020!

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