UK General Election 12 December 2019

On 12 December, the next United Kingdom general election is to be held under the provisions of the Early Parliamentary General Election Act 2019. It will be two and a half years after the previous general election in June 2017. The leader of the Conservatives is Boris Johnson, and at present, he is the UK’s Prime Minister. In the following, I will try to predict if Johnson and his party will be successful in the upcoming election and if he will be able to defend his position as Prime Minister.

Usually it is helpful to consult the party leaders’ natal charts, but we do not have reliable data to erect the chart of Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the opposition party. In cases like this, we have to rely on ingress and event charts.

Before we have a look at the event chart representing polling day, it may be helpful to remind ourselves of the current Solar Ingress chart for the UK, cast for 20th March 2019:

Screenshot 2019-11-05 at 09.04.27

In the chart above, the Moon is Lady of the Year. This indicates that the people of the UK will be heavily involved in the decision making concerning the current affairs of the United Kingdom. Luna is in Virgo, located in the 11th house, which, according to the rules of mundane astrology, represents the House of Commons. This suggests that the UK’s MPs, elected to represent the public, will express the will of the people. Anybody who followed the political news this year will be aware of the many confrontations between the House of Commons and the Government, which seems to prove the validity of the Ingress chart.

But let us now take look at the event chart, cast for the time the polling stations will open on 12 December, at 7:00am:

GE UK 12 December 19.png

With Sagittarius rising in the chart above, Jupiter is the significator of the Conservative party. Although essentially dignified by Face, Jupiter is under the sunbeams and essentially debilitated by Fall.

The Labour Party, who is in opposition, is signified by the ruler of Gemini, the sign on the 7th house cusp. This is, of course, Mercury, who is technically in the 12th house, but closely conjunct the first house cusp. Due to the 5 degree rule, we have to treat him as being located in the first house. He is also under the sunbeams and essentially debilitated by Detriment. This gives Mercury a slight disadvantage over Jupiter.

Considering that at the last elections, the Conservatives received 42% and the Labour Party 40% of the votes, I would suggest that we may see a similar picture, meaning that the Conservatives may find they will have a slight advantage over the Labour Party. I would also interpret the quite considerable level of essential debilities both party’s significators show, in the way that they will suffer significant losses of votes to either the Liberal Democrats, or the newly formed Brexit Party. (Saturn could possibly be seen as significator of the Brexit Party, and he is essentially strong, in Capricorn, his sign of rulership in the 2nd house).

Taking everything that has been discussed so far into consideration, it seems quite reasonable to assume that the Tories have a good chance of winning the elections, but will most likely be unable to get a clear working majority. If this would be the case, we would end up with another hung parliament, which means that we would be looking at another 5 years of a coalition government.

There are more astrological indicators in the chart above, which back up my proposal. The Moon, natural mundane significator of the people, is located in the 7th house, the house of the opposition. She is opposing the Sun, natural mundane astrological significator of the current prime minister, in the first house. This looks as if a high percentage of voters is not in agreement with the course of action suggested by the prime minister and Conservative Party leader, Boris Johnson. Naturally, we would find their significator in the house of the opposition party. What makes this interesting though is the fact that on 12 December, the Gemini Full Moon will be Void of Course. This means that there is the possibility that the will of the people will not be fulfilled.

Taking all this information into account, my prediction is that Boris Johnson will win the upcoming election, but that he may only be Prime Minister of a coalition government, which may frustrate the political will of many people in the United Kingdom.

5 thoughts on “UK General Election 12 December 2019

  1. Would it be possible to also cast a chart for the closing of the polls at 10PM? Would that not be a more relevant chart? And does that tell the same story or a different story?

    • Dear Mom, it would be possible, and some astrologers do. I think it makes more sense to look at the ‘birth’ of an event, just as one looks at the birth chart of a person. It’s more about seeds and latent possibilities than it is to look at something already accomplished. Hope this helps …

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