NEW Expanded & Updated Annual Prediction Reading – available now!

Due to the recent publication of new traditional astrological source material, my most popular reading, the Annual Prediction, has been expanded and updated. The reading now draws on (new additions in red):

  • Fardars

According to this technique, each of the seven planets has a certain number of determinate years allocated; every planet disposes the native according to the appropriate fardar.

  • Profections, including Lord of the Year and Lord of the Orb

The Lord of the Orb is the lord of the planetary hour, delivering accurate information valid throughout the projected year.

  • Solar Revolution (expanded)

This is the core of the Annual Prediction reading. The chart for the solar revolution (i.e. the native’s birthday) of the upcoming solar year in question is cast and compared to the nativity.

  • Distributions and Primary Directions

These powerful techniques can help to focus on important triggers and also narrow down the likely timing of events.

  • Transits

Here we take an in-depth look at the transits of Saturn and Jupiter, which also helps to narrow down windows of occurrence.


For detailed information regarding each technique and more, click the link below and select Annual Prediction from the list:




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