Astrological Tiles from William Morris Tile

This morning, a FedEx parcel, sent by Christine Norstrand, the owner of William Morris Tile, arrived at Stars and Stones Astrology HQ.

Christine, a capable astrologer herself, is the artist and creative mind behind William Morris Tile, located in Oregon. To see all the wonderful tiles she makes and sells, please have a look at her company’s website by clicking on the logo, below:

What is likely of most interest to the gentle readers of this web log, are the astrologically themed tiles Christine produces and sells. Before we have a look at the content of the box I received, I would like to say a few words about the level of attention and care Christine invests in her products and her customers. From the moment the parcel was posted in the US, up until the morning of its arrival in England today, I was kept informed about every step of the way. Delivery was quick and unproblematic, packaging was spot on and there was no damage to any of the tiles. Christine even went as far as to consider planetary influences, not sending the parcel until the danger of it getting “caught in the Mars Saturn square” had passed.

But let’s now have a look at the tiles themselves. I will begin with Luna and Venus, from Broeder Gheraerts.

The images are from: Wilhelmi Walteri de Zirixsee descriptio terre sancte. Broeder Gheraerts Naturkunde, Niederlande, 15 C.

Christine writes in a letter, accompanying the tiles, that “…] although they are not talismanic tiles, they were made when Luna and Venus were in Mutual Reception”. Considering that some of these tiles will end up as a backdrop on the chimney breast in our living room, this is reassuring to know.

Next, I show some of the tiles from the well known De Sphaera series:

Finally, the four tiles showing Morning Star, Evening Star, Venus and Luna of Edward Burns-Jones, a British artist and designer associated with the phase of the Pre-Raphaelite movement, who worked with William Morris on decorative arts. It is said that the originals were, until 2008, owned by Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin.

 All I can add is the fact that these photos do not do the quality of the product justice. These tiles are of the highest quality and need to be seen in reality to be fully appreciated.

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