Happy New Year 2022/Jupiter’s Pisces Ingress

Wishing all my friends, followers and readers of this web log a Happy New Year 2022. Some early good news for 2022 is that Jupiter has moved out of Aquarius, leaving behind the heavy burden that Saturn (who has rulership over Aquarius) inflicted on him. Now in his own sign, Pisces, until 10 May 2022, Jupiter will hopefully come to his full potential. Here is a reminder of Jupiter’s qualities:

Jupiter is a masculine, diurnal planet, associated with the sanguine temperament and the element of Air. Due to his radiance (only surpassed by the brightness of Venus) he is a symbol of harmony, well-being and kindness. Known as the Greater Benefic, he represents abundance, growth and balance, but also modesty, sobriety and justice. Honour, religiosity, charity and indulgence are also associated with a well dignified Jupiter.

In the 9th century, the Persian astrologer Abu Ma’shar wrote about Jupiter in his Great Introduction to the Science of the Judgments of the Stars:

“And he indicates the soul which nourishes, life, animal bodies, children, the children of children, embryos, scholars, legal experts, making judgments between people, acting justly, verification, understanding, sages, the interpretation of dreams, sincerity, truth, religion, worship, modesty, piety, reverence, being god-fearing, unification, insight into religion, uprightness, […]” (Translation Dykes, p490)

It may also be of value to read what the Roman poet Marcus Manilius had to say about Pisces:

The folk engendered by the two Fishes, the last of the signs, will possess a love of the sea; they will entrust their lives to the deep, will provide ships or gear for ships and everything that the sea requires for activity connected with it. The consequent skills are numberless: so many are the components of even a small ship that there are scarcely enough names for things. There is also the art of navigation, which has reached out to the stars and binds the sea to heaven. The pilot must have sound knowledge of the earth, its rivers and havens, its climate and winds; how on the one hand to ply the mobile helm this way and that, and brake the ship and spread apart the waves, and how on the other to drive the ship by rowing and to feather the lingering blades. The Fishes further impart to their son the desire to sweep tranquil waters with dragnets and to display on shores which are their own the captive peoples of the deep, either by hiding the hook within the bait or the guile within the weel. Naval warfare too is of their gift, battles afloat, and blood-stained waves at sea. The children of this sign are endowed with fertile offspring, a friendly disposition, swiftness of movement, and lives in which everything is ever apt to change. (Astronomica, p243)

There is hope that 2022 will see an easing of the Covid pandemic, and that many of us will find an increase in good fortune, prosperity and abundance in the months to come.

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