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One thought on “Resources

  1. Hello Peter, just read your chapter on the Sols. you offerd interesting information,. One of my grandson taking a course starting Mar 20th its very important that he is graduation since it will mean a job with Boing , Boing is hiring people which will pass we hope that he will, he is born May 05, 1991 in Oakland calif.
    The second granson is born Mar 21,1995 Asc. 08 aquarius,Moon in 29 Scorp in the 10th, having always trouble with School, and having friends which are not good for him, since they are getting in light drugs , Aaron will not pass this semester and we are worried for his future , his influence with the Sols.what is th outlook for him, will it get better ?
    will I have to check birthcharts for the Sols.When I am looking at his chart all other planets are in the Eastern side only Mars in Leo is in the 7th H. and Moon in the 10H. so he is a self starter ?
    Peter, you put so much work in the above information, thank you so much I printed it and will check charts against your information.
    Thank you a million for your work
    happy New year as well
    wrm regards
    Sigi Keller

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