Gemstone Reading

If a planet is troubled or afflicted it may cause health problems, emotional disturbances or trigger a crisis.

Said affliction may occur in the birth chart and therefore indicate a lifelong problem, or may be triggered by a momentary planetary influence, like a transit. In the latter case the affliction may be only temporary, but can still cause problems in the native’s life .

To prevent this from happening, the afflicted planet can be located in the birth chart and a remedy in form of a gemstone can be prescribed by the astrologer.

Each gemstone has a specific virtue which is in tune with one particular planet and will unfold its healing potential when it is worn as a piece of jewellery, a pendant or placed on certain corresponding areas of the body.

The astrologer can give advice about the nature of the gemstone needed and is able to give specific instructions how it is best used to maximise the healing effect.

The most important gemstones I am working with are:

  • Ruby, Amber – Sun

  • Opal – Mercury

  • Hematite, Garnet – Mars

  • Amethyst, Hyacinth  – Jupiter

  • Jet, Onyx  – Saturn

  • Emerald, Beryl – Venus

  • Moonstone, Pearl  – Moon

To give advice about a planetary gemstone the following data have to be supplied:

  • Date of birth
  • Time of birth
  • Place of birth

To maximise the effect of a planetary gemstone it is advisable to have a full natal reading done at the same time, as many factors from the birth chart will be taken into consideration.

However a more general reading without a closer look at the birth chart is possible as well (data must still be applied).

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