Election for Lunar Mansion Talismans:

This is a new astrological service I am offering for readers of my Lunar Mansions and Lunar Mansions Ephemeris pages, as well as anybody interested in the creation of powerful personal talismans. Quite frequently, I receive emails from readers who would like to create their own Lunar Mansion talismans, but do not have the astrological expertise to elect the most auspicious time necessary to achieve good results. This new service makes it possible for the astrological layperson or novice to create their own personal Lunar Mansion talismans without having to jeopardise its quality through bad timing, which could lead to failure due to unfortunate or even detrimental astrological influences.

Once the most auspicious date and time for the construction of the talisman has been found, it is due to the client to decide how to create their own personal Lunar Mansion talisman. Some people prefer to simply engrave the appropriate images into a metal disc, some draw them on parchment, others create stunning works of art.


My Lunar Mansion Talisman Election reading includes:

  • Most auspicious date/time to create a Lunar Mansion talisman

  • Information about the Lunar Mansion, including names of the Lord or ruling angel

  • The ritual to consecrate and personalise the Lunar Mansion talisman

  • Suggestions for the images and characters to be drawn or engraved on the Lunar Mansion talisman.

The information necessary for me to undertake an election for the most auspicious time to create a Lunar Mansion talisman is as follows:

  • Name or number of the chosen Lunar Mansion.

  • Location where the talisman will be created.


For more on the Lunar Mansions or my Lunar Mansions Ephemeris, see the appropriate pages on my web log. The following is a selection of the

Most popular Lunar Mansion talismans:

  • Profit and Prosperity:

    • 3rd Lunar Mansion talisman for profit and goods. This talisman also attracts happiness, well-being and felicity.
    • 16th Lunar Mansion talisman for prosperity. This talisman helps to bring about prosperity and financial increase.
  • Love and Relationship:

    • 6th Lunar Mansion talisman for love. This talismans manifests bonds of friendship and affections but can also be used for love spells.
    • 13th Lunar Mansion talisman for love and sex. This talisman is powerful for promoting an array of benign aims, including one’s desire. It can help to increase love in a relationship and banish sexual problems.
    • 15th Lunar Mansion talisman for friendship. This talisman is perfect for the creation of goodwill, harmony, friendship and peaceful relations.
    • 26th Lunar Mansion talisman for love. This talisman is a harbinger of good fortune, promoting love, benevolence and favour.
  • Power and Victory:

    • 12th Lunar Mansion talisman for power and victory. This talisman can be a powerful helper, promoting an optimistic improvement of circumstances.
  • Health:

    • 7th Lunar Mansion talisman for healing. This talisman can help to obtain good things and also protect or restore health.
    • 22nd Lunar Mansion talisman for successful liberation from any kind of restriction. This talisman can help to cure sickness and to form bonds of alliance.

To get more detailed information, interested readers may contact me via the CONTACT PAGE or send an email to Peter@stars-and-stones.co.uk


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