New Review: Sue Ward’s Traditional Horary Course

“Sue Ward’s new horary astrology course book, which takes up the tradition as laid out by the celebrated 17th Century astrologer William Lilly, could not have been published at a more appropriate point in time.[…]

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The 2013 Eclipses and Traditional Astrology

Jessica Adams from The Astrology Show has published our recent Q&A interview on her website. We are covering a varied selection of topics, including my forecast of the upcoming solar and lunar eclipses, which some of my readers may find of interest.

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The 2013 Eclipses and Traditional Astrology

Henry Coley on Horary Questions

The following is an excerpt from Henry Coley’s Merlinus Anglicus Junior, or, Starry Messenger, an almanac for the year 1696.

Concerning the Business of Horary Questions, let this be observed

Cornelius Agrippa truly tells us that the Ground and Foundation of all Astrological Questions, depends upon the Mind, being elevated into the excess of any Desire, taking of itself an Hour and Opportunity most convenient and efficacious, on which the Figure of Heaven being made, the Astrologer may then Judge from it, by an apt Genius, and thereby plainly discover the thing which the Querent has an impulse upon his Mind and Spirits to know. And then is the Question purely Radical, when the Querent comes with a real intent to be satisfied in his, or her Horary Doubts. Now the principal motives that induces the Querent to ask Questions, are, first, the motion of the Soul, when any Person is excited really of his own Intention to Propose a Question. The Second is the motion of the Superior Bodies, when any one asketh, what they do imprint onto him in the thing Quesited, and what may be the Event thereof. The Third is the motion of the Free-will, which may be an Act of the Querent himself; for the Motion or Influence of the Planets are not sufficient unless our Free-will incite us to Propose the Question. To help the Memory take these plain Verses:

The Astrological Signification of the Twelve Coelestial Houses.

The First House signifies our Life and Health;

The Second, shews our Money, Substance, Wealth.

The Third, our Kindred, Neighbours, Journey, and

The Fourth, our Fathers, Persons, Houses, Land.

The Fifth, our Off-spring, Pleasures and our Joys;

The Sixth, our Servants, and what Life destroys.

The Seventh, Publick Enemies, a Wife;

The Eights, her portion, and the end of Life.

The Ninths, our Wisdom, Piety, and Crown;

The Tenth, out Trade, our Honour and Renown.

The Eleventh, Friends, and what our Hopes impose;

The Twelfth, our Cattle, Prisoners, and Foe.

Horary Astrology: The Case Of The Disappearing Warts

Recently I received an urgent letter from a damsel in distress. The unfortunate woman had developed a couple of unsightly warts on her nose and was terribly worried about the possible restoration of her good looks. Attempting to get rid of the unattractive inhabitants, she visited a doctor who carried out a surgical procedure on her otherwise perfectly shaped nose. Unfortunately and to her great dismay a week  after the surgical procedure had taken place, the warts seemed to remain firmly in situ, not showing any inclination that they might be willing to disappear any time soon.

Realising how distressing this debilitating issue was to her, I told the lady not to worry because help was at hand in the shape and form of the horary chart, depicted below.

With the rising sign and the Ruler of the Hour in harmony, we can immediately see that the chart is radical, showing that her pain was real, her question was valid and could therefore be judged.

The main significator of our lady is Mars, Lord of the Ascendant. Aries is in correspondence with the face and the great astrologer William Ramesey writes in his Astrologia Restaurata that Mars is the natural significator of the nose. Mars is located in the 6th house, the house of illness.

Co-rulers of our lady are the Moon and Venus, representing her feminine aspect (health & beauty). Venus is located in the first house, representing her as a person, but also signifying her health.

Now we can have a look at the warts, signified by Saturn. We may notice that Saturn is exalted in Venus. Exaltation suggests that something is extremely visible but short-lived. Another important observation is that Saturn is moving retrograde – a sign that the warts are on their way to disappear!

Looking at the last aspect perfecting before we asked the question, we see that the Sun, ruler of the 6th house health problems trined Saturn. I read this as the onset of the affliction, happening a while before she sent the urgent missive to her astrologer.

Now looking into the future, we can see that the next aspect perfected will be an opposition between Venus and Saturn. Venus, indicator of our lady’s feminine side is in detriment, due to her problems concerning her warts. But with Saturn perfecting the opposition, things will soon come to an end. Saturn (warts) and Venus (the lady’s corrupted feminine appearance) which are so opposed, will part in about 3.5 units.

Therefore the final judgment had to be given as follows:

The chart indicates that surgery took place, which will turn out to be a success. The warts are disappearing slowly, although the healing process will not be complete in a couple of days. I would judge that in about 3 ½ weeks all will be well and the beautiful looks should be restored, once again.


Horary Astrology: The Case Of Molly, The Missing Pug

On the 7th of January, at about 18:00, a tweet from my friend and astrological colleague Jessica Adams was appearing in my twitter timeline. The tweet read as follows:

“Any brilliant horary astrologers out there? A pug has gone missing in London. Please cast a chart and report back …”

I immediately cast a horary chart, reproduced below:

From the chart we can see that the querents are represented by the Sun and the Moon, the missing pug is Saturn, Lord of the 6th House of small animals. As it is a Saturn day and a Moon hour, the chart seems to be radical and fit to be judged.

From the description given, Saturn seems to be quite apt for the little dog.

The Moon, representing the emotional aspect of the owners, is located in the 11th House, the House of friendship, but also the House of hopes and wishes, together with Cauda Draconis, indicating that all is not well. The Sun, Lord of the Ascendent and representative of the querent, is in the 6th House, the place of small animals. Good news here is, that the Part of Fortune is conjunct the Sun, a positive sign.

The little dog, represented by Saturn, is in the 4th House, showing that he is not too far away from home. Best of all is the fact that Moon is in an applying trine to Saturn. This suggests, that dog and owners will be reunited in a very short time.

I duly reported my findings back on twitter with the following message:

“pug should be reunited with owner in about a day ….”

And so it happened! After a successful twitter campaign, the pug was reunited with his owners the next day.

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