NEW: Lunar Mansions Ephemeris for 2022

The Lunar Mansions Ephemeris for the Year 2022 is now available. The lunar mansions are those of the tropical zodiac; Universal Time is observed at all times. A table of the Mansions appropriate for elections and ordered by topic, has been added.

To access click the link, below:

Newly updated and now also available in Kindle format: Stars and Stones – An Astro-Magical Lapidary.

The updated version of Stars and Stones – An Astro-Magical Lapidary presents the book how it was originally intended to appear. The order of the chapters has been changed to enhance the book’s structure and readability. All textual mis-alignments that made tables difficult to read have been corrected. The book is now also available in e-format (Kindle) via Amazon.

To read a free preview or to purchase the e-book, follow the links to Amazon US or Amazon UK: