A Powerful Election for Venus Talismans

On 22 October 2022, Venus will be Cazimi in Libra, which is something that has not occurred for well over a hundred years. 

To be cazimi, which is also called “to be in the heart of the Sun”, a planet has to be within 17.5 minutes of the Sun’s position. The 17th Century astrologer William Lilly wrote about it in his Christian Astrology, stating that: 

All authors do hold a planet in Cazimi to be fortified thereby…” (CA p113)

The fact that Venus is Cazimi, and essentially dignified by sign rulership in Libra would be enough reason to justify the construction and consecration of a talisman, but there are some additional factors, which make this election a very important one.

• The Moon is conjunct the Arabic Part of Fortune

• There are no hard aspects between the Sun/Venus conjunction and any of the other planets.

• Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter are essentially dignified.

For those who would like to make use of Venus’ gifts, in form of a talisman, a ritual, or otherwise, here is a reminder of Venus’ attributes: 

Venus symbolises the principle of love, both conceptually, as well as carnally. She also represents beauty, softness, grace, and delicacy, as well as passion, sensuality, and sexuality. 

There is also a different side to Venus, wherein she signifying games and entertainment, as well as all kinds of pleasure. We can also add peace and serenity to her attributes.

Italian (Venetian) School; Petrarch and Laura de Noves; The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology

In Camillo Leonardi’s Mirror of Stones, which has recently been translated into English by Margherita Fiorello (read my review here):

For example, these images are carved on stone as a woman with an opulent dress holding a laurel branch …” (p28) 

Venus stones, which could be used to make a talisman, are aquamarine, copper chalcedony, and heliotrope. More details about Venus stones can be found in my book Stars and Stones, an Astro-Magical Lapidary.

Below is the chart for the elected time, cast for my location. I would like to point out that these elections are location specific!


Review: The Mirror of Stones  – Camillo Leonardi

Camillo Leonardi’s Speculum Lapidum, which comprised three books, was first published in 1502. In the Translator’s Preface of the first English translation, published in 1750, we find the following:

“The Third Book we have wholly omitted, for the reason following. The Author there treats of the Sculpture on Stones engraved by the Antients; but says there are few who understand the Import of these Seals and Impressions on stones, unless they at the same Time are skill’d in the Astronomical, Magical and Necromantic Sciences. […] 

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New Review: Sue Ward’s Traditional Horary Course

“Sue Ward’s new horary astrology course book, which takes up the tradition as laid out by the celebrated 17th Century astrologer William Lilly, could not have been published at a more appropriate point in time.[…]

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New Moon in Leo – 28 July 2022

Wishing all the gentle readers of my web log a Happy New Moon. The conjunction between Sun and Moon will perfect in Leo on Thursday, 28 July at 17:55 UT.

Generally speaking, the Moon signifies birth, growth and decay, which usually expresses itself as variability, change, or even inconsistency. This is expressed in detail through the lunation cycle, commonly known as the phases of the Moon.

The lunation cycle has four phases, whereby the first phase is the conjunction of the Lights, also known as New Moon. This phase lasts until the Moon, who gradually distances herself from the Sun, increasing her visibility at the same time, will perfect a square aspect, known as First Quarter.

From what was said above, we can deduct that every New Moon generally denotes the beginning of a new cycle. At the time of the July New Moon, the Lights will be in Leo, the masculine, diurnal, fixed sign of Fire. The Sun has rulership over this sign, which is characterised by positive power, radiance, and solidity. It brings out the best of the Sun, which is prudence, good judgment, magnificence and honour.

The Moon is not particularly strongly dignified in Leo, but at the time of the conjunction’s perfection, she will be Cazimi (a.k.a. in the Heart of the Sun). This will boost her characteristics of kindness and love of liberty.

We have to add that the Lights are also in a trine with Jupiter, the Greater Benefic. This benevolent aspect brings about optimism, magnanimity, self-confidence, and generosity.

All summed up, we can expect a beneficial New Moon in Leo. When used as an election, maybe for some kind of positive magical working, or for an exciting new project, the exact time of the New Moon should be used as the symbolic beginning.

Should this be the case, we have to remember the 17th Century astrologer William Ramesey, who in his Astrologia Restaurata, called for caution, stating that at the New Moon, one should:

“ … begin nothing but that thou wouldst have hidden and secret”.

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