Lunar Mansions Ephemeris

… for the  time between 12 October 2019 and 1 January 2020 (Universal Time observed at all times):







For more information about the individual Lunar Mansions, see my detailed list:


The table below shows the numbers of the Lunar Mansions, appropriate for elections and ordered by topic:


32 thoughts on “Lunar Mansions Ephemeris

  1. I was reading in Volguines book lunar astrology: “The lunar houses are only the phases of the moon and are calculated from the precise point of the conjunction of the luminaries.” and “Note how far from the ascendant is the place in the zodiac where the last conjunction of the sun and moon occurred, since when the ascendant arrives at this place by progression, some event will happen.”

    So how do i apply to my chart these quotes? So my birth moon is not the precise point of my moon’s mansion? They said the Lunar Mansion chart is this calculation like an ascendant is to a solar chart….

    HELP, example, my moon is in pisces at 23 degrees, how do i do the basics of my moon in the lunar mansion system?

    • If you read carefully what Volguine says, you will find that he distinguishes between Lunar Mansions and Lunar Houses. What he says is that the Lunar Houses, unlike the Mansions, start at the conjunction between Sun and Moon (syzygy). I have never worked with Volguine’s system of Lunar Houses but, from your quote, he looks at the Sun/Moon conjunction that precedes the birth (prenatal syzygy). I wonder how he would proceed if the prenatal syzygy was a Full Moon (Moon opposite Sun) rather than a Dark Moon (Moon conjunct Sun)?

  2. I am working with Lunar Houses, and yes, they are calculated differently than “Lunar Mansions” which always begin with 0 Aries. They are calculated from the Moon and Sun conjunction. So on November 3, 2013 the Moon is conjunct the Sun in 11 Scorpio = 210 degrees+11=221. So we take 0 Aries (for November 13), add 360 to zero, 360-221=139. This corresponds to XIII House, from 135 to 149 degrees AFTER connection of the luminaries. Lunar Houses are nothing but the “Phases of the Moon”. The point of Luminary Connection was always marked in all charts, it was even considered a “HYLEG”, i.e. the life point of existence. Ptolemy, in his 58 part of “Centiloque” writes: “Look at the distance from the Ascendant to the point of last Moon/Sun connection – so when by the method of profection the Ascendant will reach this point, an EVENT will take place…”(I guess, Phoenix, you quote an authoru “Volguine” who himself quotes the great Ptolemy). So to answer your question, for your birthday, which is Pisces at 23 degrees, you need to open Ephemerides and see for yourself when did the closest “syzygy” or Moon conjunct Sun occured and their exact degree at that time(since I don’t know the year of your birthday, I can’t do that for you). Then using the example I provided for you, you calculate the degree(of the ecliptic). For example for 23 Pisces, please use the Following Table:
    Aries – 0
    Taurus – 30,
    Gem – 60,
    Cancer – 90,
    Leo – 120,
    Libra – 180,
    Scorpio – 210,
    Saggittarius – 240,
    Capricorn – 270,
    Aquarius – 300,
    Pisces – 330.
    Think of a Zodiac as a circle of 360 degrees, where each sign has its own place. So for 23 Pisces, 330+23=353 degrees.
    So your next step would be to take the exact number of degrees of the “syzygy” and convert it into the same system (by using table I provided above). Then you will substract this number from 360 and will add back the number of degrees your Moon has progressed since (which we already calculated to be 353).
    I am not sure if you have a table with meanings of the Houses – if not let me know what result you have arrived at and I will let you know what house it falls on.

  3. Wow Angel and Angel and Peter THANK YOU / That is a lot of math, my shaman brain can’t do or understand math ) if you could do it for me Angel its Jan 24, 1958 i would appreciate. I was telling peter I use the lunar mansions in my lunar medicine wheel out doors and use the mansions (each day) as a marker for my work, since i teach lunar moon medicine as a shaman, dreamtime mastery etc for my apprentices. I was thinking i might venture into Lunar Houses but i see its based on math, i have been doing western astrology (karma and karmic cycles) for 30 years but i think i will just stick with the Lunar Mansions and not the houses : )

    • Hi Phoenix! I’m sorry that you feel it’s too complicated – honestly it’s not! Maybe I’m not explaining it well, because its fairly easy! All you had to do was to look up the syzygy time close to your birthtime and then use the formula I provided. I don’t believe this system is anymore math based as ANY of the astrology: there are a set of planets you use, which are obviously moving around the heavens, all “conveniently” displayed in a 360 degree circle. (Maybe thats a problem?) You then (BEFORE you even see anything there) calculate your aspects on each side of your “point” based on the degrees they require: 15 for semi sextile , 30 for sextile, 45 for semi square, 90 for square, 135 to get your sesqui-square, 120 on each side of the circle for trines, 150 for quincux, 180 for opposition, then you get your Creative Group – quintiles (36,72,144)and tridecile 108 then your Karmic Noviles group (40, 80, 100). There’s only a 360 degree wheel divided in 12 parts. In Ancient times people didn’t have Software. You could easily prepare a table and know your aspects before they actually happen.
      If you take an Excel table it will be quite easy to see and anticipate events based on your natal chart. So lets go back to the Lunar Houses. I have to demonstrate you in example how we can compare them.
      But for a moment let me calculate your Lunar House.
      The syzygy around your birth happens at 29 Capricorn on January 19, 1958. If you could just think back for a moment you could recall that Capricorn happens to be the 9th from Aries. 9×30=270. So then 270+29. So you are 1 degree away from Aquarius. How hard would it be to calculate the math of this? 10×30=300, so we have 299. So by using the formulae we have 54 degrees. This corresponds to the 6 th house. This is a house which is “uncertain”, but its individual characteristic gives a person born on this day a long age.
      But now let’s in a specific example take 9/11. The syzygy happens shortly after (on Sep 17) at 24 Vir. This is 13 Lunar Mansion. Via Mansion system we can take many cultures including Chinese, Cabballa or Indian. In Chinese Lunar Mansions this is a bad mansion called “second horn if the dragon” bringing bad events that are independent of one’s will: wars, revolutions, ect. In Kaballa, it’s a place of Secret Things. In Arab system (used on this site) however, 13 Mansion is a good day for commerce or resolving financial problems.
      Now for resolving to Lunar Houses. 24 Vir = 5*30=150+24=174+360-(Actual Moon Placement During Event). On 9/11 the Moon is in 26 Gemini so 60+26=86. It corresponds to 9 th lunar house which is INAUSPICIOUS with no ifs or butts. It’s a day when Kain killed Abel and portends an immoral crime.
      I can give a few more practical examples which will show you quite consistently that “Mansions” have lots of leeways to interpret while Houses are always “chillingly” correct. I will let you decide whether or not you still want to be afraid of a little 2-nd grader math or maybe, you are ready to learn more?

  4. Thank you Angel and Peter very much you are both very kind… but as a black shaman and wind whisperer i am lucky to even count numbers on my fingers, when i actually see NUMBERS my brain doesn’t really see it, and that is hard to explain. Maybe when i get some extra, i will have a reading done by one of you : ) thanks for helping… i will stick to the basic degree line of text, because I work with them by applying them to the lunar medicine wheel i built at my retreat and talismans stones and beads i make for healing. : ) Happy New Year (Wood Horse)

    • Hello there –
      Thanks for your compliments. Many blessings to ALL in the New Year of hardworker wooden horse!!! I have posted ephemeris for January on my site (for both mansions and houses) –
      So feel free to browse. I have done extensive research with both of them and I have to admit – both can be used in conjunction, they supplement each other wonderfully! I also list descriptions of Mansions from other cultures – such as Chinese mansions, European mansions, and Jewish /Kabballa too. MY!!! Apparently many cultures but similar meanings – which I find most intriguing and thrilling. Check it out : no math required. Also for those who are interested I believe I’ve come up with a better(easier formula) as a way to explain the math of it. It only seems hard, but actually quite easy once you get the “hang of it”!
      Love and Light.

  5. Thank you so much for the updated dates which I diarise and actually put my alarm to at perhaps even 4 in the morning. Your ephemeris holds true meaning and power to me. For all. Thank you Julia

  6. Many Thanks to you Peter, and for everyone responding to this research. Actually I am still ignorant. This significant yet deep study offered by you is very precious. Very interesting but I am completely lost, i am very fond of the Information given by you, Sir, in addition to Angel she is very much appreciated regarding the valuable observations she gave. If you permit I would like to ask you a Question concerning Me, I am going to present a lawsuit to the Supreme Court together With my husband, we really need to elect a strong day for our case for the final judgment, we are allowed to present the documents In a duration of 2 months, so it will be until 1rst of February the last period is given to us as a legal time of the court itself.
    My date of birth is 9-July-1953. At noontime,Beirut, lebanon, And my husband’s is 2-August-1950 at after midnight, the time is unknown and also Beirut lebanon.
    From now until 1rst of February do you think we can choose a day to Get our case of our life be presented ? If you can help in this , I plead you don’t hesitate to offer your opinion!! We are in our decent old age now and we can’t suffer a huge loss again. I appreciate your knowledge and I have confidence in your study, and I depend on your kind Heart.
    Thank you

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  8. Dear Peter,
    Incredible and fantastic post. I could not dream to encounter such in-depth article. I used to look at Arabic version post but it has not gone in depth such as yours. That shows how great you are in astrology.Keep it up!!

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