2015 Aries Ingress of the Sun and UK General Election

On 7th May 2015 the next United Kingdom general election is to be held to elect the 56th Parliament of the United Kingdom. The leader of the Conservatives, who are the larger party in the current coalition government, is David Cameron. At present, he is the UK’s Prime Minister. In the following, I will try to predict if Cameron and his party will be successful in the upcoming election and if he will be able to defend his position as Prime Minister.

The chart below shows the Sun’s Aries ingress for 2015:
Aries Ingress 2015 London

With a fixed sign rising, this chart will be valid for the whole of 2015.

From the chart above, we can see that Mercury will be Lord of the Year. Being Lord of the 10th house, he is prominently positioned near the 4th house cusp. He is also debilitated by detriment and fall and square Saturn, the greater malefic. Main themes during this solar year will be matters concerning communal finances and business in general. The ingress chart shows that debilitated Mercury is squaring Saturn in the 1st house. This indicates more financial restrictions and continued economic hardship for most of the population. All of this doesn’t come as a surprise to anybody who followed the news during the last five years, but it doesn’t indicate in any way who the UK’s next Prime Minister will be. To find out about this, we have to look closely into techniques of traditional astrology. All of the passages quoted below were conceived and recorded long before concepts like ‘constitutional monarchy’ or ‘Prime Minister’ were invented. For this reason, we have to be flexible and think of the ‘king’ as the person in charge, rather than the monarch.

In the Aries ingress chart, the Sun is significator of the king, according to Bonatti, who says to look to

 “… the Lord of the Year, and the Lord of the 10th, and to the Sun: and the one of them you find stronger, or less weak, or better disposed, or less bad, … make this the significator of the King.” (BA, p833)*

The Sun is exalted in Aries, which suggests (at least temporary) strength. We know that, traditionally, exaltation is compared to a king on his throne, and we have to remember that Lilly thought it to present “a person of haughty condition, assuming more to him than his due” (CA p102). But we also have to take into consideration that a solar eclipse was taking place only hours before the Aries ingress.

Solar Eclipse London March 2015

Seeing the election process as a ‘pilgrimage’ (another traditional concept we have to modernise), we can say that with the Sun located in the 4th house, according to Bonatti:

 “… his journey will be horrible and fearful. And because it will be in the eights from his own house, it is feared concerning his death.” (BA, p867).

Knowing that Cameron’s position as Prime Minister is at stake, this statement doesn’t come as a surprise either. It has been widely stated in the media that the outcome of this election is one of the most unpredictable in recent history. Still, this observation alone is not enough to predict the outcome.

Another traditional astrologer whose work can be of help in our quest is Masha’allah. In his Revolutions of the Year of the World, he writes:

“… if the significator of the king was not in charge, … the enemy will be from the same clime, but the king will be weakened, and another will be led into his place.” (AoW, p110)**

What he means is that we have to look at the planet who is Lord of the Year and compare its strength to the planet representing the king. Mercury, who is Lord of the Year, is essentially debilitated by detriment and fall, as compared to the Sun, who is essentially dignified by exaltation. Therefore we can argue that the king will not be weakened and it is unlikely that anybody else (i.e. another ruler) will take over his position.

Another way of looking at this is via the accession chart. We know that David Cameron became Prime Minister on 11 May 2010. The Aries ingress chart for this year is shown below:

Aries Ingress chart 2010

Reading with the astrologer al-Rijal, in The Book of the Skilled, we find:

“And if the Sun was separating from Jupiter and connected with Mars, [and] then connected with Saturn before he goes out of the sign in which he is, it indicates that a man of the people of the house of the acceder, or of his own rank will rise up against him and he will suffer grief from that – then he will be victorious over him.” (AoW, p449)

With this final judgment taken into consideration, it seems highly likely that David Cameron will continue to be the UK’s Prime Minister after the election in May 2015.

*Bonatti, Guido: Book of Astronomy (BA), translation B Dykes, Cazimi Press, 2007

** Dykes (trans): Astrology of the World II, Cazimi Press, 2014


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US – lead Airstrikes Against Syria?

Solar ingress 2013 Syria

According to the rules of traditional astrology, judging the 2013 Aries ingress chart for Syria we find that the Sun is Lord of the Year and also significator of the king. The ingress chart has Leo, a fixed sign, on the Ascendant. Therefore the chart will be valid for the whole of the solar year.

We also note that the Sun is in a square aspect to the Moon in the 12th house, which is aptly signifying the common people. We can furthermore deduct that the square aspect adequately represents the state of affairs, i.e. the civil war currently taking place in Syria. To find out about the possibility of Syria getting dragged into a war against a foreign enemy, we have to investigate further. Traditionally, Mars is the natural significator of war in a Revolution. Bonatti tells us about the likelihood of war breaking out that, if Mars were to be cadent:

“it does not signify it.” (BA p896).

Bonatti also suggests that the planet Mars is separating from by aspect would be the instigator of the war. We know that Mars can only separate from either Jupiter or Saturn, reason being that these are the only two planets who are moving slower than Mars. Investigating this possibility in our ingress chart, we find that Mars is neither separating from an aspect to Jupiter nor to Saturn. This can be interpreted as another indicator against the possibility of a full blown war, waged against a foreign force, breaking out.

But let’s now have a look at the other half of this equation, the Aries ingress chart of the United States of America.

Aries ingress 2013 Washington

We wrote about this ingress chart earlier in the year, noting that the chart would only be valid until the Libra ingress, on 22 September 2013. We basically came to the conclusion that the Lady of the Revolution was the Moon, in the 4th house, indicating that the main themes for the first half of the year would be internal domestic issues, people’s resources, and so forth.

Libra ingress 2013 Washington

Looking at the Libra ingress chart, the picture changes. Here we find Aquarius on the Ascendant and the sign ruler Saturn, the Greater Malefic, conjunct the Moon’s North Node. Mars, natural significator of war is aptly located in the 7th house, which, according to traditional astrologers, like Lilly or Partridge, has also to be taken into consideration. Thinking of Bonatti’s rule again, we can now say that Mars is located in an angle, which signifies war. Mars is separating from a square to Saturn, and here we find in Bonatti:

“And if Saturn were to rule the … quarter, there will be war by seduction and cleverness, and through knowledge and skills” (BA 897).

And later on:

“And if he [Mars] were separated from Saturn (since Saturn in such a case signifies kings), it seems that the king [i.e. head of state] is the one who has incited the war, or it will be due to the advice of old and ignoble men.” (BA 894).

Adding to this is the fact that the Moon, signifying the common people, is opposed to Saturn, squaring Mars and conjunct the Moon’s South Node. This clearly shows that a large part of the population is not in agreement with the plans of the government or the head of state.

All in all it seems that there is a likelihood of one or perhaps more single sided strikes against Syria, which will probably take place after 22 of September, when the Sun will have moved into Libra.

The chart below shows  the monthly profections of Mars and the Sun for September 2013 in the ingress chart for Syria. It clearly shows that both profected planets will be activated by Saturn in the revolution chart, which doesn’t bode well.

Aries Ingress 2013 Syria monthly profection

The yellow segment shows the path of the Sun and the red segment the path of Mars throughout the monthly profection in question. The inner ring shows the planets of the ingress chart. *


*For a discussion of the profection method used here, see: http://www.cieloeterra.it/eng/eng.articoli.profezione/profezione.html

All quotes from: Book of Astronomy by Guido Bonatti, translation from the 1491 and 1550 Latin translations by Dr. Ben Dykes; Cazimi Press, Minnesota 2007.

Cancer Ingress 2013 for the UK & Europe

With a moveable sign rising in the 2013 Aries ingress charts for the United Kingdom and Europe, it was obvious that the charts would be valid for three months only. In other words, from the 21st of June, the Cancer-, Libra- and respectively the Capricorn ingress charts will have to be taken into account for further judgment.

On 21 June 2013, at 05:04UT, the Sun will be in 00*00 Cancer; the chart below, cast for London, shows the event:

Cancer Ingress 2013 London

We can see at a glance that the Ascendant ruler Moon, who was Lady of the Revolution for the first three months of 2013, is in her fall in Scorpio. This immediately rules her out as the new Lady of the Revolution for the time between 21 June and 22 September. Jupiter, Lord of the 10th house is in his detriment and combust, which rules him out as well.

Looking at the planet exalted in Pisces, the sign on the 10th house cusp, we see that it is Venus, essentially and accidentally dignified.  Therefore I propose that Venus will be the Lady of the Revolution, valid until the Libra ingress on 22 September 2013.

Venus is in tight conjunction with Mercury and bot planets are located in the first house. Bonatti tells us about this:

“Indeed if Venus were in the Ascendant … it signifies joy and gladness, and dancing, and the breaking up of battles, and especially the young women and men employing venereal practices …” (BA. P857*)

He continues:

“If Venus, in a revolution, were in the first, … then it signifies that men … will delight in edibles and drinking bouts, and they will be eager for living in a beautiful way …” (BA. p962)

Bonatti also describes Venus in Cancer, writing:

“And if Venus were in Cancer in a revolution of the year, … it signifies … peace between men in the western parts; and alleviation from things rendered and from tributes, more so than usual; and there will be a diminution of fevers and other illnesses, and heat will be diminished; and there will be rains …” (BA. P966)

Looking at our chart, we see that the Dragon’s Head is located in Scorpio. About this, Bonatti tells us:

“And if the Head were in Scorpio, Abu Ma’shar said it signifies good and joy in middle-class men, and evil and sorrow in great men; and it signifies wars and battles and wounds; a multiplication of fornication with deception.” (BA. P981).

It seems that most of the interpretation for this ingress is rather positive and the placement of the Dragon’s Head in the 5th house adds to the general theme.

“If it were in the fifth, it signifies the fortune of children and from children, and their increase in good and joy, and freedom from contrary and displeasing things.“ (BA. P987)

Looking at fixed stars, we find that Achernar is on the MC. Ebertin writes in Die Bedeutung der Fixsterne:

“Well-placed, it promises happiness and success by giving good morals, faithful adherence to one’s religious beliefs or philosophical inclinations.” (BF. p63)

*All Bonatti quotes from: Guido Bonatti’s Book of Astronomy (BA), translation B Dykes, Cazimi Press, 2007

Lunar Eclipse 25 April 2013

On 25 April 2013 at 19:57UT, there will be a partial lunar eclipse. This eclipse belongs to Saros series nr. 112, which was born on 20 May 1859 and will last until 12 July 2139.

The graphic below shows the visibility of this lunar eclipse.

Lunar eclipse April 2013 visibility

(click on image to enlarge)

(via http://eclipse.gsfc.nasa.gov/OH/OHfigures/OH2013-Fig01.pdf)

Astrologically speaking, the Moon will be in 05° 45’ Scorpio, opposing the Sun in 05° 45’ Taurus. The eclipsed Moon will be conjunct Saturn and the Sun will be conjunct Mars. Furthermore Mars will be conjunct fixed star Sheratan and the Ascendant will be conjunct fixed star Zuben Elgenubi, the Southern Claw of the Scorpion.

The chart below, cast for the location of London, shows the event:

Lunar Eclipse April 2013

(click on image to enlarge)

William Lilly tells us in his pamphlet on the judgment of the effects of solar and lunar eclipses:

“For when the place Eclipsed, or Eclipse itself, shall be in the Ascendant, the effects shall then begin in the 1, 2, 3, and 4. moneth next after the appearance of the Eclips, …”

To find out about the possible effects of this eclipse, we can turn to William Lilly again. He writes in his Annus Tenebrosus, or The Dark Year about a lunar eclipse with the Moon in the first Decanate of Scorpio, ruled by Mars:

“terrible Thunders, fearful Lightnings, many times Earthquakes, aboundance of destructive creatures in the waters.”.

Regular readers of my web log may also remember that I wrote in my article about the 2013 Aries ingress that, according to Bonatti, during the months after the Sun enters Aries,we could see “an abundance of waters or rains, and the increase of rivers and streams, and their flooding; the increase of cold.”

For more on the 2013 Aries Ingress, read my web log entry, here:

2013 Aries Ingress

A look at the map, showing the eclipse’s path of angularity, reveals that the Moon is close to the Ascendant during the eclipse in the region of the United Kingdom.

Lunar Eclipse April 2013 map(click on image to enlarge)

Mars is ruler of the first Decanate of Scorpio, who is also Ascendant ruler, and also tightly opposing the eclipsed Moon. He is therefore of major importance, playing a key role at the time of the lunar eclipse. We can as well see that retrograde Saturn is conjunct the Moon, which highlights that both, greater and lesser malefic, are involved in this lunar eclipse.

Lilly says about Mars being the governor of an eclipse:

“[h]ee generally is the cause of corruption … he stirs up Wars, Seditions, intestine risings and tumults, imprisonment, banishment, … popular tumults, … moreover he portends Tertian Feavers, acute diseases, corruption of blood … In the ayr he stirs up extraordinary soultry blasts and great heat, … thunder, lightning, whirl-winds, immeasurable droughts. … Usually he excites mens minds to great rashness and fool-hardiness.”

I have already mentioned that the Ascendant will be conjunct fixed star Zuben Elgenubi, the Southern Claw of the Scorpion. This is a malevolent star of the nature of Saturn and Mars and it is associated with misfortune, treachery and sickness.

Also Mars will be conjunct fixed star Sheratan, in the “left Horn of the Ram.” In keeping with the nature of Mars and Saturn, it is associated with violence. Danger can come to those who act in a reckless, impetuous or careless manner.

Diana Rosenberg writes in her excellent Secrets of the ancient Skies about the Arabic Manzil al-Sharatain and the fixed star Sheratan, which is this lunar mansion’s determinant:

“Al-Sharatain was said to produce “whirlwinds” (tornadoes?); these stars were transited … in 1991 when several twisters, … reamed “Tornado Alley” from Wichita, KS to Red Rock, OK; in 1935 when a Category 5 hurricane hit the Florida Keys, [and] in 1996: the Mt Everest disaster: climbers descending from the summit were caught in a storm.” (SAS vol1, p144)

To find out about the duration of the effects the Lunar eclipse may have, we can turn to Lilly once more:

[i]n an Eclipse of the Moon, so many hours as she is defective or suffers an Eclipse, so many moneths the Events thereby signified shall continue.”

In this case the lunar eclipse will last just over four hours and therefore we can expect the effects to last until the end of August 2013.


For readers, interested in the personal implications of this eclipse, it might be of interest what William Lilly has to say:

“… Eclipse is more dangerous or pernitious which shall be in the Horoscope or Ascendant of the birth; or which shall be in the degree Ascending in an Annuall Revolution: it portends unto the Native some ominous and mischievous action as unto his body and also in his vital substance.”

And further on:

“… who had in the Radix of his Nativity either the Sun or the Moon in that degree, or in the degree opposite … or in the like degrees … which signs are in Quadrate aspects to the former, or if the degree Culminating in any man’s Nativity was either [the degree of the eclipse or its opposite or square] or within one degree therof, the native did suffer more or less by the influence of this Eclips; according to the signification of the House of Heaven, wherein the Sun or the Moon was in at the Birth, and was either well fortified or aspected of the benevolent Planets, or ill aspected, or afflicted of the Malevolents.”

For this particular lunar eclipse that means that people with Scorpio or Taurus rising, either in their birth chart or in their Solar return chart for 2013, will feel the influence stronger than others. Furthermore it should be noted if natal Sun or Moon are conjunct the eclipse point. If it should be the case that one or even more of these factors apply, an in-depth reading of the native’s charts may be necessary to find out which particular areas of life are likely to be affected the most.

UPDATE: My colleague Helen Beers writes about her experiences regarding the eclipse here:

The Alchemical Crow and the Lunar Eclipse 25th April 2013

Libra Ingress 2012, Obama & the US Presidential Elections

Since the publication of my web log entry about the 2012 solar ingress,( Solar Ingress 2012 for UK, EU & USA ) I have been repeatedly asked about the 2012 presidential elections in the USA. As it seems to be of great interest to the readers of my web log if President Obama may be re-elected, here are a few thoughts. The reader has to keep in mind though, that my musings are based on traditional sources alone.

The presidential elections will take place on 6th November 2012. From the viewpoint of traditional astrology this means that we have to consult the Libra ingress chart, cast for Washington DC to get a picture of the general situation in the USA at the time in question.

2012 Libra Ingress Chart

The Lord of the Revolution in the Libra ingress chart, representing the common people, is Mars. To find the significator of the current ruler, President Barack Obama, we need to establish which Planet the “significator of the king” would be. According to Bonatti, the king, or president as we would now have it, in this ingress chart is signified by Mars.

This fact that both, president and citizens, are signified by Mars already indicates that the fate of the common people and the fate of the president are closely interconnected. Further evidence is provided by the fact that Mars is located in the first house, indicating that the democratic process of the election will manifest the will of the common people, regarding their choice of leader.

Looking at the condition of the President Obama, we find that Mars is in Scorpio, essentially dignified by Rulership and Triplicity, swift, direct and free of sunbeams. This tells us that the president should be in a strong position without any noticeable weakness. Mars being occidental in the chart is the only one minor debilitation, pointing out that there may still be some trouble ahead.

Following this lead, we may determine more about this potential weakness by looking at what Bonatti calls the “substance of the king”. For this, we have to look at the 2nd house of resources and its ruler, Jupiter.

Jupiter is located in the 8th house, dealing with resources, taxes and money owed. We are not surprised to see Jupiter in his detriment as this seems to be a fair description of some of the problems the president may have to deal with during election time.

Traditional astrology also gives judgment about the king’s journey or pilgrimage; I would propose this to be synonymous with the modern process of presidential re-election. The first and most important point is to find out if the significator of the king is not located in the 6th house of infirmity, or the 8th house of death. If it would be so, we could judge with great certainty that President Barack Obama would not be re-elected. As this is not the case, we have to find out next who the Lord/Lady of the 9th house (journeys) is and where he/she is located. Lady of the house of pilgrimage is the Moon and she is located in the second house, in Sagittarius. The Moon is representing the population per se and with her being located in the 2nd house, we may deduct that a large part of the king’s quest will be dealing with problems concerning everybody’s money. Bonatti says:

“If indeed the Lord of the ninth were in the second … it signifies that his journey is because of a quest, namely to acquire money” (BA, p867*)

For further judgment of the condition of the king, Bonatti also advises us to take a look at the eclipses occurring during the time the ingress chart is valid. The solar eclipse, occurring on 13 November is in Scorpio, ruled by Mars.

Total Solar Eclipse, 13 November 2012

Here we can see that the eclipse point is in Scorpio, ruled by Mars. About this, Bonatti tells us:

“… the condition of the king will be more strongly burdened if his significator were the Lord of the sign in which the eclipse is going to come.” (BA, p860)

Looking at Barack Obama’s nativity and the eclipse chart, cast for Washington, the following picture emerges:

Bi-wheel nativity Barack Obama (inner wheel) and 13 November 2012 solar eclipse (inner wheel)

What springs to mind here is the fact that the lunar nodal axis of the eclipse chart and the eclipse point are conjunct the 4th/10th house axis of the nativity. This axis is squared by the lunar nodal axis of the eclipse chart (1st/7th house). This is an indicator of the importance of the eclipse for President Obama. Furthermore the eclipse point is located in Obama’s 9th house – the house of pilgrimage, as described before, highlighting the agenda once again.

Weighing all these factors up, we can see that here is a man, fighting the fight of his life. Although there are many obstacles in his way which will need to be overcome, there seems nothing to suggest that he may not be successful in his quest for re-election.

*All quotes from: Book of Astronomy by Guido Bonatti, translation from the 1491 and 1550 Latin translations by Dr. Ben Dykes; Cazimi Press, Minnesota 2007.

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Social Media Election

Solar Ingress 2012 for UK, EU and USA

On 20th March 2012 at 05:14 UT the Sun will be in 00*00’ Aries. Traditional astrology states that a chart, cast for the capital of a nation at the time the Sun enters Aries, provides a detailed picture of the events occurring during the year to follow. The ancients called this the revolution of the year of the world, but it is also known as the solar ingress.

The 2012 solar ingress chart for the United Kingdom is depicted below.

Traditional astrology observes the rule, that a solar ingress chart with the Ascendant in a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), is all that is needed to judge the events of the year to come. But should the Ascendant fall in a mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), two charts are needed. One is to be cast for the Aries ingress and the other one for the following Libra ingress. Each chart is valid for six months. Should the Ascendant be located in a moveable sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), then four charts need to be taken into consideration. These should be cast for the time of the Sun’s ingress in Aries-, Cancer-, Libra- and Capricorn and are valid for four months each.

A glance at the ingress chart for 2012 with the location of London shows that Aquarius is the rising sign. As Aquarius is a fixed sign, this chart alone may be used to predict the general events for the United Kingdom during the whole year 2012.

Bonatti tells us about the usefulness of the revolution:

“For through a revolution of the years of the world is known what is going to be concerning the good and bad in that year, namely if that year is going to be tranquil or troublesome … and what the standing of kings or princes, the wealthy, or great men, is going to be. And likewise of the people … according to the customs of men.”   (BA, p815f)*

The first significant factor to be judged in the ingress chart is the Lord/Lady of the Year. In our case the Moon is Lady of the Year. She is in Pisces, the domicile of Jupiter. (We shall find out in a moment, why this placement may turn out to be of great importance.) As the Lady of the Year, she is concerned with the signification of the condition of the citizens or common people. Looking at the chart, we can see that she is peregrine and applying to an opposition to Mars, the lesser malefic. Furthermore she is separating from a trine to Saturn, the greater malefic.

Because the Moon is outside of Cancer we have to look at the Lord of the Domicile for exact judgment, as Bonatti tells us. If the Lord of the Domicile is strong and fortunate, it signifies good for the people or the region. If he is weak, the opposite meaning occurs.

Before we continue our judgment of the Moon, we have to take a look at another important factor in the ingress chart, the significator of the government (originally known as “significator of the king”). In our case the government is signified by Jupiter.

Looking at the state of Jupiter, we will see that he is peregrine and aspected by Mars. Furthermore he is located in the 2nd house, the house of finances.

Considering what we have seen so far, a picture begins to emerge. Jupiter, the government, is not particularly strong, with problems concerning the 2nd house of finances. This in turn has a negative influence onto the Moon, representing the general public. Furthermore the Moon has just separated from a trine to Saturn. This means that we have to have a closer look at Saturn. Saturn is located on the 7th house cusp, but applying the 5 degree rule (Planets located 5 degrees or less from the next house cups are considered to belong to the next house), we have to interpret him as being in the 8th house. Here is what Bonatti has to say about Saturn in the 8th house:

“… it signifies litigations because of the seeking of inheritances .. and it signifies matters whose pain and distress or sorrow will last for a long time .” (BA, p937)

The Moon is also opposing Mars. Bonatti explains about this weakening factor, stating that:

“ … the condition of the year and of the vulgar common people will be weakened and made harsh.” (BA, p911).

Mars is placed in the 7th house, and according to Bonatti, this:

“… signifies contentions and contrarieties, and confusion in all matters, and harm for this reason. And it signifies business transactions with fraud and deception, also grief and sorrow in it.” (BA, p950)

It is also very enlightening to look at the placement of the Arabic Parts in the ingress chart.

Beginning with the Part of the Sun, which gives us an idea about things to come and the future in general, we find it in 02*08 Aquarius, positioned in the 12th house of hidden or secret matters. Looking at the Lord of the 12th house, we find it to be Saturn, the greater malefic. Just as a reminder, Saturn is exalted in Libra, retrograde and in the 8th house.

The same accounts for the Part of Mercury, concerned with poverty and ordinary intellect, in 04*51 Capricorn in the 11th house, and the Part of substance, for goods and possessions, in 16*12 Aquarius, in the 12th house of informers, private enemies and self undoing.

The Part of Jupiter, representing happiness, is to be found in 20*46 Scorpio in the 8th house. Ruled by Mars and inflicted by its placement in the 8th house, the house of money owed and tax collectors, it is quite clear that 2012 will probably not go down in history as a year of happiness.

Looking at the chart for Brussels, representing the whole of the EU, a different picture emerges.

Most importantly we notice that the Ascendant is in Pisces, a mutable sign. This suggests that the chart above is only valid for the next six months. Thereafter we need to look at the Libra ingress chart, to make any further judgment.

We can see here that retrograde Mars is opposing the Ascendent and the Sun and Mercury are in the first house. Remembering that the first house tells us about the condition of the common people, we realise that much upheaval can be expected in the next six month. Mercury, the Planet of merchants, trade but as well material prosperity, is retrograde and therefore moving further towards the Sun, worsening the combust state he is in.

Taking a look at the placement of the Arabic Parts, we see that the Part of the Moon is in Aries, in the 12th house and ruled by debilitated Mars. This is a broad hint that the fortune of the majority of people living in the EU is not brilliant. Furthermore the Part of Mercury, concerned with the fortunes of ordinary people, is in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, in the 7th, representing public enemies and thieves, who is casting a trine to the Moon.

On the positive side, the Part of Venus, concerned with love and concord is in Taurus. Venus is highly dignified by rulership, indicating that there is still time for loving thoughts and deeds.

Looking further ahead, we can take a glance at the Libra ingress chart for Brussels:

Here the ruler of the Ascendant is Saturn and Mars is in Scorpio, conjunct the 10th house. This indicates that things will probably not improve for the EU during the second half of the year either. I will post an in-depth analysis of this chart later in the year.

Let us now take a look at the solar ingress chart, cast for Washington, representing the whole of the USA.

The Ascendant is in Sagittarius, a mutable sign, showing that this chart is valid for the next six months. After that period, we have to look at the Libra ingress chart for Washington to comment on any further development.

The Lord of the Year for the USA is the Sun, exalted in Aries and conjunct the 4th house cusp. As for the Planet ruling the government, Bonatti tell us:

“… or if the Lord of the 10th were under the rays of the Sun (whether he has escaped from combustion or not, provided that he is not appearing from under the rays): the Sun will be the significator of the king …” (BA, p832)

To judge the state of the head of the government, we can look to Bonatti again, reading:

“If however the Lord of the Year were the significator of the king, then look for his substance from the 2nd and its Lord.” (BA, p888)

From this we can see that the 2nd house is ruled by Saturn, exalted in Libra in the 11th house of hopes and wishes, and its bound Lord is Mars, Rx and in Virgo in the 9th house of dreams and visions. We may therefore deduct that, at least in the time between March and September, not everything will be working as the government hopes or wishes. Particularly themes of responsibility and justification may become an issue.

Let us have a look what Bonatti has to say about the Sun being Lord of the Year:

“… it signifies the sublimities and exaltations of kings, and glory and honour, and its seeking; and that the king of this region will be exalted; and he will be worried about the increase of his kingdom-and not merely the king, but even anyone according to his own nature or birth of increasing his own status.” (BA, p957)

The Sun is located in the 4th house, and Bonatti writes about this:

“… it signifies praise between men, and their sublimity and honor. And matters will appear which had long stood hidden nor appeared.” (BA, p960)

Looking at the Arabic Parts we can see that the Part of the Moon, concerned with fortunes, is in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn which, as we have pointed out before, is not a good placement at all. The Part of the Sun, spirit, things to come and the future in general, is located in Scorpio, ruled by Mars and opposing the Moon. This indicates again that the people of the United States will not see any increase in their fortunes during the next six months.

Lastly we have a quick look at the Libra ingress chart for Washington:

We can immediately see that the rising sign is Scorpio and the Lord of the Ascendant, Mars, is in the first house. He is not Rx any more and considerably stronger, dignified by rulership and triplicity. The Sun, Lord of the Year and significator of the government, is now in his fall in Libra, a definite sign of weakness.

A thorough analysis of the Libra ingress chart will be posted on my web log later on in the year.

UPDATE: See as well my article: Libra Ingress 2012, Obama & the US Presidential Elections

*All quotes from: Book of Astronomy by Guido Bonatti, translation from the 1491 and 1550 Latin translations by Dr. Ben Dykes; Cazimi Press, Minnesota 2007.