Rensberger’s Aspects in Nativities

In the following web log entries, I will be re-visiting Astronomia Teutsch, the astrological primer of the German mathematician and astrologer Nicolaus Rensberger. His  textbook was first printed in the vernacular in Augsburg, 1569. I posted my translation of Rensberger’s view on profections back in 2009 (Rensberger’s Profections); this time I will publish my translation of his natal aspect interpretations. For ease of access, I have split it into sections, which can be found by following the appropriate links:

Rensberger’s Natal Aspects – Conjunctions

Rensberger’s Natal Aspects -Squares

Rensberger’s Natal Aspects -Trines

Rensberger’s Natal Aspects -Oppositions

astrnomia teutsch