2014 Aries Ingress of The Sun for the UK, the USA, Russia & Ukraine

On 20th March 2014 at 16:57 UT, the Sun will be in 00*00’ Aries. Traditional astrology states that a chart cast for the capital of a nation at the time the Sun enters Aries provides a detailed picture of the events occurring during the year or at least part of the year to follow. The ancients called this the Revolution of the Year of the World, but it is also known as the Aries Solar Ingress.

As ingress charts are location specific, I will give an analysis of the 2014 solar ingress for the United Kingdom, followed by the solar ingress for the Unites States of America and also for Russia and the Ukraine.

United Kingdom

2014 Solar Ingress UK JPEG

Shown here is the Aries ingress chart, cast for London, representing the United Kingdom. With Virgo, a common or mutable sign rising, this chart will be valid for six months. Thereafter, the Libra ingress chart will have to be taken into account.

From the chart above, we can see that Jupiter will be the Lord of the Revolution, valid until the onset of the Libra ingress. Jupiter is prominently positioned in the 10th house, and essentially dignified by exaltation. He is also the Planetary Hour ruler and strongest planet in the chart (Almuten Figuris).

Main themes between March and September will be matters concerning communal finances and business in general. The ingress chart shows that Jupiter is squaring the Sun and also shows a strongly debilitated Mercury. This indicates more financial restrictions and continued economic hardship for most of the population. The Moon, representing the common people, is conjunct the Greater Malefic Saturn, which is telling.

United States of America

2014 Solar Ingress USA JPEG

Shown here is the Aries ingress chart, cast for Washington, which is representative for the United States of America. With a cardinal sign rising, this chart is valid for three months only. The Cancer -, Libra- and Capricorn ingress charts will have to be taken into account thereafter. This already alerts us to the fact that we are looking at turbulent times, with the potential for rapid changes ahead. Once again we see that Jupiter will be Lord of the Revolution, but here he is located on the first house cusp. Jupiter is squaring the Sun, located on the 10th house cusp. This indicates that, just like in the chart cast for Europe, the emphasis will be on business affairs and the economy. With debilitated Mercury in the 9th house, foreign affairs are of vital importance, as I have already predicted in my web log entry 2014 An Astrological Preview,  at the beginning of the year.


2014 Solar Ingress Russia JPEG

From the chart above, we can deduct that the Lord of the Revolution for Russia will also be Jupiter. With Libra on the Ascendant, this chart will also only be valid for three months. Unlike for the UK, where Jupiter is in the first house, in this ingress chart, Jupiter is located in the 9th house. For this reason, foreign affairs will be high on the agenda for Russia during the next three months. Mars, natural significator of conflict and war, is located in the 1st house. We will have to say more about this when discussing the ingress chart for the Ukraine.


Due to its close location to Russia, the Aries Ingress chart for the Ukraine, cast for Kiev, is very similar to the one above. What immediately springs to mind is the fact that retrograde Mars is located in the 1st house. He is also debilitated by detriment in Libra. Mars, natural ruler of and war and warlike scenarios has just separated from a conjunction to the lunar north node and will be applying to a trine to Mercury.

2014 Aries Ingress Kiev JPEG

Bonatti tells us in his Book on Astronomy about the possibility of war:

“And if Mars were retrograde and the others were direct, war will appear, but its appearance will not be come to an end until Mars goes direct – for then its appearance will come to an end.” (BoA p895)

It is also of great interest to read what Bonatti has to say about the lunar north node in Libra:

“… it signifies that kings and the wealthy and the nobles or magnates will make use of their own men upon rustics, contrary to justice, and especially against those whom they will rule; and they will strive to extort from them what they ought not to; and they will accuse them and say they have offended them concerning something which will not be their fault. … And they will afflict them with punishments so much, that for that reason they  will come into poverty and need;and they will fool them.” (BoA p981)

Is clearly visible that Jupiter intrinsically links the fate of  Ukraine, Russia and the United States of America during the next three months. What also stands out is the fact that the strongly debilitated Mercury can be seen a the key for the analysis of the 2014 Aries Ingress. In other words, money and resources are the true reasons behind the recent crisis in the Ukraine, even if ideological motives are seemingly put into the foreground.


UPDATE (11 March 2014):

Ukraine’s gold reserves said being flown to New York Fed: “Hong Kong-based fund manager William Kaye today tells King World News that Ukraine today airlifted its gold reserves, 33 tons, to New York, presumably for vaulting at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York — and probably not to be seen again any sooner than they’d be if the Russian army had marched into Kiev to “protect” the gold before it was flown off….” (read the whole article here)

UPDATE (14 March 2014):

Russian Troops Mass at Border With Ukraine (read the NY Times article here)

UPDATE (18 March 2104):

Ukrainian government refuses to remove troops from Crimea, prepares for war (read it here)

UPDATE (19 March 2014):

Crimea crisis: Fears of war grow after Ukrainian officer is killed at military base in Simferopol (read the article here)