Rensberger’s Planetary Aspects – Oppositions



Saturn opposite Jupiter:
Shows much spoiling of traded goods, and bitter accidents of the sons. If Saturn is in the Ascendant, and Jupiter setting, then, after much hardship and damage during [the native’s] youth, luck and usefulness will follow until the end of life.

Saturn opposite Mars:
Always brings heavy damage and dangers, riots of the common people, and dangers of life, often a wound, and a nasty death, brings much sorrow, and makes [one] involved in evil unpleasantness, with constant problems, and involved in heavy work, enemies in the home. [It also] brings vehement uproars, and the fall of the native’s father, either with dangerous death, or embroiled in heavy sorrow. But if one of them will be in watery signs, it shows that the native will drown in a heavy storm, will suffer shipwreck, or the pestilence, liquid, and stiffened from evil moisture, causes much misery. But if one of them will be in a wild sign, it will bring mortal danger caused by four-legged and wild animals, or [the native] will die of poison. But if one of them will be in a sign of four-legged animals, not in a wild one, then the native will be killed through the fall of a heavy load. These things will be stronger and harder if there is no aspect to Jupiter. But if the Moon aspects them, in the angles and cardines, in a square aspect, they will even be harder. Then it will kill constantly and often, and [people will be] pushed into poverty and publicly punished. But if they are in the 5th [house], 11th, 9th, or 3rd, and are looking straight at each other, they will oppose all growth of luck, and bad luck will take over in the middle part of life. But if they are placed in discarded, despised places [?cadent houses?], they will do less damage, but they will cause pain and poverty. These things will be diminished, or even taken away, by lucky aspects to Jupiter or Venus.

Saturn opposite Sun:
If not positively aspected by Jupiter, it will put a heavy burden, trouble and a life of hard work onto the native or the native’s father. It shows daily fear, brings some nasty diseases, and a nasty death, and a wasted estate. These things will be more likely if in a nocturnal birth and in feminine signs.

Saturn opposite Venus:
Indicates that the native will be a fornicator, and will not take a wife, and if he does so, it will be a naughty one or a wench, or one without honour, and will be accused of touting.

Saturn opposite Mercury:
Indicates speech impediments. But if one of them will be in a mute sign, it shows that the native will be dumb. If the Moon is conjunct Mercury, it will increase this, but not so if Mars is aspecting [them]. But it also means wisdom, that the mother will die in the first age, and will estrange the native’s brothers. Or it shows that they will be separated due to traveling far distances.

Saturn opposite Moon:
Loses the maternal goods, indicates labour and pain of the mother, also sorrow (be it that it diminishes luck), and brings some blemish to the mother’s body, brings a life full of worries, and a miserable one. But if one of them will be in a four-footed sign, it indicates damage in animals, in human [signs], damage in humans, in watery [signs] it will bring moist illnesses, makes one go travelling. These oppositions will be detrimental to one’s eyesight.


Jupiter opposite Mars:
Means an imbalanced life, waste of the paternal inheritance, hatred of friends, great disruption through danger that results from friendly [?] deeds.

Jupiter opposite Sun:
Scattering of paternal homestead, weakens honour and dignity, forces him to be subservient to people of a lower rank then his own. All of this will be increased in a nocturnal birth.

Jupiter opposite Venus:
Blows [apart] all order of life and advancements, also shows that friends will not have his advantage in mind; and the ones he did good things to will be ungrateful towards the native; some will also have their luck increased, and some dignities of the paternal inheritance and estate. It Jupiter is in the limits of Venus, his [the native’s] rulership will be lucky. But because of female affection, they [?] will be unstable.
Jupiter opposite Mercury:
Indicates eloquent people, and terrible riots of the people, quarrels and discord of the common man, and suggests misfortune of a mighty lord. [It] separates brothers by cruel death, or through some grudge, or makes that they argue with each other in murderous hatred, and fight.

Jupiter opposite Moon:
If the moon is waxing, it means genteel joy and dignity, or graces with delightful nobleness, and makes some who cannot readjust to foreign authorities. But id the Moon is waning, none of the aforementioned pleasures will be achieved, and it means perdition through bad luck. And in nocturnal births it will be increased.


Mars opposite Sun:
In a diurnal birth, [he] knocks the father to the ground with a horrible death, bad for the eyes, or throws the native from a high place. All deeds are beset with great difficulties. In the nocturnal birth, it weakens the body, and indicates perpetual poverty, also waste of the paternal inheritance.

Mars opposite Venus:
In a diurnal birth, it shows many vices and failures, and shows nasty illnesses, afflicting sons and wives. If he is in the tropical signs, it indicates what we have said about the square of them [Mars and Venus], if there is not any good aspect to Jupiter, particularly if he is in Cancer or Capricorn.

Mars opposite Mercury:
Indicates the worst of bad luck, falsifier, men with a bad conscience, who meet with bad people, assault [others] with bad deeds, public accusations before court. They renege what has been given to them, and if they are completely rotten, they will not return what they borrowed. Therefore they will be judged in court, and for these reasons will be pushed into misery. Towns and countries will expel them, or they will be on the run. And this especially, if Mercury is in the domicile of Saturn, without Jupiter.

Mars opposite Moon:
Is bad for the eyes, and brings great dangers, gives high infant mortality, and no weddings. Even if the presence of other planets suggested a good time, this still hits [one] with horrible death. Those born under [this aspect] will be openly damned or judged, particularly if the Moon is waxing.

Sun opposite Moon:
It shows that the native’s life, good and full of dignity, will end in many ways. [It] brings poverty to rich [ones], and [makes] pale faces; it also weakens the empty body through lameness.


Venus opposite Moon:
Suggests an unlucky wedding, prohibits conception of sons, and knocks them to the ground with a pitiful death. The native will suffer injustice and violence from his wife.


Mercury opposite Moon:
Lends wild violence to the people, which cannot be controlled, and it awakens the turmoil of the common man against the nobles. This also happens to their souls, with constant mourning, hesitation, and trembling.

At last, I remind that one has to look to which moveable or fixed star the Part of Fortune is conjunct, and how it is aspected by the seven planets. Because this does much and is very useful in the judgment of nativities.

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