Astrological Talismans: Deneb Algedi Talismanic Tile

Regular readers of my web log may remember that in November 2020, Christine Norstrand, artist and founder of William Morris Tile, provided me with Planetary tiles from the well known De Sphaera series. The image below shows them in situ:

After a long, possibly pandemic related, postal delay I recently took hold of another parcel from William Morris Tile. It contained a Talismanic Tile, another one of Christine’s exciting projects.

Jupiter conjunct fixed star Deneb Algedi

The tile’s main image is based on The White Hart, a pub sign, painted by the artist Myles Birket Foster in 1875. Foster lived in the village of Witley, near Godalming, Surrey, where this sign hung outside the village inn, the White Hart.

The image of the hart is surrounded by sigils of the Behenain fixed star, Deneb Algedi, a star in the Sea Goat’s tail.

The 15 Behenian fixed stars are a selection of stars considered to be useful for talismans or pendants. There are also herb and gemstone correspondences associated with each fixed star.

More information about the Behenian stars, including their gemstone and herb correspondences and their sigils can be found in my book Stars and Stones – An Astro-Magical Lapidary.


Cornelius Heinrich Agrippa von Nettesheim wrote about Deneb Algedi in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy :

“Under the tail of Capricorn make the image of a hart or he-goat or an angry man, which brings luck and augments life.”  Agrippa von Nettesheim, Magische Werke, Bk II, ch 47. (First complete German edition, Amonesta, n.d., my translation).

And Marsilio Ficino, the priest, philosopher and astral magician, wrote in the third book of his Three Books on Life, called “On Obtaining Life from the Heavens” about Deneb Algedi:

“They think it furthers favor in lawsuits, increases wealth, and makes men and their homes safe.”  Three Books on Life Bk. III, ch 8, (trans Kaske & Clark, p279)

The election chart for the creation of the talismanic tile is shown below:

When electing the most beneficial moment to create the talisman, the following was observed:

  • The fixed star is conjunct Jupiter
  • The fixed star is rising, i.e. conjunct the Ascendant.
  • The Moon is in an applying trine to the Jupiter/Deneb Algedi conjunction.
  • Neither the Moon nor the fixed star are afflicted.
  • Neither the fixed star nor the Moon are combust (that is within 8.5 degrees of the Sun)

– — –

Christine Norstrand is the proprietor and artist at William Morris Tile.  If you would like to contact her, you can reach her here:

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Fixed Stars, Gemstones & Plant Correspondences in Ficino’s De Vita

The following is a tabulation of the information given in Marsilio Ficino’s Three Books on Life*, book three, chapter 8, Concerning the Powers and Use of the Fixed Stars:

Zodiacal  Position*  Fixed Star  Planetary Correspondence  Crystal/Gemstone  Plant/Herb  Desired Effect


22nd degree of Aries

Navel of Andromeda

Mercurial and Veneral


18th degree of Taurus


Saturn and Jupiter



Boldness and victory


22nd degree of Taurus


Lunar and Martial


diacedon, fennel-seed

Sharpens the sense of vision


1st or 3rd degree of Gemini


Martial and Venereal


spurge, woodruff

Increases riches and glory


13th  degree of Gemini

The Goat

Jovial and Saturnine


horehound, mint, mugwort, mandrake

Helps towards honour and the help of princes


6th or 7th degree of Cancer

Canis Major



savine, mugwort, dracontea

It proffers favour


17th degree of Cancer

Canis Minor

Mercurial and Martial


heliotrope, pennyroyal

bestows favour


21st degree of Leo

Heart of the Lion

A royal Jovial and Martial star


swallowwort, mastic

Represses melancholy and makes am an temperate and agreable


19th degree of Virgo

Tail of Ursa Major

Venereal and Lunar


chicory, mugwort

Provides protection from robbers and poison


7th degree of Libra

Right Wing of the Raven


12th or 13th degree of Libra

Left Wing of the Raven

Saturnine and Martial

sorrel, henbane, frog’s tongue

Increases boldness and will be noxious


15th or 16th degree of Libra


Venereal and Mercurial


sage, trefoil, promarulla, mugwort, mandrake

Increases riches, and victory and releases from poverty

17th or 18th degree of Libra




Strengthens the blood and expels fevers


4th degree of Scorpio


Venereal and Martial

According to another computation in the 5th degree of Scorpio

Cornea (maybe the same as above)


rosemary, trefoil and ivy

Increases grace, chastity and glory


3rd degree of Sagittarius

Heart of the Scorpion

Martial and Jovial

sardonyx, amethyst

long birthwort, saffron

Makes the colour good, the mind happy and wise and drives out daemons


7th degree of Capricorn

Falling Vulture

Mercurial and Venerial


savory, fumitory

Temperate; beneficial when in ASC or MC


16th degree of Aquarius

Tail of Capricorn

Saturnine and Mercurial


marjoram, catnip, mugwort and mandrake

Furnishes favour in lawsuits, increases wealth and makes men and their homes safe


3rd degree of Pisces

Shoulder of the Horse

Jovial and Martial

*Positions of fixed stars are correct for the time Ficino published De Vita in 1489.

Compare also to my previous blog entry:

Fixed Stars, Gemstones and Plant Correspondences – a Potted History

*Kaske and Clark: Marsilio Ficino, Three Books on Life, A Critical Edition and Translation wit Introduction and Notes, Arizona 2002