Aries Ingress 2013 for United Kingdom, European Union and United States of America

On 20th March 2013 at 11:02 UT/06:02 EST the Sun will be in 00*00’ Aries. Traditional astrology states that a chart cast for the capital of a nation at the time the Sun enters Aries provides a detailed picture of the events occurring during the year or at least part of the year to follow. The ancients called this the Revolution of the Year of the World, but it is also known as the Solar Ingress.

As ingress charts are location specific, I will give an analysis of the 2013 solar ingress for Britain and the EU, followed by the ingress for the Unites States of America.

Solar Ingress 2013 London

Shown above is the Aries ingress chart, cast for London, representing the United Kingdom. With a moveable sign rising, this chart will be valid for three months only. Thereafter, the Cancer-, Libra- and Capricorn ingress charts will have to be taken into account.

From the chart above, we can see that most of the planets are debilitated. Saturn is retrograde, Jupiter in detriment, Mars and Venus are combust, and Mercury is essentially debilitated by detriment and fall. Luna is essentially dignified by Rulership and face and is close to the Ascendant. Therefore I propose that the Moon will be the Lady of the Revolution, valid until the Cancer ingress on 21 June 2013.

Also of importance is the fact that the Moon is the Lady of the Ascendant, too.

Bonatti says about the Moon being in the domicile of the Lady of the Year:

“ [i]t signifies and abundance of waters or rains, and the increase of rivers and streams, and their flooding; the increase of cold; and the goodness of the disposition of men, and that they will rejoice in the good.” (BA p857)

With the Moon being the Lady of the Revolution, the main themes between March and June will be matters concerning the common people. We also find that the Moon is square Mars and trine Saturn, of which Bonatti says:

“If at some time it were to happen that the Moon … is the Lord of the Year … and one of the malefics were joined with it, and were to impede it by aspect or conjunction, the condition of the year and of the vulgar or common people will be weakened and made harsh if it were the Lord of the Year.” (BA p911)

Bonatti goes into more detail about this, writing:

“[I]f the Moon were the Lady of the Year or Revolution, … it signifies the good condition of the vulgar generally; and even the good condition of sailors and mothers, … and also gourmands or gluttons … and their way of life. If however she were impeded, it signifies the contrary of these things which I have said…” (BA p974)

and later on writes about the Moon in the 12th house:

“Indeed in the twelfth, it signifies impediment and duress, and the instability of things, and quarrels and prisons from the direction of enemies.” (BA p978)

But not only the common people will suffer, there might be surprises waiting for the rulers, too. Looking at the placement of the Dragon’s Head in Scorpio, we find that:

“Abu Ma’shar said that it signifies … evil and sorrow in great men; and it signifies wars and battles and wounds …” (BA p981f)

It also seems that we will be in for more surprises regarding what may be hidden in our food, as the ingress chart shows Jupiter on the 12th house cusp, which, according to Bonatti denotes that:

“[T]hat they [people] will be saddened by accidents which will come to them on the occasion of quadrupeds, and especially large animals, like horses, cows, and the like.” (BA p944)

What springs to mind as well is retrograde Saturn in the 5th house of joy and pleasure, and Mercury in the 9th house who is strongly debilitated.


The ingress chart for Europe, cast for Brussels, is nearly identical to the one cast for the United Kingdom. This leads us to believe that  more financial restrictions and continued economic hardship for most of the population, as indicated by Mercury can be expected for The United Kingdom and the European Union.


Solar Ingress 2013 Washington

Shown here is the Aries ingress chart, cast for Washington and therefore representative for the United States of America. With a mutable sign rising, this chart is valid for six months and the Libra ingress chart will have to be taken into account thereafter.

Once again we see that the Moon is the Lady of the Revolution, but here the Moon is located in the 4th house. Just as we saw in the ingress chart for Europe, the fate of the common people will be of major concern during the next six month. Luna’s location in the 4th house indicates that we are dealing with domestic issues and people’s estates, homes and resources in general. Furthermore, the Moon is aspecting Saturn in the 8th house and Mercury, who is essentially debilitated by Detriment and Fall, in the 12th house. Bonatti says about the placement of the Moon in the 4th house”

“[I]f it [the chart] were nocturnal, neither the beginning nor end will be praised; men’s affairs will be restricted, unless Jupiter were to work to the contrary.” (BA p976)

Taking into account that in this ingress chart Jupiter is the Lord of the Ascendant, we have to investigate Bonatti’s claim thoroughly. Here we find that Jupiter is in detriment and his dispositor is debilitated Mercury, who is located in the 12th house, squaring Jupiter.

At least all is not bad, as it seems that the economic problems will cause tighter bonds between families. Bonatti says about Jupiter in the third house in ingress charts:

“And if he were in the third, it signifies good fortune from one brother to another, and between them; and men will rejoice because of their relatives, and especially younger ones, and first or older sisters.” (BA p943)


All quotes from: Guido Bonatti’s Book of Astronomy (BA), translation B Dykes, Cazimi Press, 2007

Solar Ingress 2012 for UK, EU and USA

On 20th March 2012 at 05:14 UT the Sun will be in 00*00’ Aries. Traditional astrology states that a chart, cast for the capital of a nation at the time the Sun enters Aries, provides a detailed picture of the events occurring during the year to follow. The ancients called this the revolution of the year of the world, but it is also known as the solar ingress.

The 2012 solar ingress chart for the United Kingdom is depicted below.

Traditional astrology observes the rule, that a solar ingress chart with the Ascendant in a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), is all that is needed to judge the events of the year to come. But should the Ascendant fall in a mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), two charts are needed. One is to be cast for the Aries ingress and the other one for the following Libra ingress. Each chart is valid for six months. Should the Ascendant be located in a moveable sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), then four charts need to be taken into consideration. These should be cast for the time of the Sun’s ingress in Aries-, Cancer-, Libra- and Capricorn and are valid for four months each.

A glance at the ingress chart for 2012 with the location of London shows that Aquarius is the rising sign. As Aquarius is a fixed sign, this chart alone may be used to predict the general events for the United Kingdom during the whole year 2012.

Bonatti tells us about the usefulness of the revolution:

“For through a revolution of the years of the world is known what is going to be concerning the good and bad in that year, namely if that year is going to be tranquil or troublesome … and what the standing of kings or princes, the wealthy, or great men, is going to be. And likewise of the people … according to the customs of men.”   (BA, p815f)*

The first significant factor to be judged in the ingress chart is the Lord/Lady of the Year. In our case the Moon is Lady of the Year. She is in Pisces, the domicile of Jupiter. (We shall find out in a moment, why this placement may turn out to be of great importance.) As the Lady of the Year, she is concerned with the signification of the condition of the citizens or common people. Looking at the chart, we can see that she is peregrine and applying to an opposition to Mars, the lesser malefic. Furthermore she is separating from a trine to Saturn, the greater malefic.

Because the Moon is outside of Cancer we have to look at the Lord of the Domicile for exact judgment, as Bonatti tells us. If the Lord of the Domicile is strong and fortunate, it signifies good for the people or the region. If he is weak, the opposite meaning occurs.

Before we continue our judgment of the Moon, we have to take a look at another important factor in the ingress chart, the significator of the government (originally known as “significator of the king”). In our case the government is signified by Jupiter.

Looking at the state of Jupiter, we will see that he is peregrine and aspected by Mars. Furthermore he is located in the 2nd house, the house of finances.

Considering what we have seen so far, a picture begins to emerge. Jupiter, the government, is not particularly strong, with problems concerning the 2nd house of finances. This in turn has a negative influence onto the Moon, representing the general public. Furthermore the Moon has just separated from a trine to Saturn. This means that we have to have a closer look at Saturn. Saturn is located on the 7th house cusp, but applying the 5 degree rule (Planets located 5 degrees or less from the next house cups are considered to belong to the next house), we have to interpret him as being in the 8th house. Here is what Bonatti has to say about Saturn in the 8th house:

“… it signifies litigations because of the seeking of inheritances .. and it signifies matters whose pain and distress or sorrow will last for a long time .” (BA, p937)

The Moon is also opposing Mars. Bonatti explains about this weakening factor, stating that:

“ … the condition of the year and of the vulgar common people will be weakened and made harsh.” (BA, p911).

Mars is placed in the 7th house, and according to Bonatti, this:

“… signifies contentions and contrarieties, and confusion in all matters, and harm for this reason. And it signifies business transactions with fraud and deception, also grief and sorrow in it.” (BA, p950)

It is also very enlightening to look at the placement of the Arabic Parts in the ingress chart.

Beginning with the Part of the Sun, which gives us an idea about things to come and the future in general, we find it in 02*08 Aquarius, positioned in the 12th house of hidden or secret matters. Looking at the Lord of the 12th house, we find it to be Saturn, the greater malefic. Just as a reminder, Saturn is exalted in Libra, retrograde and in the 8th house.

The same accounts for the Part of Mercury, concerned with poverty and ordinary intellect, in 04*51 Capricorn in the 11th house, and the Part of substance, for goods and possessions, in 16*12 Aquarius, in the 12th house of informers, private enemies and self undoing.

The Part of Jupiter, representing happiness, is to be found in 20*46 Scorpio in the 8th house. Ruled by Mars and inflicted by its placement in the 8th house, the house of money owed and tax collectors, it is quite clear that 2012 will probably not go down in history as a year of happiness.

Looking at the chart for Brussels, representing the whole of the EU, a different picture emerges.

Most importantly we notice that the Ascendant is in Pisces, a mutable sign. This suggests that the chart above is only valid for the next six months. Thereafter we need to look at the Libra ingress chart, to make any further judgment.

We can see here that retrograde Mars is opposing the Ascendent and the Sun and Mercury are in the first house. Remembering that the first house tells us about the condition of the common people, we realise that much upheaval can be expected in the next six month. Mercury, the Planet of merchants, trade but as well material prosperity, is retrograde and therefore moving further towards the Sun, worsening the combust state he is in.

Taking a look at the placement of the Arabic Parts, we see that the Part of the Moon is in Aries, in the 12th house and ruled by debilitated Mars. This is a broad hint that the fortune of the majority of people living in the EU is not brilliant. Furthermore the Part of Mercury, concerned with the fortunes of ordinary people, is in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, in the 7th, representing public enemies and thieves, who is casting a trine to the Moon.

On the positive side, the Part of Venus, concerned with love and concord is in Taurus. Venus is highly dignified by rulership, indicating that there is still time for loving thoughts and deeds.

Looking further ahead, we can take a glance at the Libra ingress chart for Brussels:

Here the ruler of the Ascendant is Saturn and Mars is in Scorpio, conjunct the 10th house. This indicates that things will probably not improve for the EU during the second half of the year either. I will post an in-depth analysis of this chart later in the year.

Let us now take a look at the solar ingress chart, cast for Washington, representing the whole of the USA.

The Ascendant is in Sagittarius, a mutable sign, showing that this chart is valid for the next six months. After that period, we have to look at the Libra ingress chart for Washington to comment on any further development.

The Lord of the Year for the USA is the Sun, exalted in Aries and conjunct the 4th house cusp. As for the Planet ruling the government, Bonatti tell us:

“… or if the Lord of the 10th were under the rays of the Sun (whether he has escaped from combustion or not, provided that he is not appearing from under the rays): the Sun will be the significator of the king …” (BA, p832)

To judge the state of the head of the government, we can look to Bonatti again, reading:

“If however the Lord of the Year were the significator of the king, then look for his substance from the 2nd and its Lord.” (BA, p888)

From this we can see that the 2nd house is ruled by Saturn, exalted in Libra in the 11th house of hopes and wishes, and its bound Lord is Mars, Rx and in Virgo in the 9th house of dreams and visions. We may therefore deduct that, at least in the time between March and September, not everything will be working as the government hopes or wishes. Particularly themes of responsibility and justification may become an issue.

Let us have a look what Bonatti has to say about the Sun being Lord of the Year:

“… it signifies the sublimities and exaltations of kings, and glory and honour, and its seeking; and that the king of this region will be exalted; and he will be worried about the increase of his kingdom-and not merely the king, but even anyone according to his own nature or birth of increasing his own status.” (BA, p957)

The Sun is located in the 4th house, and Bonatti writes about this:

“… it signifies praise between men, and their sublimity and honor. And matters will appear which had long stood hidden nor appeared.” (BA, p960)

Looking at the Arabic Parts we can see that the Part of the Moon, concerned with fortunes, is in Capricorn, ruled by Saturn which, as we have pointed out before, is not a good placement at all. The Part of the Sun, spirit, things to come and the future in general, is located in Scorpio, ruled by Mars and opposing the Moon. This indicates again that the people of the United States will not see any increase in their fortunes during the next six months.

Lastly we have a quick look at the Libra ingress chart for Washington:

We can immediately see that the rising sign is Scorpio and the Lord of the Ascendant, Mars, is in the first house. He is not Rx any more and considerably stronger, dignified by rulership and triplicity. The Sun, Lord of the Year and significator of the government, is now in his fall in Libra, a definite sign of weakness.

A thorough analysis of the Libra ingress chart will be posted on my web log later on in the year.

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*All quotes from: Book of Astronomy by Guido Bonatti, translation from the 1491 and 1550 Latin translations by Dr. Ben Dykes; Cazimi Press, Minnesota 2007.