Lunar Eclipse June 15th, 2011

On June, 15th 2011, at 20:13UT, there will be a total lunar eclipse. At this time the Moon will be in 24* 23′ Sagittarius, exactly opposite the Sun in 24*23’ Gemini as the chart below, cast for London, shows:

One can immediately recognise that the Moon is conjunct the Ascendant, which makes this a significant eclipse for London and with it for the whole of the United Kingdom. The map below shows the eclipse’s line of angularity:


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William Lilly writes in his pamphlet on the judgment of the effects of solar and lunar eclipses:

For when the place Eclipsed, or Eclipse itself, shall be in the Ascendant, the effects shall then begin in the 1, 2, 3, and 4. moneth next after the appearance of the Eclips, but its greatest vigour, and most material accidents designed from that Eclips, shall shew themselves in the first third part of time allotted to the universall Duration thereof.

Furthermore it has to be noticed that in his Christian Astrology, Lilly notes that London is coming under the rulership of Gemini. Looking at the eclipse chart one will notice that the Sun is in Gemini, opposite the eclipsed Moon in Sagittarius.

Comparing the eclipse chart (inner wheel) with the Aries ingress chart for 2011 (outer wheel), one can see the ingress chart’s Nodes of the Moon are close to the ASC/DC axis.

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In his highly recommended book The Cryptic Cycle, Murray Beauchamp writes about the significance of the nodes:

By themselves, the Nodes of the Moon can indicate some powerful forces at work if found in close aspect between charts. Their action can be iconoclastic; not that this should surprise us at all, because during the eclipse season they are truly activated. Node-to-Node aspects (conjunction, square and opposition) are an important indicator of a powerful activation of the lunar saros.

Looking at the birth chart of this eclipse cycle, which is saros #130, from June 10th 1416, 11:56 LMT (outer wheel) together with the chart of the forthcoming eclipse in June 2011 (inner wheel), we can see the important angularity of the Nodes of the Moon in both charts. Both charts are cast for London.

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 William Lilly’s aphorism for a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius is as follows:

A Plague followes, and great evils afflicted all mankind, Consumptions, more than ordinaire.

Jupiter, being Lord of the eclipse, is located in the fourth house of the eclipse chart, indicating that this eclipse might be concerned with fourth house matters in the wider sense. The astrologer Richard Saunders, who was hailed by Lilly, does indeed attribute the plague with Jupiter.

It might as well be noteworthy that the eclipsed Moon and Jupiter are in mutual reception by triplicity and that the Moon is furthemore forming an applying trine to Jupiter.

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Flooding in Queensland and Saros Cycles

Toowoomba, a country town about 130km from Brisbane, was crippled by a tsunami like flood on January, 10th 2011. Rainfall of up to 150mm over a concentrated area sent an eight metre torrent crashing through Toowoomba and other towns in the Lockyer valley. The death toll is rising and it is feared that up to 30 people will have lost their lives.

This recent flooding, which has been described as the “worst natural disaster in the state’s history” can be tied to the solar and lunar eclipses, which have recently occurred.

Murray Beauchamp, who has studied Saros cycles for many years, has kindly provided me with charts for the birth of Lunar Saros 125 and Solar Saros 151, highlighting the situation, which I will reproduce here.

The start to the Toowoomba event and the ongoing destruction through the Lockyer valley was, as described by an eye witness – ‘”around 1pm there was a great clap of thunder that shook everything, there was a torrent gushing down East Creek , it was moving so fast”.

Leaving any detailed interpretation up to the reader, I only want to point out that it can be clearly seen in the chart above that the Ascendant of the event chart is applying to a conjunction with Saturn of the Lunar Saros 125.

Here the placement of Mars in the event chart and the birth chart of Solar Saros 151 in relation to the Ascendant is of relevance. Note as well that Saturn is conjunct Saturn on the MC.

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Of Eclipses and Earthquakes

Recently I wrote a web log entry, dealing with a traditional astrologer’s point of view concerning  eclipses, quoting from William Lilly’s Annus Tenebrosus. This created quite some interest, so much so that I decided to write a follow-up posting particularly concerned with one reader’s view.

Murray Beauchamp from Melbourne commented on my original posting and highlighted the importance of the Saros cycle in connection with solar and lunar eclipses. He has studied these cycles for many years and comes to the conclusion that this eclipse could trigger an earthquake. I asked him, if he would be willing to explain his reasoning

In a private email he wrote:

In reply to your query as to why I think there could be an earthquake (or other natural catastrophe) my educated guess suggests the moon will be the trigger (passing over one of at least three sensitive points in the next month).  The solar eclipse ruler Saturn is coming up to a station on the same degree as the Saturn from saros 151, in other words the Saturn return I mentioned is active for the whole month, the moon passing over this point I consider one trigger. I am also taking into consideration the lunar eclipse from Dec 21 in late Gemini, this eclipse belongs to lunar saros 125 which has a birth (first umbral eclipse) on Jan 17 1470 (OS). Lunar saros 125 has Saturn partile square the eclipse, and the Dec 21 eclipse makes a midpoint to the eclipse. Saturn/ Mars. So my second possible trigger is the moon passing over the Saturn of lunar saros 125 (6 Taurus). Finally the late Gemini position of the Dec 21 lunar eclipse is another hot spot. Late Gemini is often involved in worldly events.

He was as well kind enough to send me two pdf files, showing the relationship between Saros cycles and particular eclipses

Murray has published a book, The Cryptic Cycle – Astrology and the Lunar Saros, and may be reached via: Murray Beauchamp []