The 2013 Eclipses and Traditional Astrology

Jessica Adams from The Astrology Show has published our recent Q&A interview on her website. We are covering a varied selection of topics, including my forecast of the upcoming solar and lunar eclipses, which some of my readers may find of interest.

To read the interview, follow the link below:

The 2013 Eclipses and Traditional Astrology

NEW Update Traditional Aspectarian July – September 2011

An update of the Traditional Aspectarian for the months of July, August and September 2011 can be accessed under Traditional Aspectarian on the Title Bar on top of the screen.

The aspectarian contains:

* Date and time of Ptolemaic aspects between the seven Planets.
* Date and time of Planet’s ingress into the signs of the zodiac.
* Rx and Dx dates and times of Planets.
* Dates and times of solar and lunar eclipses.
* Dates and times of Full Moons and Dark Moons


* Zodiacal positions of aspecting Planets

Greenwich Mean Time is observed throughout the whole aspectarian.

Of Eclipses and Earthquakes

Recently I wrote a web log entry, dealing with a traditional astrologer’s point of view concerning  eclipses, quoting from William Lilly’s Annus Tenebrosus. This created quite some interest, so much so that I decided to write a follow-up posting particularly concerned with one reader’s view.

Murray Beauchamp from Melbourne commented on my original posting and highlighted the importance of the Saros cycle in connection with solar and lunar eclipses. He has studied these cycles for many years and comes to the conclusion that this eclipse could trigger an earthquake. I asked him, if he would be willing to explain his reasoning

In a private email he wrote:

In reply to your query as to why I think there could be an earthquake (or other natural catastrophe) my educated guess suggests the moon will be the trigger (passing over one of at least three sensitive points in the next month).  The solar eclipse ruler Saturn is coming up to a station on the same degree as the Saturn from saros 151, in other words the Saturn return I mentioned is active for the whole month, the moon passing over this point I consider one trigger. I am also taking into consideration the lunar eclipse from Dec 21 in late Gemini, this eclipse belongs to lunar saros 125 which has a birth (first umbral eclipse) on Jan 17 1470 (OS). Lunar saros 125 has Saturn partile square the eclipse, and the Dec 21 eclipse makes a midpoint to the eclipse. Saturn/ Mars. So my second possible trigger is the moon passing over the Saturn of lunar saros 125 (6 Taurus). Finally the late Gemini position of the Dec 21 lunar eclipse is another hot spot. Late Gemini is often involved in worldly events.

He was as well kind enough to send me two pdf files, showing the relationship between Saros cycles and particular eclipses

Murray has published a book, The Cryptic Cycle – Astrology and the Lunar Saros, and may be reached via: Murray Beauchamp []

Solar Eclipse

A total Solar eclipse will occur on Sunday, 11th July 2010. The chart shown below has been cast for the time of the eclipse in the UK:

William Lilly writes about eclipses in his work Annus Tenebrosus, published in 1652:

[A Solar eclipse occurring in Cancer, in the 2nd decanate]

“it dryes up Rivers and fountaines and intends much incontinency in man and women, and petulency, or ill offices amongst mortal man, viz. one cunningly thrusting another one out of his place”

In his Merlinus Anglicus of 1676, Lilly gave his opinion about Solar and Lunar eclipses:

“The Ancients do enjoyn us seriously to consider of present Solar and Lunar eclipses, and there is something therein to be considered; but in reality I declare, That nothing of that powerful efficacy ever apperared unto me as they have delivered and given caution of, I mean Eclipses operate not with that violence or so terribly as the Ancients have recorded and left in their Writings to Posterity, however they are with moderation to be handled; and the very truth is, they do rather work generally than particularly.”


A transcription of Lilly’s Choice Astrological Aphorisms from his Merlinus Anglicus 1676, by Sue Ward and a transcript of the meaning of eclipses and faces, from Annus Tenebrosus, by Luis Ribeiro, can be found at the Tradition Library

Traditional Aspectarian Update July-September 2010

The latest update of the Traditional aspectarian for July, August and September 2010 has improved features. It now includes:

  • separate columns for lunar aspects and aspects between other Planets
  • Sign ingress and Rx/Dx marked in different colours
  • Rx phases of Planets included in aspects for easier judgment in horaries

The new files can be accessed from the menu bar at the top or from these links:

July 2010

August 2010

September 2010 

Traditional Aspectarian Page Added

A Traditional aspectarian page with sub-pages providing easy access to monthly tables has been added to this web log. The aspectarian may be accessed through the page link on the side-bar or through the links here:

General information about the contents of the Traditional aspectarian:

Aspectarian for January: