Review: Horary Astrology – Abduction & Murder, by Sue Ward

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New Review: Sue Ward’s Traditional Horary Course

“Sue Ward’s new horary astrology course book, which takes up the tradition as laid out by the celebrated 17th Century astrologer William Lilly, could not have been published at a more appropriate point in time.[…]

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NEW Publication: William Lilly: The Last Magician

Born less than a year before the death of Queen Elizabeth I in 1603, William Lilly lived during one of the most turbulent times in English history. Like so many of his generation, he had to deal with the plague, was drawn into the madness of the English Civil War and was forced to take sides, and witnessed the regicide of King Charles I. Lilly lived in a time of enormous religious and social upheaval, but his astrology remained the outer expression of a magical world-view, based on hermetic and neo-Platonic principles and rooted in the 16th century.

This book provides the reader with a thorough introduction to the world of William Lilly, the famous 17th century astrologer and magician. It includes his autobiography, transcribed from the autograph, with annotations, commentaries and biographical notes, including Elias Ashmole’s addenda. Nativities of some notable persons are appended.

Also included is the Nativity of Sir William Wittypoole, the transcript of a nativity, rectified and directed by William Lilly. This previously unpublished manuscript provides the reader with an exciting insight into the working methods of the master astrologer.

The book also includes Peter Stockinger and Sue Ward’s Monster of Ingratitude, an investigative journey offering new insights into the notorious contention between Lilly and the astrologer John Gadbury. Included are brief biographies of Lilly and Gadbury, and the results of in-depth research, showing how their enmity began, developed and ended, including details of the rather one-sided pamphlet war. An thorough study of published material, timelines and bibliographic entries of all primary sources used are also included and provide the grounds for a different explanation from that commonly proposed.

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Lilly Magician Cover

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The 2013 Eclipses and Traditional Astrology

Jessica Adams from The Astrology Show has published our recent Q&A interview on her website. We are covering a varied selection of topics, including my forecast of the upcoming solar and lunar eclipses, which some of my readers may find of interest.

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The 2013 Eclipses and Traditional Astrology

Tradition Library back online

After a long battle with thechnical problems the Tradition Library is back online!

NEW: Back issues of the Tradition Journal can now be purchased through the Tradition Library website.

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NEW – Astrologer John Gadbury’s Nativity

Sue Ward has just uploaded a new title to her web site – – under “Books”.

This is Gadbury’s Nativity, autobiographical information about Gadbury as he judges his own nativity. (Transcription and editing by Sue Ward)

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NEW – Chronology & Bibliography

A new file, the Chronology & Bibliography for the paper Monster of Ingratitude, written by Sue Ward and Peter Stockinger, is now available for download. This working document enabled us to create a time line, showing how the events were unfolding. An extensive bibliography of the original sources used is linked to the chronological entries, making it easy for the interested reader to undertake further in depth research.

The Chronology & Biography may be downloaded here:

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The Astrologer, his Enemy, his Friend & the Autobiography

Amongst practitioners of astrology William Lilly is well known for his Christian Astrology, which is still one of the best astrological textbooks available. A thorough study of this work may inform the reader about astrology, but does not reveal much about the author himself. To rectify this, one has to search for other publications available. One of those is Lilly’s autobiography which he wrote at the age of 66, mainly to satisfy his great friend, Elias Ashmole.

A facsimile or transcript of the original manuscript has never been published up to this date. Now, thanks to the painstaking work of Sue Ward, the transcript of the autograph, containing the margin- and footnotes, written by Lilly, Ashmole and an unknown proof-reader, is available for the first time. With additional annotations, commentaries and biographical notes, including Elias Ashmole’s addenda and nativities of some notable persons appended, this work clearly supersedes all previously printed, incomplete and mutilated versions in existence.

Readers wanting to delve deeper into the relationship between Lilly and Ashmole may want to download Sue’s study Beyond the Great Fire.

William Lilly did not only have great friends, he had enemies, too. After an initial discussion about the reason for the well known enmity between Lilly and Gadbury, Sue Ward and I decided to fully investigate this matter. The answer to this question, which may astound some readers, is to be found in our paper Monster of Ingratitude.

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All the works mentioned may be downloaded from Sue Ward’s website:

NEW – Free Books to Download

Free Books to Download

Sue Ward has just uploaded two titles to her web site – – under “Books”. These are free of charge, but you are asked to show your appreciation by donating £3.00 to animal welfare charities (use link to payments page). 

The first title is Monster of Ingratitude written by Sue Ward and myself, it is a fully referenced investigation into and account of the well-known enmity between William Lilly and John Gadbury. The real reason for this is presented in detail; suffice it to say that it is not the reason most often given.

The second title is the much better known The Life of William Lilly, Student in Astrology, but this is my transcription from the autograph (his signed manuscript). Sue Ward has been faithful to this manuscript and has added biographical information of the various characters involved and other information. Where she has been able to find them, she has added relevant nativities andher presentation Beyond the Great Fire which looks at the relationship between Lilly and Ashmole among other things. It’s a bumper bundle!

NEW – The Astrology of Comets

A new article with the title Between Science and Superstition – The Astrology of Comets has been published as an addendum to the Tradition Journal, Issue 4.

The article explains in detail the transmission of astrological lore concerning comets and provides an insight into the importance of the chapter on comets in Nicolaus Rensberger’s Astronomia Teutsch, first published in 1568.

The supplementary article can be found here: Astrology of Comets

The interested reader may as well find both, the article and the complete translation of Rensberger’s chapter on comets in the latest issue of the Tradition Journal.