The Tradition Journal & Library Reloaded



Edited between 2008 and 2010 The Tradition Journal was a publication entirely dedicated to Traditional Western Predictive Astrology. At the time there were no journals or publications specialised solely on Traditional Astrology, and The Tradition came to fill this gap. Later came the experimental project of The Tradition Library which published sources that were unavailable at the time.

Now, a decade after the last issue, The Tradition and its sister project, The Tradition Library are again available to students. Once more, as a decade ago, we seek to encourage the research and study of the Art, serving as a point of reference for those interested in the Tradition


The Tradition Library. This project, active between 2009 and 2011, brought the work of the authors of the Western Predictive Tradition in the form of transcriptions of their texts (entire or in part), commentaries, historical birth data with original horoscopes where possible, and other materials. All  these texts are now available free of charge for the students of the Tradition.

To access The Tradition Journal and Tradition Library website, click the picture below:

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Tradition Library back online

After a long battle with thechnical problems the Tradition Library is back online!

NEW: Back issues of the Tradition Journal can now be purchased through the Tradition Library website.

Please click the logo below to open the Tradition Library page, or access it from the title bar on top of the page:

As always, we hope that astrologers will benefit from the publication of the papers available. Some are free of charge, but we hope that readers, downloading these files, will also make use of the ‘Donation’ facility. All your donations will help save animals lives, so please think of it as:


NEW – Additions to the Tradition Library

Two new titles have been added to the Tradition Library:

  • Earthquakes

from Merlinus Anglicus 1670 Transcription of the text on the eruption of Mount Etna by William Lilly.

  • Conjunctions according to Cardan

from Merlinus Anglicus 1680 Transcription of the William Lilly’s text on the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions according to Jerome Cardan.

The Tradition Libray website can be accessed by clicking on the logo on top of the screen or through the link The Tradition Library” in the menue bar.

The Tradition Library

This is a new project provoding interested astrologers with the work of the authors of the Western Predictive Tradition in the form of transcriptions of their works (entire or in part), commentaries on these works, historical birth data with original horoscopes where possible, and various smaller pieces on these themes.

Highly recommended and to be found at: