Solar Ingress and US Presidential Elections

In my recent blog post about the Aries Ingress of the Sun for 2016, I promised to post my predictions for the upcoming US Presidential Elections. To be able to successfully predict the next US President, I showed that, according to the rules of mundane astrology, it is necessary to cast the chart for the Sun’s ingress into Libra. Regular readers will remember the chart:

LIbra Ingress 2016

Mercury is the Lord of the Revolution, symbolising the common people, and, in our case, the people who will vote for their president on the day of the election. Using traditional rules, we can establish that the Sun will be significator of the king, which, nowadays, can be extended to symbolise the president. The Sun is in his fall in Libra, suggesting that the current president cannot stay in office for another term. There is also a square between Mars and Sun, which, according to astrologer William Ramesey, predicts ‘danger for the king’.*

Unlike at the last elections, we cannot simply try to establish if the current ‘king’ (a.k.a. president) will remain in office or if he will be defeated. Also there are no traditional rules which take the process of a democratic vote into account. Therefore I propose that we look at the Democrats as the ruling family, just as we looked at the Tudors or the Stuarts, who were ruling families over a long period of time. In this way we can establish if the ruling ‘family’ will continue to stay in power or if another ‘family’ or another ‘clan’ will come to power.

Traditional texts distinguish between private enemies and open enemies. Knowing that the ruling president has to step down, I would think that we can extend this to indicate that the private enemy is the successor inside the ‘family’, i.e. the candidate of the Democrats. The Republican candidate would then be the open enemy. If we apply the astrological rules again, we find that the significator of the Democrats (H. Clinton) is the Moon. The significator of the Republicans (Trump) is Saturn. Armed with this knowledge, let’s look at our Libra ingress chart again. The following is a simplified version:

US Elections Libra Ingress

In the chart, we can see the current president, signified by the Sun; Lord of the Revolution is Mercury. Hilary Clinton is signified by the Moon, and Donald Trump by Saturn. The two candidates’ planets are opposed and both of them are squaring the Sun. The essential dignities of Moon and Saturn are equal, as should be expected in a democratic voting process.

To find out which candidate will win the vote and become the future president, we have to look at the relationship between the voters (Mercury) and the candidates (Moon, Saturn). Here we find that Moon separates from a square to Mercury, which is a positive sign. Mercury also applies to a square to Saturn, which can be seen as an increase in problems. Saturn is also squaring the Lunar Nodes and that is not a sign of victory either.

Therefore, my prediction, based on the Sun’s Libra ingress, has to be that a candidate of the Democrats will win the race to the White House. Based on the fact that their significator is the Moon, I think that the next US President will be Hilary Clinton.

Ramesey, William: Astrology Restored, 1653, modernised edition by Kim Farnell, 2014, p333.


Aries Ingress of the Sun 2016 for UK and USA

On  20 March 2016 at 4:30 UT the Sun will be in 00*00’ Aries. Traditional astrology states that a chart cast for the capital of a nation at the time the Sun enters Aries provides a detailed picture of the events occurring during the year or at least part of the year to follow. The ancients called this the Revolution of the Year of the World, but it is also known as the solar ingress.

As ingress charts are location specific, I will give a separate analysis of the 2016 solar ingress chart for Britain and the EU, followed by the ingress chart of the Unites States of America.

2016 Solar Ingress for the United Kingdom

Aries Ingress London 2016

Shown above is the Aries ingress chart, cast for London, representing the United Kingdom. With a fixed sign rising, this chart will be valid for the whole solar year, until the Sun’s Aries ingress in 2017.

From the chart above, we can see that Mars will be the Lord of the Year. He is Lord of the 9th house, and is prominently positioned near the 10th house cusp (MC). Generally speaking, this suggests that the main themes during this solar year will be matters concerning conflicts, arguments and divisions. Bonatti writes that Mars in the 10th house:

“… signifies wars and contentions over matters which do not belong to those who seek them, nor pertain to them” (BoA p951)*.

In the light of the British prime minister’s recent negotiations with leaders within the European Union and the prospect of a referendum on 23 June, possibly resulting in Britain’s exit from the EU (the  so called “Brexit”), Bonatti’s delineations seems to be ominously succinct. We have to keep in mind also,

“that by the Lord of the Year is known the condition of the whole nation, people, and indeed everything therein in a general way…” (AR p344)**.

Mars’ domicile in the 9th house and his conjunction with the medium coeli do suggest that the future of Britain’s economy will truly be on everybody’s mind. This shows that the two camps, arguing for or against a Brexit, will push their agenda religiously, if not fanatically. Looking at the state of Mercury, natural significator of the economy, we can see that potential danger is lurking here (Mercury, under the sunbeams, is essentially debilitated by detriment and fall).

A quick look at the Aries ingress chart for Brussels, representative for the European Union,  shows that, at face value, it is identical to the ingress chart for the UK. Aquarius is rising here too, and therefore both charts are valid for one year. A closer look reveals though, that, unlike in the case of the UK,  the ruler of the year for the EU is the Moon, natural significator of the common people, or the collective of the many. This can be interpreted as a first sign of the eventual rift between the EU and the UK. Aggressively, Mars (Lord of the Year for the UK) tries to break away from the EU, symbolised by the Moon.


2016 Solar Ingress for the United States of America

Aries Ingress Wash 2016

Shown above is the Aries ingress chart, cast for Washington and therefore representative for the United States of America. With a mutable sign rising, this chart is valid for six months and the Libra ingress chart will have to be taken into account thereafter.

During this year, much attention will be paid to the election campaign which will result in the US Presidential Elections, held on 8 November. We have to carefully distinguish between the election campaign, which is reflected in this chart, and the actual election itself, which will take place after the Sun’s ingress into Libra. The Libra ingress chart will have to be consulted to judge who will win the election and become president.

From the chart above, we can see that Mars will be Lord of the Revolution, which gives a first indication of what can be expected from the election campaign. Bonatti writes about Mars being Lord of the Revolution in the 1st house, that:

“… it signifies something horrible (and sorrow and fears, and contrarieties and contentions) is going to come to men …” (BoA p948)

Below is the chart of the Libra ingress, cast for Washington, valid from 22 September 2016.

LIbra Ingress 2016

From a first glance at the Libra ingress chart, it looks to me as if the Democrats should be able to secure another victory. A detailed analysis of the ingress cart and a prediction of the outcome of the presidential election will be posted on my web log at a later date.

UPDATE: New Blog Post: Libra Ingress and US Presidential Elections

*Bonatti, Guido: Book of Astronomy (BA), translation B Dykes, Cazimi Press, 2007

** Ramesey, William: Astrology Restored, 1653, modernised edition by Kim Farnell, 2014

2014 Cancer Ingress of the Sun for Iraq

With Libra rising in the 2014 Aries ingress chart for Iraq, we have look at the chart cast for the time of the Sun’s ingress into Cancer to establish what is likely to happen during the next three months. The ingress chart, cast for Baghdad, is shown below:
Baghdad 2014 Cancer Ingress

In this ingress chart, Libra is on the Ascendant. Therefore we immediately look at Venus to determine if she is likely to be Lady of the Revolution. Venus is strongly dignified by sign rulership (Taurus) and triplicity, which makes her a strong contender. She is also located in the 8th house, which could be problematic. Neverhteless, reading with Masha’allah, we find:

“If the Lord of the Year were … not aspecting the Ascendant, then he will be in need … he needs a planet to whom he is being joined who would render his light to the Midheaven – and this would strengthen him. Because if a planet had more testimonies and it were the Lord of the Year, and it were in the eighth place, then it needs a planet who would aspect it from out of the Midheaven.” (Works of Sahl & Masha’allah, p333).

In this particular case Venus is aspecting Jupiter by sextile and he is exactly conjunct Midheaven. Venus’ placement in the 8th house seems to be quite indicative of the recent development in the region. Masha’allah sums it up, writing:

“if the Lord of the Ascendant … appeared in the eighth, it will be death”. (Works of Sahl & Masha’allah, p325).

Also interesting to note is a quote from the astrologer al-Rijal, who wrote:

“… and if you found Venus to be the King of the year or of the quarter, … fighting and plague strikes the people of Persia to the shore of the sea, towards India, or plague from the fighting [strikes] the youth”. (Astrology of the World, p411).

Apart from Venus, we also have to investigate Mars’ role, for obvious reasons. Mars is debilitated by detriment and located in the 12th house. Here we only need to look to William Ramesey, who writes that with Mars in the 12th house:

” … the people shall be much terrified and troubled by their enemies, from whence shall proceed slaughter and effusion of blood”. (Ramesey, AR p241)

Mars is in Libra, of which Bonatti writes:

“And thieves and cutters of roads will be multiplied, and there will be quarrels and evils between men; and there will be fears and tremblings or terrors in them. … And if he [Mars] were direct, it signifies the will of the wealthy and great men or the nobles will differ amongst themselves.” (Bonatti, BA p954)

This seems to suggest that the fight between the Sunni extremists and the Shia will continue. In his Book of Astronomy, Bonatti continues to draw on Abu Mas’shar, who states that war is only likely to occur if Mars is strong and angular. However, in this chart Mars is debilitated and cadent, which, according to Bonatti, “does not signify war”. This makes one wonder if  other, particularly Western, countries will shy away from entering this conflict, at least for the next three months. We should also note that Jupiter is natural significator of religion, the justice system, but also significator of a country’s resources. He is sextile Venus and located on the 10th house cusp, as we have already seen. In mundane charts, the 10th house signifies the government in general. But Jupiter is also in a separating trine to Saturn, who is Lord of the 4th house (resources), located on the second house cusp. The second house usually signifies national wealth.  It seems therefore that here are two different agenda’s to be observed. One is Iraq’s internal agenda, which is of a religious nature. The other one, which has Iraq’s resources at the heart of its interest, is of course driven by the Western world. What also becomes clear is the fact that the pivotal figure in all of this must be Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

NOTE: Also see my article about the 2104 Cancer Ingress for USA, Russia and Ukraine, HERE


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Horary Astrology: The Case Of The Disappearing Warts

Recently I received an urgent letter from a damsel in distress. The unfortunate woman had developed a couple of unsightly warts on her nose and was terribly worried about the possible restoration of her good looks. Attempting to get rid of the unattractive inhabitants, she visited a doctor who carried out a surgical procedure on her otherwise perfectly shaped nose. Unfortunately and to her great dismay a week  after the surgical procedure had taken place, the warts seemed to remain firmly in situ, not showing any inclination that they might be willing to disappear any time soon.

Realising how distressing this debilitating issue was to her, I told the lady not to worry because help was at hand in the shape and form of the horary chart, depicted below.

With the rising sign and the Ruler of the Hour in harmony, we can immediately see that the chart is radical, showing that her pain was real, her question was valid and could therefore be judged.

The main significator of our lady is Mars, Lord of the Ascendant. Aries is in correspondence with the face and the great astrologer William Ramesey writes in his Astrologia Restaurata that Mars is the natural significator of the nose. Mars is located in the 6th house, the house of illness.

Co-rulers of our lady are the Moon and Venus, representing her feminine aspect (health & beauty). Venus is located in the first house, representing her as a person, but also signifying her health.

Now we can have a look at the warts, signified by Saturn. We may notice that Saturn is exalted in Venus. Exaltation suggests that something is extremely visible but short-lived. Another important observation is that Saturn is moving retrograde – a sign that the warts are on their way to disappear!

Looking at the last aspect perfecting before we asked the question, we see that the Sun, ruler of the 6th house health problems trined Saturn. I read this as the onset of the affliction, happening a while before she sent the urgent missive to her astrologer.

Now looking into the future, we can see that the next aspect perfected will be an opposition between Venus and Saturn. Venus, indicator of our lady’s feminine side is in detriment, due to her problems concerning her warts. But with Saturn perfecting the opposition, things will soon come to an end. Saturn (warts) and Venus (the lady’s corrupted feminine appearance) which are so opposed, will part in about 3.5 units.

Therefore the final judgment had to be given as follows:

The chart indicates that surgery took place, which will turn out to be a success. The warts are disappearing slowly, although the healing process will not be complete in a couple of days. I would judge that in about 3 ½ weeks all will be well and the beautiful looks should be restored, once again.